Eleven-year-old Minh-Grace began her Owlette journey just four months ago, but she is crushing her goals!

In April, Minh-Grace generated 800 PV in sales and credits her success to she and her mom reaching out to so many connections and sending lots of “happy” their way.

Here’s how she focused on her business and achieved success:

Her Focus in April…

“To earn 800 PV in April I contacted everyone I knew and my mom helped me. I gave happy mail to my neighbors with my card.”

Her Tips to Other Young Entrepreneurs…

  • “My tip for the Owlettes is to tell people your goals and why you joined. Once they hear your story, they will want to support you in any way they can.”
  • “If you are just starting out, I would say you should try to reach out to anyone you know, your family, neighbors, and friends!”
  • “And if you didn’t succeed at first just try again!”

Her Next Goals and Thoughts…

“My next goal is to expand my team and fundraise more. I also just wanted to add a thank you to my Mentor, my friends and the whole Origami Owl community!”

April Young Entrepreneur Incentive Earners

Congratulations to our April Incentive earners! Our Young Entrepreneurs were challenged to have a fundraiser for someone they wanted to help, or for a business/organization in their community, or both!

The earners will get an O2 Mystery Box with items hand-selected by Origami Owl Co-Founder Bella Weems-Lambert.

We want to continue Origami Owl’s kindness movement and we know our Young Entrepreneurs can make an extraordinary impact!

Here are the earners from April and what they did:

Jaisyn Bonilla

Her fundraiser was for her cousin’s autism high school unit. The money Jaisyn raised will be used to take autistic students into the community to places like the mall and Costco to learn to shop, communicate, order and pay for things. The teachers’ budgets are very limited, and often reduces how often and where the students can go out into the community. It is extremely important for the students to practice life skills in the community as much as possible and Jaisyn was thrilled to help her cousin.

Nicole Buike

Nicole and her mother chose to raise money for a family who lost their son to complications with COVID-19. He was only 21 and was a baseball player. They decided to donate 100 percent of their April profits to the family. This will help pay for their unexpected medical bills and funeral expenses. Every little bit helps!

Angelina Chica

Angela decided to have a fundraiser and donate 20 percent of her sales to the Susan G. Komen breast cancer organization. She has aunts who have had breast cancer and beat the cancer.  Now, she wants help more people and touch their lives to in hopes of finding a cure for this disease that kills so many.

Sophia & Samara Corbin

The sisters wanted to give back to their local Walmart workers. They picked the rainbow necklace from the Empowerment Collection as a reminder that there is always hope at the end of a storm. Their goal was to raise money for 25 necklaces, and they did it! The Walmart employees were thrilled and very grateful!

Alexis Del Guidice

She chose to support her local Humane Society for her fundraiser because it’s where she found her sweet cat, Piper.  They have a wish list of supplies needed and they will donate them to the Humane Society on Piper’s second birthday in June!

Lily Gast

Lily’s fundraiser was for Good Karma Pet Rescue of South Florida. The rescue is hurting right now with so many people unable to donate during this time. This was the first time Lily has had her own hostess, and done her own live video to show the jewelry. She ran this online fundraising event herself and it was an incredible learning experience for her!

Reanna George

Reanna chose to have a fundraiser for an organization she holds close to her heart, The Bay d’Espoir Cancer Benefit. She is donating 100 percent of her profits. Their big, annual, fundraising event was cancelled due to the current pandemic.  This organization pays for travel and accommodations for local cancer patients traveling for appointments and treatments. She feels incredible being able to donate to them!

Miley Haight

Miley’s fundraiser was to raise money for her local ER in New York where the coronavirus is running rampant. She was able to raise enough money to provide an entire meal (pizzas, loafs of fresh Italian bread, and pasta from a local restaurant) to the entire ER staff. They are a small hospital and often overlooked by people bringing meals for the bigger hospitals in her area. It meant a lot to her because she has a rare disease and her mom just had a bone marrow transplant there in January. The staff has always taken good care of them and this was her way of giving back!

April Halverson

April’s fundraiser was to help a friend of her mom’s whose daughter was killed in a car accident. She was only 12 and her organs and tissues were donated. Every year they do a 109-mile trail ride to raise money for organ and tissue donation. The ride is called Trails4transplants. She feels so proud to have helped her out because she does not know what she would do if her mom had to go through the same thing. Her mom is a nurse and she felt she needed to help.

Taylor Koehn

Taylor put together a Living Locket® to sell where the profits will be split and donated to two school districts in her area. It meant a lot for her to do this to thank them for all they are doing to make sure that their students are still learning and where they should be.

Ethan & Sean Pierce

The pair had two fundraisers. One was for Española Humane. Their little “shelter that could” is the only shelter for their large, underserved, county. Last year, they did around 5,300 free spays and neuters! They ran a Facebook event called “Furry Friend Fundraiser” and their commission went straight to buying much-needed food, formula, toys, and transportation for foster animals. Then, they had donors willing to match what they donated, so the total donation value of the fundraiser is now $1,561! The second fundraiser was for Love (and ART!) in the Time of Coronavirus. They are working with the shelter to do a fundraiser where, if people donate $15 to the shelter, one of the team of home bound students will paint or draw a photo of the submitted pet photo. People have loved this. They are both working at providing portraits and by the end of April, there have been over 312 portraits ordered!

Brianna Salcedo

Brianna’s mission was to raise funds and awareness for a local garden “Delray Beach Children’s Garden.” Her goal was to raise funds for this non-profit organization to help them get through these challenging and unexpected times since they had to close because of COVID19. The Garden was created to nurture eco-consciousness in children. She is a planet lover and conscious recycler; with April being Earth Day (or month) she couldn’t think of a better place to raise funds and support. She believes in supporting local and small businesses.

Maribel Severson

Maribel chose to support AZ Rain Rescue (Rescuing Animals in Need), a non-profit cat adoption organization. This organization means so much to her because she love cats! In the past year, she has adopted two Calico cats from this rescue that have cerebellar hypoplasia.  For this fundraiser, she decided to give 50 percent of her commissions to AZ Rain.

Kami Scheele

Kami did a fundraiser for a woman in their community who received word early in 2020 that her breast cancer had returned. Their community had a benefit dinner scheduled, but because of COVID-19, it had to be postponed. Those funds were desperately needed for medical and travel expenses. So, Kami set up a fundraiser as a Facebook event and people were able to shop using the Jewelry Bar® link. She also went live on Facebook where she shared about Origami Owl and being a Force for Good®. On this live, she sold 30 pairs of earrings from their inventory! The look on the woman’s face when they gave her the check for $610, and a personalized locket, will always stay with her.

Simone Scribner

Simone did a fundraiser for Brave Breed Rescue, which is a dog rescue. The money they raised helps them take care of dogs they rescue from animal shelters. They also help foster families pay for food and other things for the dogs they rescue. She and her mom are donating 30 percent of every sale and the fundraiser isn’t over yet. It was fun to create lockets for people who like dogs!

Brianna Standen

Brianna chose to give back to their local food bank. With all that is going on in the world, they believed the food bank could use their help. As a frontline worker herself, she witnessed how hard it can be to not only afford food, but to be able to get it since the shelves have been very limited at the stores. She chose to give 100 percent of her commissions to the food bank and did so immediately because of their dire need.

Reese Torres

Reese held a fundraiser to provide necklaces to nurses at her local hospital’s emergency center. It was a gift to thank them for their service to patients in her community. Last fall, she got to see first-hand the compassionate care these nurses provide when her family welcomed her baby sister. She imagined the challenge in providing care during the coronavirus pandemic, and thought how she could thank the nurses in a special way. She not only gave a necklace to each nurse, she hand-crafted thank you cards to complement each gift. The local new featured Reese, helping make Origami Owl a household name, and the hospital said “We think she has what it takes to be a #HealthcareHero herself.”

Edgar Zavala II

With the current pandemic, Edgar decided to raise funds to purchase facial masks for their local front-line workers. He did a Facebook live to share his idea. With the help and donations of friends and family, he was able to donate 100 face masks to local 7-11 employees, grocery store employees, Starbucks and post office workers. Everyone was very grateful!

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We loved seeing you spread kindness in April, so we are extending our Young Entrepreneurs incentive through May!

This Young Entrepreneurs Program incentive is all about helping others by having a fundraiser for someone who’s in need, or a business/organization in your community. Or, both!

Earners will get an O2 Mystery Box full of items hand-selected by Origami Owl® Co-Founder Bella Weems-Lambert!

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