Updated as of 04.28.17: New Jewelry Bar closing rule has been postponed with a date to be determined. Stay tuned.

Are you as excited as we are about the new, monthly Customer Exclusive??? AND how about the fact that our Hostess Exclusive is also now MONTHLY??

There’s so much to look forward to every month with our exclusive offers. These exclusive offers give you and your customers additional reasons to Shop Origami Owl jewelry, Host a Jewelry Bar and Join the O2 business every month.

With these monthly updates, we’ve taken a close look at our Jewelry Bars and recognize we need to make one important change that will begin soon.

New Time Allowance for Open Jewelry Bars

As of May 1, 2017, we will reducing the time allowance for a Jewelry Bar to remain open.

  1. Jewelry Bars must be scheduled within 60 days of the day they are set-up in the system.
  2. If you must reschedule, you may do so 1 time and postpone the start date for up to 30 days
  3. After the date the Jewelry Bar is scheduled, you will have 30 days to finalize orders and close the Jewelry Bar or it will automatically close.
  4. Remember that in order for customers to take advantage of the customer promotion, and Hostesses to receive the Hostess promotion the Jewelry Bar must close in the month the promotion is being offered.
  5. When you enter Hostess Rewards and complete that order, the Jewelry Bar will automatically close for you.
  6. If you don’t manually close the Jewelry Bar by the closing date 30 days after the start date you chose in the system, the Jewelry Bar will close automatically.
    When Jewelry Bars are automatically closed:
    -Any orders that have not been processed (and may or many not have credit cards attached) will not be processed and will be cancelled.
    The Hostess will receive a product credit equal to the Hostess Rewards earned, but will lose the Hostess Exclusive. If the Hostess had selected Starter Rewards, the kit discount code will be emailed to the hostess.
    If the Hostess hasn’t purchased with us before, we’ll create an account to put the Hostess Reward credit into.
  7. Notifications will be sent to the Designer prior to the auto close date to remind them the Jewelry Bar will be closed soon. These reminders will be sent 72 hours prior, 48 hours prior and 24 hours prior.

A few things to notice:
• If you do that math, it’s almost 120 days from entering the Jewelry Bar in the system to closing. That should provide the flexibility you need in almost every situation you come across.
• Remember, you can start entering orders the day you open the Jewelry Bar. (Even for a fundraiser, this should be more than enough time for the Jewelry Bar to be open for orders.)
• If a guest at a Jewelry Bar wants to book as a Hostess more than 60 days out, open it with a date 60 days out – then extend it another 30 before you get to the Jewelry Bar start date.
• Consider this: It helps you fill your calendar in close in by telling guests who want to be Hostesses that in order for that Hostess to get her rewards, they need to schedule their Jewelry Bar within 60 days. They’ll usually step up to those expectations when you set them!
• Also remember, if for some reason that Hostess can’t hold her date and she hasn’t had any orders for her Jewelry Bar, you can simply cancel that Jewelry Bar and open another one!
• There’s an additional benefit to these changes. Having a set date to hold and close the Jewelry Bar can provide that added incentive your Hostess may need to get that Jewelry Bar held and closed in a reasonable time. They may be much less likely to postpone if they know there are time frames in place (particularly if they’ve already gotten some orders and they don’t want to lose credit for those!) This, paired with the monthly exclusives, will hopefully give Hostesses the incentive to get those orders in quickly and time won’t be an issue!

Here’s an example of how the new rules work:
On May 15, Marcia is a guest at Sarah’s Jewelry Bar and now wants to be a Hostess. I, as her Designer, enter her Jewelry Bar, which will be on July 8 (which is scheduled within 60 days), in Sarah’s Hostess Rewards so she receives a half price item. On July 1, Marcia has a family emergency and needs to reschedule (which you can do once, for up to 30 days out). She reschedules her Jewelry Bar from July 8 to August 5. Marcia has a great Jewelry Bar on August 5, which I will then need to close out by September 4—no problem!

As we move forward with this update on May 1, please note that Jewelry Bars opened up prior to May 1 will automatically be closed on June 30.

Here are FAQs from FAQ.OrigamiOwl.com.