New Collection Available While Supplies Lasts

The limited edition Valentine’s Day 2021 Collection has arrived and we know you and your Customers are going to LUV it!

Watch the big reveal featuring Origami Owl Co-Founder Bella Weems-Lambert from the official Origami Owl Facebook page here:

More About the New Limited Edition Valentine’s Day Collection

Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest jewelry-shopping holidays of the year – and you have the most meaningful, unique pieces to share!

This year’s limited edition Valentine’s Day Collection is all about black and Swarovski® Pearls, red accents and SPARKLE. It’s a touch of sophistication with a wink added in. This beautiful collection includes two limited edition Living Lockets (including a Modern Heart with Jet Hematite Swarovski Crystals!), a limited edition Black and Swarovski Pearl Convertible Station Chain you will adore and so many adorable, Valentine’s Day-inspired Charms.

And we didn’t leave the Watches out!

If your Customers have shopped our Signature Living Locket Watch or Storyteller Living Locket Watch, encourage them to take a peek at the new, limited edition Red Sparkle Watch Band. It’ll be that beautiful pop of color that’s fun for any season!

Quick Notes to Keep in Mind

Here are a few quick notes to keep in mind:

New Valentine’s Day Shareable Marketing Assets

We’ve added the following to your My O2 Connection App! Be sure to swipe down to refresh for best results and start sharing these special images with your Customers and VIPs:

  • 40 new shareable images under the “Valentine’s Day” category
  • 1 Valentine’s Day Collection flyer under “PDFs” (also included in your Back Office Designer Resources section)

Here’s a Facebook Group photo you can download and use in your Facebook Group:

Here are the ordering deadlines to keep in mind if you and your Customers wish to receive your gifts in time for the Valentine’s Day holiday:



Here are FAQs on the limited edition Valentine’s Day Collection.