Update as of 03.23.2020: In light of recent events with COVID-19, we are extending the qualification period for our O2 Adventure 2020: Costa Rica through April 30, 2020. We will also be postponing and rescheduling the trip to early 2021. Watch the Facebook Live for all of the details: https://www.facebook.com/tyson.basha/videos/3161261200571966/

October marked the official start of our busy holiday selling season!

From the Limited Edition Holiday Collection and Happy HOLLA-Days Kit to our HOLLA-Day Hustle Boot Camp Facebook Group, we’re giving you the tools you need to earn extra money for the holidays.

In addition to earning money for the holidays, many of you have a goal of earning a spot on the O2 Adventure 2020: Costa Rica incentive trip.

In last month’s Hoot recognition email, our very first trip earners shared their tips for achieving the trip so you can join them in Costa Rica. Senior Director Melissa Taylor also shared her tips while she was at The Nest for the final O2 Love, Inspire + Motivate Tour stop. And, we gave you three more ways to earn Adventure Points, as well!

Congratulations to our O2 Adventure 2020: Costa Rica incentive trip earners as of October 31, 2019:

Trip for 2

Frances “Franky” Brunner, Senior Team Leader

Alba Saenz, Director

Breanna Johnson, Senior Director

Aimee Johnson, Senior Director

Trip for 1

Karla Hemingway, Senior Team Leader

Erin Zapata, Senior Director

Robyn Torres, Field Vice President

Sandi-Rose Smith, Director

Nova Goforth, Executive Team Leader

Katie Allen, Team Manager


And….here’s whooo’s on track to join them:

On Track for Trip for 2

Robyn Torres, Field Vice President

Sandi-Rose Smith, Director

Karla Hemingway, Senior Team Leader

Katie Allen, Team Manager

Erin Zapata, Senior Director

Nova Goforth, Executive Team Leader

Tami Butcher, Executive Field Vice President

Lisa Weihbrecht, Executive Director

Jennifer Andracchi, Director

Caroline Alger + Alexa Lacey, Senior Team Leader

Katie DeVito, Director

Wendy + Ray Korfel, Director

Sandra Herriage, Director

Janet Olivieri, Senior Team Leader

Mamie Miller , Director

Lacey Adelmann, Senior Director

Melissa Davis, Senior Director

Heather Locke, Executive Team Leader

Kathryn Lucas, Executive Team Leader

Linda Peterson, Senior Team Leader

Lisa Young, Executive Team Leader

Krystle Burt, Senior Team Manager

Laura Scheele, Director

Denise Curran, Director

Jessica Lopez, Executive Director

Michele Kehnert, Team Manager

Cynthia Kruis, Executive Team Leader

Tiffany + Jonathan Gin, Senior Team Manager

Patty Raley + Bridget Cory, Senior Team Leader

Heidi Pintar, Director

Carolina McGrath, Executive Team Leader

Courtney Butler, Senior Director

Holly Corbett, Director

Lori Sargent, Executive Team Leader

Sandy Daly, Team Manager

Nicole Tobais, Senior Team Manager

LeeAnn Caridi, Team Manager

Cristi Burton, Senior Team Manager

Jessica Steiner, Senior Team Manager

Melissa Taylor, Senior Director

Shelley Licknack, Team Manager

Sharon Troster, Senior Designer

Mirta Hernandez, Director

Cailin Bundrick, Director

Barbara Fitch + Violet Lane, Executive Designer

Eloise Layton, Executive Team Manager

Kris Moser, Team Manager

Jessica Loish , Senior Team Leader

Kandice Astamendi, Senior Team Manager

Sandra Dreier, Executive Team Leader

Robyn Lozier , Senior Team Manager

Wendi Matthews-Ortiz, Senior Team Leader

Randy Mellon, Director

Delinda Shawles, Team Leader

Erin Fortney, Executive Team Leader

Leigh Rider, Team Leader

Mandy Kuhnhenn, Senior Designer

Christa Richards, Senior Team Leader

Carrie Titus, Executive Team Leader

Julissa Schuster, Director

Wendy Nelson, Senior Team Leader

Adrianne Billiter, Senior Team Leader

Crystal Salinas, Executive Team Leader

Vicky Rowe, Senior Team Leader

Rebecca Robinson Porter, Executive Team Leader

Dawn Firstenberg, Executive Team Leader

Sarah Vasho-Krock, Senior Designer

Yao Tang, Senior Designer


On Track for Trip for 1

Donelle Haase, Director

Heidi Fleming, Executive Field Vice President

Heather + Gregory Hall, Field Vice President

Emily + Frank Allison, Executive Director

Michelle Freatman, Senior Director

Vicki Matzen, Senior Director

Inell Kirkpatrick, Team Manager

Rhonda Stapleton, Executive Team Leader

Julie Perez-Flores, Senior Team Manager

Stephanie Thibeault, Senior Team Leader

Erin Keene, Director

Karen Alaniz, Executive Director

Julie Boyatt, Executive Team Leader

Katherine + Lupe Butterbaugh, Executive Team Leader

Christie Nunemaker, Executive Team Leader

Elise Rolenc, Executive Team Leader

Casandra Martinez, Designer

Mary Grant, Senior Team Manager

Liz Thayer, Executive Team Leader

Nancy Pye, Executive Team Leader

Sandy Gast, Senior Team Manager

Angelica Gomez, Senior Team Manager

Tatiana Quattrone Lessa, Senior Team Manager

Mishell Amick, Director

Tina Chiu-Votaw, Executive Team Leader

Connie Enderle, Senior Team Leader

Allison Millard, Team Leader

Nancy Saile, Executive Team Leader

Reva Ayala, Senior Team Manager

Kim Shannon, Executive Team Leader

Tina Grover, Team Manager

Beverly Marshall, Senior Team Manager

Valerie Valencia, Senior Team Leader

Monika Mavec, Senior Director

Sheri Queen, Executive Team Leader

Patricia Kramer, Executive Designer

Terri Gallagher, Senior Team Manager

Rae Clemmer, Senior Designer

Ashley O’Neal, Executive Team Leader

Melissa Brown, Executive Team Leader

Diane Elias, Team Leader

Yaritza Gomez, Senior Team Leader

Amanda Johnson, Team Manager

Jennifer Tierney, Executive Designer

Evelyn Salinas, Executive Team Leader

Lauren Plummer, Senior Team Leader

Sarah Rinker , Team Leader

Kathy Cornell, Executive Team Leader

Kristen Antrim, Executive Team Leader

Laura Carrizales, Senior Team Leader

Jacquelline Roush, Senior Team Leader

Karen Brazitis, Senior Team Leader

Devona Mitchell, Team Leader

Alexandra Rosas, Senior Team Leader

Stephen Billiter, Designer

Elna Masel, Senior Designer

Laura Briggs, Senior Designer

Jayme Labonte, Team Leader

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