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Swarovski® Figurine and Figurine Looks

Our partnership with one of the most regarded names in the jewelry business – Swarovski—began three years ago, adding more sparkle and higher quality to our Living Lockets®, Charms and jewelry ever since.

Then, we took it to the next level just a few months ago when we revealed our seasonal exclusive, miniature Swarovski figurine, Olive the Owl, as part of our Gifting 2017 Collection.

Even Swarovski had to feature us on their blog of more than 500,000 subscribers because this was a monumental innovation!

So, why is this such a big deal?

Here’s the background!

Swarovski Crystals + an Iconic Figurine Collection

While our cherished partnership with Swarovski started with crystals, the company is best-known for its line of collectible Crystal figurines. Swarovski Crystal figurines have long been considered one of the best collectibles ever, and collectors from around the world have been in awe over Swarovski’s little works of art for over 40 years! The Swarovski Collectors Society even boasts approximately 500,000 members. The first Swarovski figurine was made in 1976, and is a two-and-a-half-inch-tall mouse. Now, collectors can choose between thousands of Crystal figurine designs including animals, seasonal holiday themes, and more.

In 2017, three years after announcing our partnership, we revealed the launch of an exciting new product category – Locket Figurines made exclusively by Swarovski for Origami Owl®. Our first miniature Swarovski figurine is Olive the Owl – our mascot {Hoot Hoot}! The Olive the Owl Crystal Moonlight Swarovski Figurine measures only 11-millimeters-tall, and fits perfectly into a Living Locket®! Olive the Owl is slightly larger than existing Charms to capture the brilliant crystal detail.

The craftsmanship, quality and detail of the one-of-a-kind Olive the Owl figurine is so pristine that we believe Swarovski collectors, and many of your Customers, will want to add it to a Living Locket, or purchase one of our two Silver {Large + Medium} Twist Living Locket™ looks! Olive the Owl also pairs well with just a sprinkle of your favorite Swarovski Stardust Crystals, to add a sparkling pop of color to your look.

How can I use Olive the Owl in my Jewelry Bars® and other events?

Have Customers who don’t know who Swarovski is?
  • Share this video with them to get them familiar with Swarovski, the brands they partner with, and how significant this esteemed partnership is!
Have Customers who know about our partnership but don’t know about our Crystal figurines?
  • Swarovski was just as excited as we were about our darling Olive the Owl figurine that they featured us on their Crystal Blog! Share this article with your Customers by saying something like the following:

“Wow! Our exclusive Olive the Owl Swarovski Crystal figurine was just featured by Swarovski. Look how cute this little owl is!” (link to the article)

  • “Like” Swarovski’s Facebook page, and then share this post from Swarovski Crystal’s Facebook page with your Customers. (Please note, according to our Policies and Procedures, you are not permitted to leave comments on any corporate social media post in order to solicit Customers or promote your business. You can share the post to your own business page, then add your website link into the description of that post. Thank you.)
Want to increase your reach and find Swarovski collectors who may be interested in purchasing?
  • Ask your existing Customers for referrals. Even though they aren’t a figurine collector, they may know someone who is!

You could say something like “Isn’t this Olive the Owl Swarovski Crystal figurine adorable? Who do you know that collects Swarovski’s crystal figurines that might like this?”

  • Join sales groups on Facebook. Though many of these groups may have guidelines around advertising, they may also have a protocol you can follow to connect with members without being promotional. Share an image of the Olive the Owl figurine and say something like “Calling all Swarovski crystal lovers! My company just created this exclusive little figurine that even fits in a customizable locket. I’d be happy to help you get this before our limited supplies are gone. Just reach out!”

Swarovski is a well-known and widely recognized jewelry company, and it’s just another way you can share about the high-quality crystals included in Origami Owl’s jewelry! This is also another way for you to reach new Customers who may be interested in owning exclusive pieces featuring their iconic crystals.

P.S. – Our partnership with Swarovski is always evolving. As you may have already seen during our Summer 2017 Collection reveal, we announced our NEW, Limited-Edition American Flag Swarovski Crystal Plate that was created by Swarovski exclusively for Origami Owl. This entire plate is Swarovski crystals! It’s so sparkly and beautiful! Here’s the training video (fast-forward to the 2:30 mark) with Marketing Manager Erica Stein and Director of On Air Media and Training Patti Reilly that shares how you can discuss the plate with your Customers during your Jewelry Bars!