We are so proud to celebrate the accomplishments of our Young Entrepreneurs and March is no exceptions!

Owlette Double Promotes to Senior Team Leader in March

Congratulations to Mattie Warren, who DOUBLE-promoted in March to Senior Team Leader!

We asked Mattie to share a little more about her goal and how she achieved it!

Mattie Warren, Senior Team Leader

Age: 13

Started O2 Business: September 2019

Mattie had a major goal in March: achieve Senior Team Leader. To do it, she says she focused not only on helping her team, but also focusing on her own goals.

“I always tag my team in upcoming trainings, and updates, and I make sure they are clear on what their goal is so they can reach incentives,” shares Mattie.

Plus, she did something new in March: focused on consistently posting on social media.

“I posted on a variety of topics (not just Origami Owl); I posted consistently on my Facebook wall, Stories, Instagram, and Facebook VIP group, and each morning I checked to see what my posts for that day should be so that I have photos and captions ready,” says Mattie. “My mom is really good at social media and team building, so she has given me lots of tips.” (Watch some of Mattie’s tips in action from a recent training on the O2 Virtual Academy Facebook Group here.)

And, if social media isn’t your thing, or you’re having a hard time right now, Mattie says, “don’t give up. Keep learning. It can seem overwhelming, but just push through and it will get easier…I promise.”

Senior Team Leader isn’t her ultimate goal, however. Now, Mattie says she’s pushing for Executive Team Leader by the end of June, achieving all the Young Entrepreneur incentives, and even has her sights set high on earning Diamond Designer of the Year (and that O2 Blue Jeep!).

Young Entrepreneur Program Reminders

April Young Entrepreneurs Program Incentive

Don’t forget that we have a special incentive available for our Young Entrepreneurs this month, completely focused on paying it forward and helping others. Have a fundraiser for someone in need or a business/organization in your community and you’ll receive an O2 Mystery Box full of items hand-selected by Origami Owl Co-Founder Bella Weems-Lambert!

Get the full details here.

2019-2020 Owlette Achievement Program

August 1, 2019 – April 30, 2020

The Owlette Program is committed to living out the pillars of the Origami Owl mission: to be a Force For Good®; to love, inspire and motivate people of all ages to reach their dreams and empower them to make a difference in the lives of others. The four pillars that form the foundation of the Owlette experience are: sales, sponsoring, personal development and being a Force For Good. This new achievement program is kind of like the Girl Scouts program; it starts the moment someone becomes an Owlette, and they will then have the opportunity to earn Charms throughout every year they are in the Owlette Program. We will be adding new Charms to achieve each year. The first Charm they get is their Owlette Charm and the final Charm will be their Graduation Cap. For each pillar of the business and mission that’s achieved during the year, Owlettes will earn an exclusive piece of jewelry to include in a special look.

Please note, these recognition items will be awarded every year on stage at The O2 Experience. Those who are unable to attend will receive the items in the mail following the event.

Here’s a printable flyer you can share with your teams.


Check out the monthly schedule of Facebook Lives and Zoom calls here.