Our new, limited-time Level Up Leadership Challenge II is underway, and we know you’re working hard to earn some OWL-some cash bonuses worth up to $1,500 USD | $1,950 CAD!

You can level up YOUR leadership by achieving Executive Team Leader or above, welcoming New Designers to your team and generating Personal Volume (PV).

Plus, the top three in sales during the program period based on cumulative Team Volume (TV), which is generated by New Designers in your Levels 1 and 2, will receive a luxury gift basket valued at $500 USD | $650 CAD with a look curated by Origami Owl® Co-Founder and CEO Chrissy Weems. That’s ON TOP of your Qualifying Tier, Tier I and Tier II rewards!

The Level Up Leadership Challenge II goes until June 30, 2021 – so you still have plenty of time to earn it!

And, we had one Designer achieve the Qualifying Tier and one Designer achieve Tier 1 in February!

Congratulations to Senior Director Aimee Johnson of Team Light & Love for achieving the Qualifying Tier and Director Sandi-Rose Smith of Team The Blessed OwlChicks, both of Missouri, for achieving Tier 1!

Here’s what Aimee shared about achieving the Qualifying Tier:

“We had SUCH a great sponsoring month for January,” shares Aimee. “I had a group chat with my personally-sponsored, New Designers where they were able to ask questions and get support right away (instead of getting lost in the team page or other groups). I also had a New Designer Bingo card with getting-started goals that they LOVED! These ladies are on FIRE!”

So, what’s next?

“I’m working on achieving Tier 1 and Tier 2,” says Aimee. “I’ve already reached the 12 Personal Sponsoring requirements and these ROCK STARS have surpassed the $18k New Designer Volume requirements, so I just need to stay consistent with my Personal Volume for Tiers 1 and 2! I have online and in-person events all scheduled, plus a thriving VIP group, so I’ll earn Tier 1 this month and Tier 2 by April or May.”

Advice for other leaders?

  1. “Sponsoring conversations have to happen ALL the time so that they’re not awkward when we have an incentive. This needs to be as much a part of your business as sharing/selling Lockets! If you’re uncomfortable sharing, reach out and ask for help – and start NOW.
  2. Encourage your New Designers to DIVE IN when they get started. There is NO reason to wait! They should be sharing RIGHT AWAY. Help them to do this!
  3. Reach out to your first level leaders and encourage/help them participate in this challenge. They may not even be aware that they can earn $250 or more, and with the Spring Forward incentive starting today, NOW is the time! Show them how to make it happen – which, in turn, will help you, as well.”

Here’s what Sandi-Rose shared about achieving Tier 1:

“I used the New Day —> New Dreams January incentive to sponsor more people (12 New Designers in January) by showing them the value of it,” shares Sandi-Rose. “I then worked with them as a group to teach, encourage and cheer them on. By working in a group, they also cheered each other on.”

So, what’s next?

“I will definitely be reaching Tier 2 by continuing to do all the same things I did to reach Tier 1,” shares Sandi-Rose. “I plan to continue to share the value and love to my team and New Designers and motivate and inspire them to be the best versions of themselves.”

Advice for other leaders?

“Talk to everyone,” says Sandi-Rose. “Continue to sponsor and share the value of being a part of Origami Owl and your team. Communicate with them and be available to help New Designers succeed.”

So, whooo’s on track after two months?

Here’s who is on track to Level Up:

Alba Saenz

Alexandria Arellano

Amanda Clavin

Amber Butts

Amber Horton

Amphoe Arriola

Angie Cameron

Angie Durrant

Anna Cameron

Annette Johnson

Areli Castro

Arely Lugo

Ashley O’Neal

Ashley Robinson

Athena Gosselin

Bertha Arriola

Beverly Marshall

Brea DeRespini

Breanna Johnson

Brenda Vasquez

Brenda Garza

Cailin Bundrick

Carla New

Carolina Jardim

Carolina McGrath

Chani Kaibetoney

Christina Scott

Claudia Chavez

Connie Felix

Courtney Butler

Crystal Holthaus

Cynthia Kruis

Daisy Garcia

Dchell Ferguson

Denise Curran

Denise Manos

Desiree Carmona

Elizabeth Sanders

Eloise Layton

Emily Allison

Erin Fortney

Erin Keene

Erin Zapata

Heather & Gregory Hall

Heather Waddington

Heidi Fleming

Heidi Pintar

Heidi Riffell Scribner

Holly Corbett

Hope Erbert

Jecenia Deluna

Jennifer Andracchi

Jennifer Cascella

Jennifer James

Joan Milligan

Jodi Ellis

Jose Ríos

Julissa Schuster

Kandice Astamendi

Karen Alaniz

Karen K Hohman

Katelyn Weiss

Katharine Grimm

Kati Smith

Katie Allen

Katie DeVito

Kayla Neely

Kelsey Wilkerson

Kim Shannon

Kimberly Gee

Kirsten Hanes

Krista Palacios

Kristi Garrett

Kristine & Sydney Stevens

Kristy Pelletier

Lacey Adelmann

Laura Scheele

LeahRose Gibson

Leticia Chavez

Lisa Young

Lora & Erin Schott

Lori Sargent

Lorri Nevil

Maggie Stephens

Mamie Miller

Marci Saxon

Maria Guerra

Maria Navarrette

Mary Beth & Gabriella Denney

Mary Grant

Melissa Brown

Melissa Davis

Melissa Estep

Melissa Flax Maher

Melissa Garcia

Melissa Ghane

Melissa Prochnow

Melissa Taylor

Melissa Weston

Michele Kehnert

Michele Saldivar

Minerva Flores

Mirta Hernandez

Mishell Amick

Monique & Emily Gonzales

Natasha Wells

Nathalia Oliveira da Silva

Norma Casanova

Paulina Alcaraz

Randy Mellon

Rebecca Robinson Porter

Rebecca Johnson

Refugio Irasema Valencia

Renae Cruz

Reva Ayala

Robyn Torres

Rochelle Young

Rosa Lopez

Rosa Santillan

Rosemary Bertin

Sandra de la garza

Sandy Daly

Sandy Gast

Sarah Gorman

Shelley Standen

Simcha Bloomfield

Susan Gordon

Tami Butcher

Tania Scifo

Tatiana Quattrone Lessa

Teofila Cruz

Terri Gallagher

Tiffany & Jonathan Gin

Tiffany Hearn

Tina Grover

Veronica Pompa

Victoria Christina Gaffud Carrion

Victoria Matzen

Wendy & Ray Korfel

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