February was filled with so many opportunities for growth and we are so thrilled by the many Designers who experienced incredible success!

Two Designers even quadruple-promoted from Designer to Senior Team Leader!

One of these Designers quadruple-promoted during her Ready, Set, SOAR! program period and the other Designer revived her business after overcoming some big obstacles in her personal life and making a goal to change her focus in her O2 business.

These two Designers prove that it’s never too early, or too late, to make changes and create new goals in your O2 business!

So, how’d they do it?

Get their tips here:

Bethany Gisseler – Started her O2 journey on January 21, 2019

“I first joined Origami Owl because I absolutely love the jewelry and became a huge fan after having my own Jewelry Bar® in December. I am a collector by nature, so being able to earn exclusives was very exciting to me. Secondly, first and foremost, I am a mom. My other side gig that I do during school hours wouldn’t be possible when my daughter is on break or over the summer. So, after thinking and praying, I decided to join Origami Owl to earn income to help with some extra bills for my family with a job that I can still do when my daughter is home from school.”

Tips for Quadruple-Promoting

“When I learned about the “Swing into Spring” iPad incentive, I knew I had to earn it. I set my goal and booked six Jewelry Bars® for February. I talked on social media about how much I loved earning exclusive jewelry in January (Aqua Ombré Wing Living Locket®, Silver Geo Gift Set and Charm of the Month). This sparked several conversations with close friends on social media, and with the “Anytime, Anywhere” On-the-Go Kit promotion, I was able to show them the value immediately! I told them we could all be in this together and that’s what we’re doing!”

Tips for Success

  • Set a goal: come up with a realistic plan on how to achieve that goal.
  • Always speak from the heart: don’t try to be something you’re not.
  • Be there for your team: no matter how big or small, even if it’s just a couple of you meeting and planning things out as if you were a larger team.



Pamela Cox – Started her O2 journey on November 6, 2016

“My ‘why’ started out because I really needed a way to connect to people and friends outside of my normal job. When I first saw Origami Owl jewelry, I fell in love with it and the stories you can tell. In 2018, I had a year of fighting cancer and treatment and not knowing what was in store for me. That same year, I had a grandbaby born three months early and watched him fight for his life. Now, happily, he is 9 months old and I am cancer free!”

Tips for Quadruple-Promoting

“In February, I had the desire to change my focus. I started reaching out to others to join my team and share the jewelry and memories with others. It definitely has been a journey worth taking.”

Tips for Success for Designers Wanting to Revive Their Business

“My advice to others is to get the jewelry. Get excited about having it. Wear it. Talk about it.  Others will get excited when they see you are excited.

  1. Make a list of all the people you know. Talk to your family and friends about the business opportunity and to host Jewelry Bars.
  2. Follow up. Follow up on all questions, orders and anyone who has shown interest – no matter how small.
  3. Always carry business cards and Take Out Menus with you. You never know when an opportunity will arise to hand them out.
  4. Stay up-to-date on news and releases from The Nest. Information is vital to your success. Stay active and participate in sharing the Leads Pool.