You Matter Rewards Program extended through July 31, 2021

The You Matter Rewards Program is all about giving YOU the ultimate choice on how you want to reward yourself.

Help other Designers start an Origami Owl® business on your team, generate PV each month and watch your You Matter Rewards rack up at or in the mobile app (be sure to register!).

The redemption website includes so many items to choose from.

  • Maybe you want to stockpile your Points to save up for a pricey vacuum, Apple® iPad or laptop computer.
  • Maybe you want to redeem your Points for some toys for your kids or grand-kids.
  • Maybe you’re saving up to purchase a wish list item for your significant other.

Whatever you decide, you have through June 30, 2021 to earn Points and then redeem them by July 31, 2021 – so get your plan set!

Here’s what some of you have purchased with your You Matter Rewards Points so far…

“I have to say, I’m beyond thankful for the O2 You Matter Rewards Program. With the uncertainty of 2020, it was a life saver! My husband’s been furloughed twice now, and we didn’t know how we were going to pull off our son’s birthday today and Christmas, especially after buying a house in April. But, because of the rewards, one worry was not even a worry! He wanted tools for his birthday and O2 You Matter Rewards, I swear, has everything!”

-Rebecca Johnson

“Because of Origami Owl, I was able to “purchase” this Apple Watch for FREE! Origami Owl has what they call the O2 You Matter Rewards Program. For your personal volume (percentage of sales), you get points towards the program that you can use on literally anything.I am so thankful for this company and it continues to amaze me with their love for their designers and Owlettes.”
-Mattie Warren
-Mattie Warren

“When the You Matter Rewards Program started, I had my sights set on earning a trip. COVID changed that, and I realized I really needed was a new laptop. So, after working my booty and saving my Points for the past nine months, YAY! I have enough Points and today, I will be ordering this beauty! It’s all so possible with You Matter Rewards Points; study the reward level criteria and make sure you’re maximizing (the criteria) as the Points can add up quickly!”

-Randy Silver Melon

“I am so freaking excited… I got my first of three gifts today from my You Matter Rewards Points! I can take care of my iron deficiency now! I got pellet ice! Whoop whoop!”

-Trisha Overman

“I am sooooo excited! I saved up over 65,000 You Matter Rewards Points and just purchased this awesome electric bike! I honestly can’t believe how amazing this company is that not only do we receive commission, but we also earn Points to purchase amazing products like this as well as Points towards an amazing trip! Pinch me! I can’t wait to receive it and ride it down to the beach! Thanks so much to our awesome Founders for all these incredible incentives!

-Tammy Story

“Today’s You Matter Rewards delivery! It’s like Christmas every day up in here. Now I just need Santa to send me an elf to operate it, so I don’t have to.”

-Cailin Bundrick

“I only got a small TV for me, and the rest went to my kids.”

-Lily Munoz

“Ok! I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t too sure about these YOU MATTER REWARDS, BUUUUUUUT … I must say (it’s) coming in handy for Christmas! This is only HALF OF MY ORDER! I’m still waiting on more! I was able to check off all my nieces and nephew, my brother, myself (cough cough) and my 3 kiddos all with Points!”

-Julie Schuster, Diamond Designer of the Year

“Thanks, O2, for the You Matter Rewards Program. I have wanted one of these for so long. I was going to put it on my Christmas list, but the better ones were too pricey. When scrolling through the rewards, I found this. So excited. Since COVID is so bad in my county and I am high risk, I can’t wait to use this. Not going to apologize that most of the pictures will be my grandson.”

-Amy Billings Frederich

“This Disney fan right here is SO excited about her new Minnie Mouse luggage that just arrived! I have wanted to buy it for a very long time and had no idea it was in our You Matter Rewards! Woohoo!! Thank you Origami Owl for this program!”

-Kathy Cornell

“I am loving the You Matter Rewards! My two amazing purchases for myself! These are two items on my wish list and when I saw them in the catalog, I jumped on them! Thank you (Origami Owl) for the opportunity to earn these wonderful items.”

-Kimberly Riha-Plesic

More Details on the You Matter Rewards Program

Get more details on how to earn Points and redeem your Points in this article here.