Think Goodness Opt In Process

Dear Origami Owl® Designer,


You’ve heard about our expansion to a new Brand Collective called “Think Goodness,” which launches with four, key brands (Origami Owl customizable jewelry (your fave!), Willing Beauty® skincare, CMYK™ cosmetics and Intuitiv Wellness™) on October 1.

YOU are our family! YOU have been with us through thick and thin and were so grateful that you have partnered with us to help make the world a better place. Every story you have shared. Every locket you have designed, every customer you have comforted, matters to us. We truly love and value you. Because of this, it was super important that you receive extra perks as an existing Designer for saying “YES” to being part of the Think Goodness’ vision to be a global Force For Good®.

Only existing Designer and Willing Beauty Advocates will be grandfathered in to the following perks:

  • 30% commission rate from Day 1, regardless of PV!
  • 1 FREE Year of the Purpose Partner Tech Suite, which includes our state-of-the-art Think Goodness App, custom-created and upgraded Virtual Back Office and your virtual boutique (that’s your website!).
  • Participation in the New Purpose Partner Incentive starting October 1.
  • Opportunity to purchase the Purpose Partner Welcome Surprise Surprise Box (coming soon!).

Action Item for you: There are only a few quick things you need to do:
Now it’s time to make that official confirmation in your Back Office before September 27, 2021. Here’s a Facebook Live featuring Origami Owl Co-Founder Tyson Basha.

Here’s how the opt-in process works:
1. Log in to your Back Office.
2. You’ll notice a pop up that will walk you through the process of opting in.
3. The process will include links to the new Policies & Procedures and ask you to choose a unique website name. The website name will appear as{your website name}. Here are words to avoid (besides the obvious *bad* ones!)
4. Once you have chosen your Virtual Boutique name, you will not be able to change it unless it is declined during our internal review. NOTE: if your personalized website name is available, it does not guarantee it is verified. You will receive an email confirmation within 14 business days if your personalized website has officially been verified and reserved.

Important Notes (don’t miss out!)

Opt-In By September 27
Because of our major system migration and upgrade, you need to opt-in to maintain your account with us. If you have not opted in by September 27, 2021, your account will be terminated.

Your NEW Think Goodness Personal Website Name
Once you request your Purpose Partner virtual boutique (personal website) name, we will review it and send you an email if any changes are needed.SUPER important: when you’ve completed the opt-in, you’ll get one little box on your screen, but you will not receive an immediate email notification. But, don’t worry – we got you! We’ll send you an email within 14 days as shared above. We will also provide an email closer to launch with details on how to log in to your new Virtual Back Office. Again, here are words to avoid (besides the obvious *bad* ones!)

BOOM Cards Now Available
Our launch is this October, but you’ve been begging for BOOM cards, so you can get out there and start doing Random Acts of Goodness everywhere you go! We’ve just added BOOM Cards to your Back Office for you to purchase in your “Business Supplies” section. Order a stack and start planning how you can help us create a ripple effect of good.

Think Goodness Launch Event
Don’t forget – we will be sharing more about Think Goodness and the brands that are part of our Collective at our Think Goodness Launch Event September 10-11, 2021 in Phoenix, Arizona. We hope you’ll be there! Not only will we have all of this news, but Origami Owl also has some exciting new innovations to share! Find out more and register to attend in-person or virtually by going to

We’re excited that you get to be a part of this new company. We know without a doubt that this will be a blessing to your life and an amazing NEW opportunity for you to increase your income. WE’VE GOT BIG PLANS, SO GET READY!


The Nest