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Believe it or not, our team is hard at work preparing for the SPRING/SUMMER 2019 Take Out Menu (really!), and we need your inspiring, touching and lovely stories to share within its pages.

So, if something below inspires you and reminds you of a special memory or story, please share it with us at and provide a photo (1 MB or more is always appreciated)!

Your story could be selected to appear in the pages of the next Take Out Menu. Write a paragraph or two, or provide as many details as you’d like!

You can also view the current Designer examples by flipping through the Fall/Winter 2018 Take Out Menu here.

Here are the stories we’re looking for:

  • What is your favorite activity to do or trip to take as a family in the spring? Describe it!
  • What’s your favorite spring or summer childhood memory?
  • What are your favorite things in nature or in your community that signify – to you – the start of spring or summer?
  • How are you bringing your dreams to life or following your heart?
  • What was a moment when you stepped out of your comfort zone and took a BIG risk or leap of faith that paid off? Think: Starting your own business; skydiving; adopting a child, etc.
  • Describe a moment when you followed your heart and did something for someone to be a Force For Good?
  • How have you recently explored where you live and discovered something new and exciting?
  • Any other special spring memories or stories that come to mind are also welcomed!


Again, send your story and a photo to and we will review the submissions and choose a few special ones to appear in the next Take Out Menu!

Happy writing ?!