Special March LIVE Recognition with Tyson + Shawn

Special March LIVE Recognition with Tyson + Shawn

Origami Owl® Co-Founders Tyson Basha and Shawn Maxwell came together for another edition of LIVE recognition and things got a little crazy to start!

From asking for YOU to design a fun apron to sharing some funny videos and the newest Take Out Menu, you don’t want to miss a minute of this month’s episode.

And oh yes, they continued with their “butchering” ways, mispronouncing your names for March recognition!

Watch the live in the O2 Designers: News from the Nest Facebook group here:

Whooo Promoted Up in March

Check out the Designers who promoted up to a new, {sparkly} title in March.

March Top Achievers + Rank Advancers

Top 10 in Personal Sales

  1. Noelia Rodriguez, Senior Team Leader
  2. Melissa Flax Maher, Mackenzie & Madison Maher, Director
  3. Susan Gordon, Director
  4. Sandi-Rose Smith, Director
  5. Giovanni Cirelli, Designer
  6. Sarah Pace, Senior Team Leader
  7. Christina Whearley, Lilly Walsh & Hunter Avery Fitzpatrick, Senior Team Leader
  8. Nova Goforth, Executive Team Leader
  9. William Garver, Senior Team Leader
  10. Cailin Bundrick, Director

Top 3 in Personal Sponsoring*

  1. Hoper Erbert, Executive Team Manager
  2. Shannon Dodge, Senior Team Leader
  3. Judy Westen, Team Leader

Top 3 in Developing Team Leaders

  1. Tammy Story, Team Manager
  2. Carrie Titus, Executive Team Leader
  3. Camlin Westen, Executive Team Leader

*Please note, these Personally Sponsored Designers were Active and earned at least 75 PV or more in March. Annies are not counted toward this number. An Annie is an Independent Designer who enrolls without a Sponsor or Mentor.

She Welcomed 10 NEW Designers in March

She Welcomed 10 NEW Designers in March

Here’s how Executive Team Manager Hope Erbert did it

Hundreds of New Designers joined the Origami Owl® family during our Spring Forward incentive from March 15 to 31, and we’re proud of everything you did to share our mission to be a Force For Good®!

  • 184 New Designers Earned a Spring Forward Rebate of $75 USD | $95 CAD Bella Bucks* for Generating 100 PV in March!

*Bella Bucks will be added to their account in May when the qualification period ends.

  • 142 Sponsors Earned a Mystery Jewelry Pack Valued at over $115 USD | $150 CAD for Generating 100 PV in March (and getting their New Designer to 100 PV in March)!

Many of you OWL-some Designers sponsored more than one New Designer during this two-week incentive, and we’re thrilled to recognize one Designer, Executive Team Manager Hope Erbert, who sponsored 10 qualified New Designers. “Qualified” means each New Designer generated at least 75 PV in March!

In addition to sponsoring 10 New Designers, Hope also generated 2,149 PV and achieved Tier I in the Level Up Leadership Challenge II in March.

So, how’d she do it?

Here’s what Hope shared about expanding her network during the Spring Forward incentive:

What She Shared

“I’d say things such as, ‘I know you have a big wish list. Did you know that for $75 USD you can get our awesome Spring Forward Kit and exclusive Lavender Delite Clara Studs? That’s not all. Once you get to 100 PV, you get a $75 USD rebate and can buy MORE jewelry!’ That typically sealed the deal! Telling them how much I personally love Origami Owl, their mission, jewelry and rewards got them excited. The more excited you can be, the more excited they are!”

What Her New Designers Were Most Excited By

“The discount, free website (online shop), the NEW! Basics Collection and our mission statement.”

Her Top Tips

  1. “Reach out to past Designers during every join incentive. I always have at least one or two rejoin.

  2. Network. Take yourself outside of your comfort zone. Talk to people in stores, at virtual and in-person events, your friends, family, anyone. But make sure you’re not spammy. Simply share what you love and why you love Origami Owl so much.

  3. Don’t be afraid to turn a Customer into a Designer! This is my best tip for building a team. Offer the opportunity to join to anyone who is placing a large order.

  4. Offer your Hostess the join incentive option instead of Jewelry Bar Credits. Let them know they will have a discount and can even sell to their friends and family to make a little cash.”

Final Advice?

“It takes a lot of time and dedication to build a team. Once you do, make sure to help them grow by setting up their VIP (Facebook Group), launch Jewelry Bar and any other things they might need help with. I try to set time boundaries, but I also make sure to keep lines of communication open at all times!”

Congratulations, Final O2 Coastal Vacay Earners!

Congratulations, Final O2 Coastal Vacay Earners!

Our O2 Coastal Vacay incentive trip qualification period is officially over, and these OWL-mazing Designers (keep reading below) will be relaxing on the beach in sunny Clearwater Beach, Florida this June 24-28, 2021!

They’ll be enjoying a 4 nights/5 days stay at the AAA-4 Diamond Wyndham Grand Clearwater Beach, free transportation to/from the airport, a recognition dinner with the Founders, a 1-Day Walt Disney World Resort Theme Park pass (or alternate excursion choice) and a $200 gift card for meals/incidentals. (Here are all the details.)

Oh, and did we mention, trip for 1 (23,000 points) and trip for 2 (31,000 points) earners are getting a travel voucher to use for their airfare (or gas if you’re close enough to drive!).

You’ve worked hard, and we can’t wait to celebrate your achievements this summer!

Congratulations to the final Coastal Vacay Trip Earners*:

Trip for 1 – 20,000 points

Alexandria Arellano, Executive Team Leader

Mitzel Aveytia, Senior Team Leader

Emily Barklage, Team Leader

Rosemary Bertin, Executive Team Leader

Sonia Briseno, Executive Team Leader

Kathleen Castillo, Senior Team Leader

Melissa Castillo, Senior Team Leader

Ashley Caven, Senior Team Leader

Jonathan Cornell, Executive Team Leader

Abigail Covington, Senior Team Leader

Shannon Dodge, Senior Team Leader

Jennifer Dooley, Executive Designer

Desiree Durning, Senior Team Manager

Catherine Fakkema, Senior Team Leader

Tiffany & Jonathan Gin, Senior Team Manager

Angelica Gomez, Senior Team Manager

Vanessa Gonzalez, Executive Team Leader

Kirsten Hanes, Team Manager

Tiffany Hearn, Executive Team Leader

Karla Hemingway, Senior Team Leader

Shelley Hornak, Executive Team Leader

Amber Horton, Executive Team Leader

Stefanie Lebron, Senior Team Leader

Kathleen Leonard, Executive Team Leader

Janet Olivieri, Senior Team Leader

Brooke Osborne, Executive Team Leader

Sarah Pace, Senior Team Leader

Melissa Prochnow, Executive Team Leader

Lauren Puckett, Executive Team Leader

Mayra Robles, Team Leader

Marla Smith, Senior Team Leader

Shelley Standen, Executive Team Leader

Jennifer Pavlisin Storm, Senior Team Leader

Robin Stoy, Senior Team Leader

Liz Thayer, Senior Team Leader

Theresa Theisen, Executive Team Leader

Robyn Torres, Field Vice President

Bonita Triola, Senior Team Leader

Susan Watson, Executive Team Leader

Kelsey Wilkerson, Team Manager

Trip for 1 with travel voucher – 23,000 points

LeahRose Gibson, Senior Team Manager

Stephanie Gilderman, Executive Designer

Susan Gordon, Director

Jacqueline Hedges, Senior Team Leader

Amanda Johnson, Team Manager

Carole LaPorte, Senior Team Leader

Lynsey McCurdy, Senior Team Leader

Christie Nunemaker, Executive Team Leader

Lora & Erin Schott, Senior Director

Tania Scifo, Team Manager

Kristine & Sydney Stevens, Executive Field Vice President

Laura Tena, Senior Team Leader

Brenda Wesselink, Senior Team Leader

Trip for 2 – 26,000 points

Katie Allen, Senior Team Manager

Kathy Cornell, Executive Team Manager

Christina Davidson, Senior Team Leader

Sandra Dreier, Executive Team Leader

Monique & Emily Gonzales, Executive Team Leader

Bridget Gray, Senior Team Leader

Tina Grover, Team Manager

Rebecca Johnson, Senior Team Manager

Brenda Keller, Team Manager

Cynthia Kruis, Executive Team Leader

Mamie Miller, Senior Director

Lulu Neimeyer, Executive Team Leader

Ashley O’Neal, Executive Team Leader

Krista Palacios, Executive Team Leader

Linda Peterson, Senior Team Leader

Kathy Rhodes, Executive Team Leader

Heidi Riffell Scribner, Senior Director

Jose Rios, Team Manager

Rosa Santillan, Executive Team Leader

Lori Sargent, Senior Team Manager

Kimberly Schreiner, Executive Team Leader

Christina Scott, Executive Team Manager

Jessica Steiner, Senior Team Manager

Jean Underfer-Babalis, Senior Team Leader

Terri Vesey, Executive Team Leader

Connie Villalobos, Senior Team Manager

Lisa Weihbrecht, Executive Director

Christina Whearley, Senior Team Leader

Lisa Young, Executive Team Leader

Trip for 2 with travel voucher – 31,000 points

Karen Alaniz, Executive Director

Paulina Alcaraz, Director

Mishell Amick, Director

Kandice Astamendi, Senior Team Manager

Ann Barnes, Executive Team Leader

Amanda Bidgood, Team Manager

Deserie Bohl, Team Leader

Cailin Bundrick, Director

Tami Butcher, Executive Field Vice President

Courtney Butler, Senior Director

Katherine & Lupe Butterbaugh, Executive Team Leader

Claudia Chavez, Senior Team Manager

Holly Corbett, Director

Patti Creel, Team Leader

Renae Cruz, Executive Team Leader

Denise Curran, Director

Sandy Daly, Team Manager

Melissa Davis, Senior Director

Brea DeRespini, Team Manager

Katie DeVito, Director

Angie Durrant, Executive Team Leader

Hope Erbert, Executive Team Manager

Dawn Firstenberg, Executive Team Leader

Melissa Flax Maher, Director

Erin Fortney, Team Manager

Tina Frey, Senior Team Leader

Victoria Christina Gaffud Carrion, Executive Team Leader

Sandy Gast, Executive Team Manager

Nova Goforth, Executive Team Leader

Janie Gomez, Senior Team Leader

Kara Gonder, Executive Team Leader

Mirta Hernandez, Senior Director

Carolina Jardim, Executive Team Leader

Aimee Johnson, Senior Director

Breanna Johnson, Senior Director

Annette Johnson, Executive Team Manager

Erin Keene, Director

Michele Kehnert, Team Manager

Mandy Kuhnhenn, Team Leader

Julia Lawson, Senior Team Leader

Eloise Layton, Director

Shelley Licknack, Team Manager

Jessica Lopez, Executive Director

Arely Lugo, Team Manager

Victoria Matzen, Senior Director

Carolina McGrath, Senior Team Manager

Randy Mellon, Director

Joan Milligan, Senior Team Manager

Angela Minutillo, Executive Team Leader

Peggy Mitrano, Executive Team Leader

Maria Navarrette, Senior Team Manager

Deborah Oakland, Senior Team Leader

Nathalia Oliveira da Silva, Executive Team Leader

Sharon E Penner, Executive Team Leader

Irma Prado-Gutierrez, Senior Team Manager

Nancy Pye, Executive Team Leader

Tatiana Quattrone Lessa, Director

Laura Rizo, Executive Team Leader

Rebecca Robinson Porter, Director

Noelia Rodriguez, Senior Team Leader

Alba Saenz, Senior Director

Marci Saxon, Executive Team Leader

Laura Scheele, Director

Julissa Schuster, Director

Michelle Senton, Executive Team Leader

Sandi-Rose Smith, Director

Tammy Story, Team Manager

Melissa Taylor, Senior Director

Carrie Titus, Executive Team Leader

Kasandra Tucci, Executive Team Leader

Lacey Ulmer, Team Leader

Erin Zapata, Senior Director

*Pending auditing from CG Support. Once all earners are confirmed, we’ll have more information to answer your questions about buy-ins, arrangements, etc. Stay tuned for a communication next week.

Whooo’s On Track for Our Level Up Leadership Challenge II

Whooo’s On Track for Our Level Up Leadership Challenge II

We’re halfway through our new, limited-time Level Up Leadership Challenge II, and we know you’re working hard to earn some OWL-some cash bonuses worth up to $1,500 USD | $1,950 CAD!

You can level up YOUR leadership by achieving Executive Team Leader or above, welcoming New Designers to your team and generating Personal Volume (PV).

Plus, the top three in sales during the program period based on cumulative Team Volume (TV), which is generated by New Designers in your Levels 1 and 2, will receive a luxury gift basket valued at $500 USD | $650 CAD with a look curated by Origami Owl® Co-Founder and CEO Chrissy Weems. That’s ON TOP of your Qualifying Tier, Tier I and Tier II rewards!

The Level Up Leadership Challenge II goes until June 30, 2021 – so you still have three months to earn it!

In February, Senior Director Aimee Johnson achieved the Qualifying Tier and Director Sandi-Rose Smith achieved Tier 1. (read their tips here)

A BIG congratulations to Aimee for moving on up in March and achieving Tier 1! Hoot Hoot!

Last month, seven Designers achieved the Qualifying Tier and six Designers achieve Tier I.

Qualifying Tier:

Congratulations to Senior Team Manager Joan Milligan, Senior Director Breanna Johnson, Director Becca Porter, Senior Director Erin Zapata, Director Eloise Layton, Senior Director Courtney Butler and Executive Director Karen Alaniz for achieving the Qualifying Tier!

Here’s are their top tips for other leaders:

Executive Director + 2019 Diamond Designer of the Year Karen Alaniz

From: El Paso, Texas

Team Name: Team Light of Believe

  1. “Never, EVER give up. Speak this goal to the world, to your VIPS, to your family and friends, to other leaders and to your accountability partner. Be determined this will happen and confident you can do this. YOU CAN! Reach out to your Mentor to update them on how close you are. Ask other leaders for tips and ideas. Creating a mindset of brainstorming helps tremendously.

  2. Break the qualifications down to bite-size pieces and check where you are through your Level Up Tracker in your Back Office. With a little over two months to go, Level Up is still attainable with strong goal setting, and of course, an accountability partner who can help you with excitement in hitting goals.

  3. Focus on the area you are not yet qualified in:

    1. Sponsoring: It is the two-for-one action that will help your sponsored Designer qualification and your Team Volume qualification at the same time. Expand by considering a fundraiser, joining some new networking Facebook or social media groups, or even going through the Back Office for the last three years to see who you have lost connection with as a Customer can change the ability to find new people on your team.
    2. Personal Volume: PV is the one thing that can be broken down into a weekly goal! Divide the PV needed by the weeks left to level up and set goals for how much in sales each week will be needed to achieve that goal. Further break it down to VIP sales, personal sales, online Jewelry Bars, etc. April is the BEST chance to have really high PV. Talk to EVERYONE you know about gifting for Mother’s Day.
    3. Tier II: The Team Volume of New Designers is slow. It is often helpful to reach out to all the New designers on your Levels 1 and 2 to see if they have a Take Out Menu and if they had their launch party. If they are here just for the discount, then helping them have a launch party to get free items may be their language. Consider doing a Mega Facebook event to help all new Level Up Designers. If a Designer had a launch party already, help her showcase our new product in her VIP group. A 15-minute unboxing can change a Designer’s entire excitement level and bring her VIP circle on board!”

Senior Director Courtney Butler

From: Independence, KY

Team name: Team Diamond

“The key to growth in your personal business AND team is to set a goal to consistently sponsor every month. For example, my personal goal is to sponsor at least two New Designers each month, which also means I need to be working all avenues of my business, including booking Jewelry Bars/events to meet new friends and future teammates. And in turn, continuously talking to my team to help those who want to grow and follow similar behaviors to achieve their goals, too. I always say, ‘pace of the leader is the pace of the pack.’ As leaders, we must blaze the trail for our teams to emulate our actions. If you’re feeling ‘stuck’ and having trouble sponsoring, make it your goal to book at least two new Jewelry Bars and break outside of the circle you’re in! And most importantly, be authentic and have fun sharing. Happiness is contagious!”

Director Becca Porter

From: Springfield, Oregon

Team Name: Team Charming!

  1. “Offer the opportunity to more people by talking about it in more detail during your Jewelry Bar® Facebook Lives. And if you’re not going live, GO LIVE! People need to get to know you to even be able to decide if they want you as a Mentor.

  2. Post more about our amazing company, including our Force For Good® efforts and Living Sparkly® campaign, to help people get to know us better.

  3. Share your accomplishments with your VIPs. My VIPs hear about every promotion, my newest You Matter Rewards items, earned incentive trips, when a VIP joins my team and more.

  4. It’s okay to be uncomfortable when asking people about the business opportunity. Talk to them anyway!

  5. Play Designer BINGO with your VIPs during your Jewelry Bars. Each BINGO square represents a perk of being a Designer, so it gives you an opportunity to chat about all the amazing benefits. I created a personalized BINGO board specifically geared toward my Origami Owl experiences, but there are many other ways you can make it personalized for you.

  6. Once you have a New Designer join your team, help them get off to a good start! Help them with their launch party. Share where they can find resources and trainings. Help introduce them to the rest of your team so they can get love and support!”

Senior Director Breanna + Bella Johnson (Mother-Daughter Team)

From: Mount Bethel, Pennsylvania

Team Name: Team B.elieve R.each E.xceed

  1. “Know your requirements and work on a plan to achieve them sooner rather than later.

  2. Work with your team to make it a team effort; it’s easier and way more fun to do it together!

  3. Believe in Yourself and Never Stop! You’ve Got This!”

Senior Team Manager Joan Milligan

From: Baltimore, Maryland

Team Name: Team Owlitude

  1. “Wear your jewelry.

  2. Write down your goals and your plan to accomplish them.

  3. Connect with your community of people and ask them to share about your Origami Owl business and the jewelry with their friends. Make it fun because everyone is looking for fun right about now!”

Director Eloise Layton

From: Outlook, Saskatchewan, Canada
Team Name:
The Charmed Forces

“Offer the opportunity to EVERYONE. When you don’t ask, you get a ‘no’ every time!”

Tier I:

Congratulations to Executive Team Manager Hope Erbert, Director Tatiana Quattrone Lessa, Senior Director Aimee Johnson, Executive Team Leader Marci Saxon, Senior Team Manager Marci Chavez and Director Holly Corbett for achieving Tier I!

Here are their top tips for other leaders:

Director Tatiana Quattrone Lessa

From: Boca Raton, Florida

Team Name: Team We Owl Can

  1. “Have a ‘Pick a Locket game’ (or something similar) during your Facebook parties so you can try to book more parties/Jewelry Bars.

  2. Offer (without ever pushing) to every Hostess to sign up before, during or after her party.

  3. Ask every Customer who wants to, or is thinking about making a purchase if they ever thought about signing up and getting their own discounts.”

Director Holly Corbett

From: Newark, Delaware


“Get out of your own way and focus on consistency. Get your head in the game. I know first-hand, because I got a little stuck and had to get my head back in the game by doing my personal development on a daily basis, adjusting my lens and refocusing. It is no secret that our businesses have changed and life as we know it has changed, but things are constantly changing. Pivot. The time is NOW! Share your genuine love of Origami Owl and seriously take a look at what this amazing company has done to enrich and change your life. Share it with others. Be authentic. Remember that we are all about SHARING not SELLING. This business is about more than extra income. Some people need the personal connection that we have, the recognition for doing a great job, the sisterhood and brotherhood that we offer, and most importantly, the feeling in your heart when you help someone tell their story. Focus on your WHY and start sharing. When you work to help others, you will see a change in your personal business. Lead with your heart; you can never go wrong.”

Executive Team Leader Marci Saxon + Rose Saxon-Housum (Mother-Daughter Team)

From: North Ridgeville, Ohio

Team Name: Sparkling Divas

  1. “Building connections with everyone you know in all aspects of your life is so important. Genuine connections that show you care help build trust. When you’ve gained someone’s trust, you’re truly successful.

  2. Always stay positive and focused, but never accept ‘no’ as a final answer. You never know when someone may reach out to make a purchase or join your team. Every interaction you have is important.

  3. Don’t ever tell yourself you can’t achieve it because it’s always possible!”

Executive Team Manager Hope Erbert

From: Clarkston, Michigan

Team Name: Team Hopeful

  1. “Sponsor! Don’t be afraid to turn a Customer into a Designer. Expand your network by asking everyone.

  2. Reach out to past Hostesses and inactive Designers on your team to host a party or talk about rejoining especially when we have an amazing join incentive.

  3. Host a virtual vendor event. I created a virtual vendor event for my home state and had such an overwhelming response that we’re making it monthly now!”

So, whooo’s on track after three months?

Here’s who is on track to Level Up:

Abigail Covington

Amanda Clavin

Angela Lamboo

Angelica Gomez

Angie Durrant

Anna Cameron

Annette Johnson

Aurora Magaly Rocha

Brea  DeRespini

Cailin Bundrick

Carole LaPorte

Carolina McGrath

Carrie Titus

Chani Kaibetoney

Charlene Wise

Christina Davidson

Christina Scott

Christina Whearley

Connie Villalobos

Dawn Firstenberg

Erin Fortney

Erin Keene

Heather & Gregory Hall

Heidi Riffell Scribner

Julia Lawson

Julissa Schuster

Kara Gonder

Katharine Grimm

Katherine & Lupe Butterbaugh

Katie Allen

Katie DeVito

Kayla Neely

Kelly Montoya

Kelly Preski

Kimberly Schreiner

Laura Rizo

Laura Scheele

Laura Tena

LeahRose Gibson

Lisa Young

Lora & Erin Schott

Lori Sargent

Lorie Ball

Lorri Nevil

ludwika pina

Lynsey McCurdy

Maria Navarrette

Marilyn VanDerMark

Martha Callan

Mary Green

Melissa Davis

Melissa Ducote

Melissa Taylor

Michele Kehnert

Michelle Senton

Minerva Flores

Mirta Hernandez

Mishell Amick

Monique & Emily Gonzales

Nancy Pye

Noelia Rodriguez

Paulina Alcaraz

Peggy Mitrano

Randy Mellon

Rebecca Johnson

Renae Cruz

Reva Ayala

Samantha Jardine

Sandra Dreier

Sandy Daly

Sandy Gast

Shannon Dodge

Shannyn Hertel

Shari Windle

Shelley Hornak

Susan Gordon

Susan Watson

Sydney Martyn

Tami & Tatum Butcher

Tammy Story

Theresa Theisen

Vandlyn Hurst

Wanda Carriere

Get all of the qualification details and more here.

March New Designer Spotlight: These Designers are Promoting Up + Achieving Milestones

March New Designer Spotlight: These Designers are Promoting Up + Achieving Milestones

We love celebrating new family members – and our New Designers are crushing it in their first six months! Keep reading to celebrate the successes of our New Designers who are promoting to new recognition levels and achieving big milestones, like promoting to Senior Team Leader and generating over 1,000 PV in their first month as Designers!

We’re proud to recognize Nichole Krakowsky who promoted to Senior Team Leader and Devina Ortega who promoted to Executive Designer, generated over 1,000 PV and had one Jewelry Bar® with over $1,000 in sales!

Promoting to Senior Team Leader means Nichole personally sponsored four (4) New Designers, with at least 75 PV each, and achieved 250 PV in her first month alone!

Here are their tips for success for other New Designers:

Meet Nichole Krakowsky, Promoted to Senior Team Leader in March

From: Fontana, California

Team Name: The Boss Babe Squad

Started O2 Journey: March 7, 2021

“I booked a Jewelry Bar with my Mentor, Senior Team Manager Michele Saldivar. The first day of my Jewelry Bar, I decided that was it, I wanted to jump in full steam ahead and sell. I met with my Mentor and she gave me the groundwork to build my team. From that day on, I watched my Jewelry Bar and started reaching out to my guests to tell them what a great opportunity Origami Owl was. During my Jewelry Bar, my Mentor was having an all-team opportunity Zoom call, so I invited all 52 of my guests to join. Six of them showed up and ended up joining my team! The opportunity event was amazing and done so beautifully. If anything, I would encourage every Designer to have an opportunity event during their launch Jewelry Bar. It’s when the majority of guests are the most excited about this amazing jewelry.”

3 Tips for New Designers

  1. “Communication is key. Be upfront and honest with your Customers and teammates. The more honest you are, the more willing your Customers are to want to join your team.

  2. The more you know! I always think of my younger years and the, ‘The more you know’ commercials, but it’s so true. The more your team knows about the ins and outs, and tricks and trades of Origami Owl, the better your chances are to succeed.

  3. Be patient. This isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon. It will benefit you in the long run if you take the time to connect with every one of your teammates to coach them through this. Not everyone learns the same way. So you may need to find alternative ways to connect and find that spark within certain teammates.”


Meet Devina Ortega, Promoted to Executive Designer and Generated 1,033 PV in March

Not only did Devina Ortega promoted up to Executive Designer in her first month as a Designer. She also generated over 1,000 PV and had a Jewelry Bar with other $1,000 in sales (with three more scheduled!).

From: West Covina, California

Team Name: Team Heavenly Designs

Started O2 Journey: March 15, 2021

“I relied on my friends and family for support. I also posted on Facebook and Instagram consistently and had a 21st Birthday Bash contest for my 21st birthday in late March. I told everyone that my birthday gift could be that they help me reach my goal of 21 orders for my 21st birthday.”

3 Tips for New Designers

  1. “Be authentically yourself.

  2. Give good consistent effort so people can see that your business is serious and here to stay.

  3. Have fun and be creative in everything you do; always giving glory to God, as I am a woman of faith!”


New Designer Results in Their First Six Months with O2

We’re thrilled to shine the spotlight on New Designers who have kick-started their Origami Owl businesses immediately in their first six months*!

From top in personal sales, top in personal sponsoring and climbing up the Career Plan, these New Designers are working hard and thriving right from the start!

*To be considered a New Designer, the Designer must be in their first six months.

So, here whooo’s at the top:

Top 10 in Personal Sales

  1. Shannon Dodge, Senior Team Leader
  2. Samantha Jardine, Senior Team Leader
  3. Charlene Wise, Team Leader
  4. Sandra Marquez, Designer
  5. Megan Majors, Team Leader
  6. Christine Vick, Designer
  7. Anna Cameron, Executive Team Leader
  8. Autumn Surla, Team Leader
  9. Donna Goguen, Designer
  10. Tamara Finley, Senior Designer

Top 10 in Personal Sponsoring (in ABC order)

  1. Analuisa Vasquez, Senior Team Leader
  2. Anna Cameron, Executive Team Leader
  3. Lara Truskowski, Senior Team Leader
  4. Marilyn VanDerMark, Team Leader
  5. Maureen Chuck Frear, Justin & Rebecca Frear, Team Leader
  6. Mayra Medellin, Senior Team Leader
  7. Nichole Kraskowsky, Senior Team Leader
  8. Shannon Dodge, Senior Team Leader
  9. Tabitha Birmingham, Senior Team Leader
  10. Vandlyn Hurst, Senior Team Leader


Senior Designers

Alannah Anderson

Andrea Anderson

Sherry Austin

Sylvia Balderas

Diona Barber

Stephanie Barnett

Delaney Barrett

Samantha Birch

Amanda Bramlett

Amanda Brilinski

Kathryn Brown

Gabriela Camarotti

Edica Casanova

Mindy & Arianna Cruz

Ana Diaz

Milagros DiSantis

Dawn Droddy

Kelly Drouillard

Patti Durden

Tamara & Jayden Ebdon

Jennifer Erdos

Eileen & Lillian Fallert

Kathleen Fernandez

Tamara Finley

Mariannina Flanigan

Penny Fleischmann

Dorina Fonseca

Lori Fraschilla

Sandra Gamez

Cassandra Garcia

Arcelia Garcia

Suzannah Gerlach

Meghan Glasenapp

Stormy Godwin

Andrea & Saydee Gomez

Elizabeth Gonzalez

Ana Gray

Leah Green

Courtney Harding

April Horn

Trish Howdeshell

Lisa Hymer

Wendy Jodice

Erin Harding Jones

Mallory Julian

Lynn Kennedy

Saleema king

Nancy King

Tracy Kneeland Bohanon

Dustin & Rhonda Kocher

Yarely Leal

Karen Lee

Rachel Lemont

Jody Leverenz

Maria E Lomeli

Jennifer Lopez & Jade Amaya

Christina MacDonald

Rebecca Madden

John Mann

Brandi Mashburn

Catherine Massey

Danielle Matias

Joanna Megan Mercado

Jessica Mercado

Sandra Meza

Jamie Miller & Indica Gomes

Kristina Mitchell

Natali Ortiz

Mary Ann Papp

Alicia Parker

Samantha Pieta

Lindsay Pilkington

Katie Marie Proulx

Kristin Rainha

Mariana Rangel

Amanda Ratcliffe

Kimberly & Makayla Rhodes

Wanda Rust

Kristi Sabbides

Kelley & Abbigal Sawyer, & Declan Woodfin

Cynthia Schultz

Brooke Smith

Joann Stempke

Tricia Suazo

Jen Swenson

Brittany Threatt

Heidi Tracy

Katie Trick & Zoe Brown

Rhonda Troup

Lindsey Trout

Savannah Trujillo

Emmanuel Vazquez

Celeste & Victoria Voss

Leah Wade

Petra Watkins

Annie Wells

Aracely Zapata

Kathy Zerbes

Executive Designers

Kimberly Baker-Feutz

Patrisha-Anne Elder

Jessica Gibson

Katherine Havens

Steven Jones

Kimberly Ann Lemane

Dawn McFall

Nikole Mecredy

Emily Michael

Jennifer Nichols

Devina Ortega

Brenda Reifsnyder

Janet Sanders

Mary Sebastian

Cecilia Sterling

Queena Wilson

Yarenci  Zuniga

Team Leaders

Reyna Anguiano & Kaydeline Nevarez

Crystal Booker

Martha Callan

Cindy Carver

Maureen Chuck Frear, Justin & Rebecca Frear

Marjorie  Chulsky

Sarah Daniels

Melissa Ducote

Nicole Flores

Indrawati Irawan

Shannon Macdonald & Alyssa Tremblay

Megan Majors

Maribel Montenegro

Tatiana Pacheco

Aurora Magaly Rocha

Fernanda Rosa

Autumn Surla

Kristeen Sweeney

Marilyn VanDerMark

Judy Westen

Shari Windle

Charlene Wise

Senior Team Leaders

Jennifer Alvizures

Lindsay & Lindsay Biren

Tabitha Birmingham

Noemi Castillo

Shannon Dodge

Sara & Tyler Flynn

Vandlyn Hurst

Samantha Jardine

Janice Knapp

Nichole Kraskowsky

Sydney Martyn

Mayra Medellin

Lyanne Mendiola

Vanessa & Andrea Ordaz

Jamie Sanchez-Anderson

Lara Truskowski

Analuisa Vasquez

Executive Team Leaders

Anna Cameron

***Promotions in their first six months as a Designer.

Generated 250+ PV in March

We also want to give a HUGE shout-out to the New Designers who generated 250 PV or more in March to earn an exclusive Inscriptions® Gold Horizontal Bar Necklace that says, “New Day → New Dreams” in a custom font that will ONLY appear on this exclusive piece.

Kristen Ajamian

Tanya Alves

Dana Andraschko

Damaris Aquino

Dawn Ballas

Rodrigo Barrera

Mary Baut

Louise Beard

Jennifer Beck

Taryn Best

Misty Bottaro

Abbra Bouknight

Lisa Boutin

Cynthia Burciaga

Gabriela Camarotti

Stephanie Carney

Kristen Carter

Rose Castro

Deborah Cleckley

Katherine Dalee

Alexis Danley

Christina De La Cruz

Martina Estela Escobar

Zenaida Espinoza Gonzales & Elyze Espinoza

Belkis Fernandez

Jocaved Garcia

Joanna Garcia

Gabriela Jazmine Garcia Mendiola

Cassandra Giggy

Lisa Gilliam

Christina Gonzalez

Tina & Bradley Gordon

Yvette Guevara

Kalena Guimary

Crystal Hanson

Faren Hendrix

Nicole Holik

Tanya Hopkins

Susan Howard & Katelyn & Cortney Hurst

Eden Ivey-Van Landeghem

Tammee Jackson

Reilly Jackson

Bertha Karr

Amy Kelley

Nichole Kraskowsky

Kathleen Lacroix

Mariah Lamb

Chairdie Lawyer & Julieanne Kubala

Renee Lensky

Robin Lindsay

Jodi Linton

Diane Lochtefeld

Jessica & Piper MacConaghy

Rebecca Madden

Celestina Madrid

Teresa Markray

Doree Martin

Dorian Matthews

John McNeese

Bonnie Meyer

Abagael Michalski

Elizabeth Montes

Isabelle Morales

Kirsten Newberry

MaryAnn Niemi

Devina Ortega

Rebecca Ortega

Sheryl & Catherine Parker

Robin Pennington

Betty Perez

Brandy Pinckney

Aleshia Purcell

Elizabeth Ramirez

Nicole Ramos

Rebecca Roberts

Dawn Rogers

Lisa Rogers & Haily Ziemer

Celinda Rosales Mazariegos

Mariah Roth

Stephanie Sanderson

Dawn Sawyer

Rebecca Scroger

Melissa Senecal

Jennifer Sharrock

Nitaya Stanley

NaTasha StMartin & Meredith Hickey

Sheila Sugar

Smantha Sutphin

Elisa B Toms

Rebecca Uniatowski

Mary Gail Updike

Diane Van Minsel

Cyndi Vandenbark

Christine VanDerMark

Tara Walker

Brandi-Lee Watson

Jatie Wedding

Judy Westen

Angie White

Kristen Whitley

Stacey & Leah Wichman

Samantha  Yalenezian

Congratulations, March Young Entrepreneur Incentive Earners

Congratulations, March Young Entrepreneur Incentive Earners

Rewarding our Young Entrepreneurs for their OWL-mazing achievements is just one of the ways we recognize our Owlettes and BROs for all their hard work!

In March, our Young Entrepreneurs were challenged to grow their teams and spread the O2 love!

When our Young Entrepreneurs generated at least 100 PV and reached out to four new people, they qualified to earn some incredible prizes!

Congratulations, March Incentive Earners:

Level 1: Generated 100 to 250 PV and reached out to four (4) new people to talk about the Origami Owl® opportunity.

Earned: Charms and/or Window Plate

Caidense Bohl

Tiffany Canizalez

McKenzie Drye

Vittoria Elmer

Cassidy Grover

Valerie Jauregui

Emilee Johnson

Allyson Whittington

Level 2: Generated 250 PV or more and sponsored one (1) New Designer or Young Entrepreneur team.

Earned: Willing Beauty Lip Oil and O2 Jewelry

Rose Saxon-Housum

Aaliyah & Adalynn Rodriguez

Level 3: Generated 500 PV or more and sponsored two (2) New Designers or Young Entrepreneur teams.

Earned: Personalized Card, Willing Beauty Lip Oil, O2 Jewelry, O2 Swag and Jewelry Bar Tool

Lily Gast

Jaymee Gomez

Jocelyn Gordon

Kami Scheele

Coberly Scism

Angelina Navarrette

Young Entrepreneur Details

Get all the details on this month’s incentive, calls and Facebook Lives here.