The O2 Adventure 2020: Costa Rica Incentive Trip earning period is officially over!

You and your teams {over 140 of you!} worked hard generating PV and personal sponsoring Adventure Points to earn a spot on this incredible incentive trip March 11-15, 2021.

We’re so proud of all your hard work and perseverance, and we can’t wait to be together in Costa Rica! In addition to our Force For Good® project in the community, you’ll also enjoy time with each other {and the Founders} exploring the rainforests, relaxing on the beach and so much more. You may even see a sloth or two {or many!}.

Watch Co-Founder and CEO Chrissy Weems reveal all the earners here:

So, let’s give a BIG congratulations {and virtual high fives!} to the O2 Adventure 2020: Costa Rica incentive trip earners below:

Trip for 2

Breanna Johnson Senior Director
Alba Saenz Senior Director
Frances Brunner Senior Team Leader
Erin Zapata Senior Director
Sandi-Rose Smith Director
Aimee Johnson Senior Director
Nova Goforth Executive Team Leader
Holly Corbett Director
Katie Allen Team Manager
Julissa Schuster Director
Melissa Taylor Senior Director
Mirta Hernandez Senior Director
Tami Butcher Executive Field Vice President
Cynthia Kruis Executive Team Leader
Courtney Butler Senior Director
Tatiana Quattrone Lessa Director
Nicole Tobias Senior Team Manager
Rebecca  Robinson Porter Senior Team Manager
Erin Fortney Team Manager
Stephanie Thibeault Senior Team Leader
Denise Curran Director
Heidi Pintar Director
Karla Hemingway Senior Team Leader
Michele Kehnert Team Manager
Shelley Licknack Team Manager
Linda Peterson Senior Team Leader
Randy Mellon Director
Laura Scheele Director
Kandice Astamendi Senior Team Manager
Robyn Torres Field Vice President
Sarah Vasho-Krock Executive Team Leader
Sandy  Daly Team Manager
Mandy Kuhnhenn Team Leader
Eloise Layton Director
Dawn Firstenberg Executive Team Leader
Karen Alaniz Executive Director
Cailin Bundrick Director
Jessica Steiner Senior Team Manager
Carolina McGrath Executive Team Leader
Sandy Gast & Kimberly Parker Executive Team Manager
Karen Brazitis Executive Team Leader
Janet Olivieri Senior Team Leader
Lori Sargent Senior Team Manager
Sharon Troster Executive Designer
Wendy & Ray Korfel Director
Mishell Amick Director
Jessica Lopez Executive Director
Michele Saldivar Executive Team Leader
Sandra Herriage Director
Lora & Erin Schott Senior Director
Beverly Marshall Executive Team Manager
Katherine & Lupe Butterbaugh Executive Team Leader
Erin Keene Director
Sandra Dreier Executive Team Leader
Ashley Robinson Executive Team Leader
Kati Smith Director
Mamie Miller Senior Director
Carrie Titus Executive Team Leader
Rae Clemmer Executive Designer
Angelica Gomez Senior Team Manager
Mindolyn Rutter Team Leader
Melissa Brown Executive Team Leader
Heather Locke Executive Team Leader
Tiffany & Jonathan Gin Senior Team Manager
Jecenia Deluna Executive Team Leader
Lisa Young Executive Team Leader
Ashley O’Neal Executive Team Leader
Kim Shannon Executive Team Leader
Angela Lamboo Senior Team Manager
Jessica Hollinger Executive Team Leader
Kasandra Tucci Senior Team Leader
Vicky Rowe Senior Team Leader
Robyn Lozier Senior Team Manager
Joan Milligan Senior Team Manager
Lisa Weihbrecht Executive Director
Brooke Kelly Senior Team Leader
Reva Ayala Senior Team Manager
Molli Allen Executive Team Leader

Trip for 1

Kathy Cornell Senior Team Manager
Adrianne Billiter Senior Team Leader
Katie DeVito Director
Melissa Davis Senior Director
Victoria Matzen Senior Director
Emily Allison Executive Director
Kris Moser Team Manager
Susan Crum Senior Team Leader
Leigh Rider Team Leader
Maggie Stephens Executive Director
Jessica Loish Senior Team Leader
LeeAnn Caridi Team Manager
Patty Raley Senior Team Leader
Colleen Evans Senior Team Leader
Irma  Prado-Gutierrez Executive Team Leader
Tina Chiu-Votaw Executive Team Leader
Allison Millard Team Leader
Jenny Corbin Executive Team Leader
Rosemary Bertin Executive Team Leader
Christina Scott Executive Team Manager
Kayriann S Molloy Executive Team Leader
Terri Gallagher Senior Team Manager
Annette Johnson Executive Team Manager
Wendi Matthews-Ortiz Senior Team Leader
Jacqueline Jones Executive Team Leader
Christina  Reyes Team Manager
Heidi Fleming Executive Field Vice President
Julie Perez-Flores Senior Team Manager
Michele Diehl Senior Team Leader
Lauren Plummer Senior Team Leader
Caroline Alger Senior Team Leader
Jennifer Robins Executive Team Leader
Wendy Nelson Senior Team Leader
Crystal Salinas Executive Team Leader
Kelsey Wilkerson Team Manager
Mary Grant Senior Team Manager
Lulu Neimeyer Senior Team Leader
Krystle Burt Senior Team Manager
Shelley Hornak Executive Team Leader
Terra  Tolley Senior Team Leader
Lizbeth Berlanga-Molina Director
Lacey Adelmann Senior Director
Jennifer Tierney Executive Designer
Kathryn Lucas Executive Team Leader
Hope Erbert Executive Team Manager
Connie Enderle Senior Team Leader
Sharon E Penner Executive Team Leader
Tina Grover Team Manager
Elise Rolenc Executive Team Leader
Rhonda Stapleton Executive Team Leader
Ann Barnes Senior Team Leader
Carole LaPorte Senior Team Leader
Donelle Haase Director
Jennifer Andracchi Director
Sharon Stone Senior Designer
Beverly Relyea Executive Designer
Emily Sitton Executive Team Leader
Daisy Garcia Senior Team Manager
Talana Howard Executive Team Leader
Connie Villalobos Senior Team Manager
Kate McKenzie Senior Director
Susan Watson Executive Team Leader
Nancy Pye Executive Team Leader
Jamie Coppage Team Leader