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Think of your Origami Owl® business as a storefront. And right now, you’ve just received the most sought-after jewelry in the world (because, well, you HAVE!)

Now, imagine you became a franchise with MULTIPLE businesses sprinkled throughout your community or around the country who are all helping other people find the most meaningful gifts their loved ones have ever received.

What kind of impact would you make? How many people would you indirectly and directly help?


Now is the perfect time to introduce others to the Origami Owl business opportunity to help them earn extra income to cover their bills or holiday gifting!

So, how can you grow your Origami Owl team and business?

Here are 4 Things to Do Right Now:

  1. Watch Field Trainer Abby Teet’s Monday Mindset + Join the Opportunity Event. Abby has key tips and training ready to help you reach others and connect with them about the opportunity available with Origami Owl right now, AND a number of posts and event examples to help you introduce them to it. So, watch her Monday Mindset here, and click “Going” to the “Your Holiday – Your Way” or find it in the “Events” section of the O2 Designer News From the Nest Facebook Group here.
  2. The Holiday Favorites Starter Kit. Just in time for the holidays, your New Designer can join with the $199 USD | $259 CAD Holiday Favorites Starter Kit, which includes the most popular jewelry items from our Holiday 2018 Collection, and includes over $520 USD | $670 CAD retail value of items. Plus, they’ll have a three-month FREE Trial of the My O2 Connection app when they opt in to kick-start their O2 business immediately.
  3. Think of Everyone You Know Who Could Use Extra Money and Those Who are Well-Connected. You’d be surprised by how many people you actually know who are also well-connected. And, chances are, they all could use extra money to fund their holidays. So, write down your list! Who could you contact who fits the criteria above? Your A.L.I.C.E. List located in your Back Office can help give you a few ideas of who to reach out to.
  4. Promote the FLEXIBILITY of This Opportunity. This is not like other part-time, seasonal jobs. Origami Owl businesses provide flexible schedules, the ability to work your business when you want, wherever you want, for as long as you want, AND earn as much as you want, dependent how much time you put into it. And, with our My O2 Connection app, your New Designer can work their business on-the-go sharing jewelry pictures, links, our digital gift guides and so much more while they’re in the school pick-up line, shopping at the store, after the kids are in bed—whenever, wherever!

We’re here to support you and your O2 business, so always feel free to reach out to our team at The Nest, and stay plugged in to the O2 Designer News From the Nest, O2 Leadership and other Origami Owl Facebook Groups.