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November was one EPIC month for our OWL-mazing Designers!

Thousands rocketed up the ranks, and some of our highest leadership levels also saw incredible growth. By November 30, 10 Designers promoted to Director, nine Designers promoted to Senior Director and three Designer moved up to Executive Director.

Plus, six Designers had game-changing months resulting in two new Field Vice Presidents, one new Senior Field Vice President and…our VERY first Executive Field Vice Presidents!

Congratulations to the following Designers {and their Owlettes and BROs}:

NEW! Executive Field Vice Presidents

Kristine, Sydney + Tanner Stevens – (Double Promoted!)

Tami, Tatum + Brooks Butcher

Heidi Fleming

NEW! Senior Field Vice President

Beth Blemaster

NEW! Field Vice Presidents

Carla + Jaiden New – (Double Promoted!)

Michelle + Eric Levitt and Jaxon Danner


Watch our November recognition video below!

*Video Corrections: Brittany Davis double-promoted from Executive Designer to Senior Team Leader and the following five Designers triple-promoted from Senior Designer to Team Leader: Yvette + Alondra Aguilar, Becky Heiden, Brittany Wade, Leonida Debuque and Gayle Irvin. A very special congratulations to these ladies!


We asked our new Executive Field Vice Presidents, Senior Field Vice President and Field Vice Presidents to share their tips for success with you, so you can infuse some of their action steps into your business, too!

Here’s how the earned their sparkly, new titles:


Executive Field Vice Presidents

Kristine, Sydney + Tanner Stevens – Started O2 Journey October 2011

O2 Journey

“Our journey has been like a roller-coaster ride,” shares Kristine. “We’ve had some of the most blessed, amazing successes, but some of the most challenging circumstances, too. It’s allowed us to grow in so many ways and know that there isn’t anything we can’t overcome. Over the last seven years, we’ve had more moments than I can count…from helping many Customers create a special keepsake, having an amazing group of leaders who have had my back through tough times – and who also celebrate and help others in a giving way – to showing my kids how hard work can help earn great rewards! Striving for the next goal has always been a big part of how I live my life because it’s how I was raised, but I’m so inspired by so many leaders in our company and how unselfishly they give of themselves. So many have become life-long owl sisters!”

One Action That Made a Huge Impact on Business

“Hands-down, my fantastic leaders on our Shining Jewels’ Team,” says Kristine. “They realized we were within reach of our goal and went to work rallying the team, making sure their pieces of the puzzle were in place, and keeping up with our progress! It was so rewarding to see they all took pride in our promotion; they deserve so much of the credit!”


Tami, Tatum + Brooks Butcher – Started O2 Journey February 2012

O2 Journey

“My O2 journey has been full of many meaningful moments,” shares Tami. “The years are full of changing inspiration. The first few years when my girls were young, I loved watching them become young entrepreneurs through the Owlette Program – making their own money and feeling empowered to run a business of their own. Being able to see them buy things on their own and get excited about learning the value of working hard for something really inspired me. Inspiration through the years has also come from my team, Team Believe. We have the most incredible group of women who lift each other up and help one another achieve their goals and dreams; this makes me so happy. Finally, I am motivated each day by our Founders. They stay grounded and true to our mission of being a Force For Good® and inspiring our Designers to reach for the stars.”

One Action That Made a Huge Impact on Business

“Waking up and going live on Facebook with my team – each and every morning – and letting them know I believed in them and that they could crush their goals made a huge difference in November,” says Tami. “I also did four weeks of Convention ticket giveaways, along with Rachel Hollis’ book, ‘Girl, Wash Your Face.’ The team got really excited about earning them! We had a team-wide Book, Sell, Share, Expand challenge, led by the amazing Executive Director Karen Alaniz. Each one of our leaders took ownership of a day and inspired the team with either a video post, graphic, tip or suggestion on how to move their business; it was such an amazing team effort! We truly made it a ‘November to Remember!’ I give so much glory to my team! They are ‘amazeballs,’ as I like to say!”


Heidi Fleming – Started O2 Journey October 2011

O2 Journey

“My journey with Origami Owl has been life-changing,” shares Heidi. “I have been in the Army, worked for several different major companies, and never in my life have I loved my job as much as I love my Origami Owl business! I have had several major life changes since joining Origami Owl, but I think that the love and support from Co-Founder Chrissy Weems and the Executive Team, as well as the friendships, family and teamwork from my peers and my entire SuperStars Team, have been an inspiration, motivation and blessing in my life. I am continually motivated by people. Our SuperStars Team has had over 46,000 Designers on it at times, and I love hearing the individual stories and building relationships with Designers on all levels of my team, as well as those not on my team! I love being able to help leaders in the field achieve the next rank in the Career Plan, or their next life goal. I love when a Customer sends a note or a picture of themselves wearing their Locket, thanking me for helping them create such a meaningful gift. I love seeing Designers who, in ‘real’ life, have never received an award or recognition, featured in The Hoot (email) or the excitement when they earn an amazing incentive trip. My constant motivation is my family, my children and my wife. I enjoy working to provide for them, and also to earn those amazing trips for myself! We are blessed with this business that we all enjoy and can participate in as a family – not to mention the ability to give back to the community. I was the first, and only, Designer to achieve Executive Director in the previous Career Plan, so when the new Career Plan launched, I kept my eye on Executive Field Vice President, as my motivation to again, be the FIRST one to hit the top rank! I don’t let anything stop me when I set a goal. November was history in the making, and I knew that we could do it, no matter what. Even a trip to the ER, and days spent in bed, couldn’t stop me. Thanks to the love and support of my family and team, I knew November would be the month to do it – as we had almost achieved it in October.”

One Action That Made a Huge Impact on Business

“Sponsoring made a huge impact on my business in November,” shares Heidi. “I really focused on sponsoring and helping my team sponsor new Designers, grow their teams and promote up. The On-the-Go $49 Starter Kit is a great way to approach people about joining the company. I pushed through some major physical challenges in the early part of month and worked hard through our Thanksgiving vacation in Florida to hit Executive Field Vice President on November 24. I love my team so much that I didn’t stop to rest once we achieved it. I came home and had four events and helped and cheered on so many more leaders on our team to achieve their promotions, as well. We had hundreds of promotions which included six new Directors, two Senior Directors, one Executive Director and one Field Vice President on our SuperStars Team. I am so proud of everyone on my team! I also think one of the greatest things about earning Executive Field Vice President in November was that my two amazing friends and fellow Direct-to-Corporate leaders who started this journey with me, Kristine Stevens and Tami Butcher, also promoted to Executive Field Vice President. What an honor to share the top rank in the company with these two amazing women!”


Senior Field Vice President


Beth Blemaster – Started O2 Journey March 2012

O2 Journey

“My biggest blessing in my Origami Owl journey is my team,” shares Beth. “It was going after the dream of having a team. Everyone should have a team. After I picked the team name, The Best Nest, I knew I had to do something with it! In the beginning, I was very private about getting started in this business. That slowed me down. I needed to get comfortable first. Then, I saw all the magic started happening when I just kept sharing what we were doing here. A little sprinkle here and a little glitter there. It just kept growing as long as I kept sharing. When I saw that happening, I decided to not focus on what anyone else thought or whether it was actually going to turn into anything. I trusted God that the right people would find me – and they have! I am grateful and humbled by the people on my team Every. Single. Day. My team is my motivation and joy. This company, this opportunity, this journey, isn’t just a job. It’s become a lifestyle, a community and a lifeline. I know it’s easier to call it quits when it’s just you, but when you have a team, you have a community who gives you space but is also there to help you get back up. When things are going well, which is most often the case, it’s those people around you, closest to you, who inspire you. When I see one of our team members has a great post or an awesome idea, I say, ‘Hey! You have to share that with the team!’ I might see a post on another person’s page, or an idea, and think, ‘Well, why didn’t I think of that? Genius!’ When you have a whole crew of people who are on this journey with you, you can’t help but feel joy.”

One Action That Made a Huge Impact on Business

“We earned Senior Field Vice President similar to how we earned Field Vice President – by making a series of smaller, individual team goals,” says Beth. “All our leaders made big pushes within their own teams. No one dialed it in or got lazy. The closer we got to our goals, the more fired up everyone got. We even did a fun, little team graphic called, ‘Let’s BLOW it Out!’ where we x-ed out a Blow Dryer Charm for every 3,000 Team Volume and did a raffle to celebrate. It was so much fun and everyone enjoyed rallying toward that goal. There were times where it felt like a nail biter, and I was cautiously optimistic the whole time, but I think everyone wanted it for the team because it’s something we all earned together. Earning Senior Field Vice President was this wonderful, swirling energy between all our Designers, on all our teams, with all the leaders and everyone’s collective goals coming together! It’s easier for me to focus on helping others hit their goals rather than thinking of how I can benefit from it. It reminds me of the quote by Zig Ziglar that says, ‘You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.’ Then, it winds up being a win-win for everyone!”


Field Vice Presidents

Carla + Jaiden New – Started O2 Journey November 2011

O2 Journey

“My journey with Origami Owl has been a roller coaster,” shares Carla. “Joining a company during the start-up phase is definitely a unique experience that I am truly blessed to be a part of. Some of my most meaningful moments from my Origami Owl business are:

  1. The ability for my husband and I to resign from our 20-year corporate careers to be at home with our children. The year we resigned, we drove from Columbus, Ohio to Phoenix, Arizona to attend the first O2 Experience Convention in July 2013. Having the flexibility to move from Ohio to California and then back to Ohio – all while working my Origami Owl business.
  2. Mentoring a team member who went from being a homeless mother of triplets who had to go to the public library to place orders and email her team to buying a new car and her first home with her Origami Owl income.
  3. Mentoring a Designer who was able to pay for private school for her three children, after her original ‘why’ for joining was to pay $50 per month for one of her kids to go to preschool three days a week.
  4. Working with a team member to promote to Team Leader after she rolled up from my Level 6 to my Level 1.”

One Action That Made a Huge Impact on Business

“In the spring of 2018, I was feeling like I was in a rut and was looking for ways to expand my network and develop new leaders,” says Carla. “After speaking with Director of Leadership Development Renee Rose, who encouraged me to join an online networking group, I decided that I was looking for something where I could connect with people face-to-face, so I started two, local Women’s Networking Chapters with the idea of helping like-minded women to connect with one another so that we could refer Customers and discuss ways to grow our business. I used to constantly remind team members that what you do today will have an impact 30/60/90 days from now and beyond. I put my own advice into action by working on expanding my own network between June and November. Referring others provided a platform for others to refer me, and I was able to connect with hundreds of new people. Honestly, I became bold enough to ask people who I normally would not have approached if they would like to join Origami Owl as a Designer. You just never know who will say ‘yes,’ so offer the opportunity to everyone. If you do not ask, the answer is always ‘no.’”


Michelle + Eric Levitt and Jaxon Danner – Started O2 Journey December 2011

O2 Journey

“I started running, coincidentally, the same time I started with Origami Owl,” shares Michelle. “This business is not a sprint, it’s a marathon! I’ve truly been blessed to find something that I love sharing, and just when I thought our products couldn’t get better, we came out with Harry Potter™ for Origami Owl Collection!”

One Action That Made a Huge Impact on Business

“In November, our small community had two major tragedies back-to-back,” says Michelle. “Most of my Customers were directly affected and evacuated. I chose to donate a portion of my sales directly to Ventura County Community Foundation and encouraged fellow business owners in the area to do the same.”