Liz Thayer was in between jobs and struggling to find her place in a tight job market when she was reintroduced to Origami Owl®’s meaningful, customizable jewelry earlier this year.

“I was invited to a friend’s online Jewelry Bar and immediately fell in love with the new looks and the fun (the Designer) brought to the Jewelry Bar®,” says Liz of Washington, who’s also an avid crafter with a love for making homemade cards. “She was so good at engaging people with the presentation and she really drew me in.”

The Designer was Executive Team Leader Melissa Medisch, and their connection was instant.

“If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be here” with Origami Owl, added Liz.

Finding Her Way

It was 2012 when Liz first discovered Origami Owl through another woman at a craft show. She loved the idea of being able to tell stories with Charms in Living Lockets®, and immediately put her first one together on the spot. She was so intrigued, she asked the woman to call her back to tell her more. But, after sharing her contact information, she never heard back.

Months later at another gathering, Liz spotted a Living Locket on another guest and asked where she purchased it. Another connection was made, but this time, Liz decided to sign up to become an Origami Owl Designer so she could also share the customizable jewelry and earn an extra stream of income.

Unfortunately, Liz was looking for more support as she pursued her business, and eventually, she was on her own to try to figure it out. She grew frustrated not knowing how to reach customers; was concerned at the time about the quality of the jewelry, and after a year, reluctantly decided to let her business go.

Third Time’s a Charm

At home with her new jewelry following a friend’s Jewelry Bar in March of 2017, Liz was struck by the incredible detail of the Swarovski® crystals and the improvements to the Living Lockets. She loved the idea of sharing the jewelry from the comfort of her own home through social selling on Facebook, and after scheduling a Jewelry Bar with Designer Melissa Medisch, she began thinking about starting her Origami Owl business again.

It all seemed to be coming together, but she knew she needed one person’s support.

“I planted the seed (with my husband, Pat), and asked him ‘what do you think if I started doing this again?’” recalls Liz. “He said ‘remember what happened last time?’”

But, in her heart, she felt it was the right thing to do, so she gently pressed on.

“’I think it would be a good thing for me. It would temporarily help me to get a little extra money coming in…the worst thing? I get a bunch of pretty jewelry and make a few bucks.’”


Ever the supportive husband, Pat agreed, and Liz hit the ground running.

First, she began reaching out to potential customers. She immediately scheduled eight Jewelry Bars and always followed up with customers after their orders arrived, focusing on delivering a “personal touch.” She set her sights on earning 1,000 PV (that’s a value associated with each item purchased), helping two people join her team, and achieving one of Origami Owl’s monthly recognition titles, Owlchiever.

Then? Her treat would be ice cream for breakfast.

Twenty-eight days later, she rank advanced to Team Leader and found herself eating a creamy bowl of butter pecan ice cream at the breakfast table.

She didn’t stop there.

She kept going with two weeks left in the month of May, and kept reaching out. A friend who had recently undergone an organ transplant sent her a message requesting a Take Out Menu. Not only did she do that, but she sent one of those handmade cards with a heartfelt message and a Cross Charm affixed inside.

Her friend called with a heartfelt “thank you” and the pair shared a moment together. That conversation led to her friend deciding to learn more about being able to have an Origami Owl business and work on it from home, since her health issues limited her mobility outside of the home.

“It’s about getting involved with people and really paying attention to what they say,” explains Liz. “This is about connecting your life to theirs.”

Now a Senior Team Leader with Origami Owl, Liz says she’s focused on having fun, getting her business up and running, and helping and encouraging others. Her advice for those starting out or curious about Origami Owl as a business?

“Don’t ever give up. Even if you think all hope is lost, keep going,” she shares. “I’m so glad I gave Origami Owl a second chance.”


Liz’s Tips for Success

  • For New Designers, don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed or intimidated by others’ success. You’re the best version of “you” out there. Do your thing and people will automatically be drawn to you.
  • Focus on personal touch. People have many choices if they want to purchase Origami Owl jewelry, but you want them to want to come back to you for advice and support.
  • Always set monthly goals and focus on the actions you need to take to get there.
  • Reinvest your Origami Owl commissions into your business. “All of the income I’ve made from my personal sales is completely funding my trip to The O2 Experience convention. You come back from these conventions so motivated and jazzed to do whatever you can after you see people walk across stage.”
  • Follow up with your customers. “If I know a Customer purchased a Palm Tree Charm for their Living Locket and the new collection has a Beach Ball Charm, I reach out and say ‘you might like to add this to your Locket.’ I want to bring the Nordstrom approach to it and make sure it’s a special experience that leaves them feeling happy.”