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They worked hard personally sponsoring New Designers and generating Personal Volume, and their perseverance paid off—they’re going to Disney World!

These 85 Designers are heading to the Sunshine State to make memories of a lifetime with the Founders and their fellow Designers {and even some of their loved ones} riding Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, enjoying a Mad Tea Party and braving Space Mountain.

Congratulations to the following Designers who earned a spot on the Destination Disney Incentive Trip to the Most Magical Place on Earth®, the Walt Disney World Resort®, October 4-8, 2018 in Orlando, Florida!

Designers who earned a spot on the trip should have received an email with details on what they need to know for the trip. If you didn’t receive an email and should have, please email

Earned a Trip for 2 + a Magical Experience

Breanna Johnson, Director

Orfa Rodriguez-Blanco + Keyla Blanco, Director

Aimee Johnson, Director

Randy Mellon, Director

Courtney Butler, Director

Sandi-Rose Smith, Executive Team Manager

Heidi Pintar, Director

Erin Zapata, Director

Melissa Taylor, Director

Nicole Tobias, Executive Team Leader

Cynthia Kruis, Executive Team Leader

Holly Corbett, Team Manager

Mishell Amick + Emily and Grace Brewer, Director

Erin Keene, Executive Team Manager

Shelley Licknack, Team Manager

Tami, Tatum +Brooks Butcher, Senior Field Vice President

Jecenia Deluna, Executive Team Leader

Julie + Eliana Perez-Flores, Senior Team Manager

Karen Alaniz, Senior Director

Virginia Houde, Team Leader

Elizabeth Barrera, Team Manager

Heidi + Camille Scribner, Director

Linda Wilson, Executive Team Leader

Rachel Hunt, Director

Katelyn Meeks, Executive Team Leader

Alicia De Leon, Team Manager

Carrie Titus, Team Leader

Earned a Trip for 2

Victoria Matzen, Director

Julie + Micah Boyatt, Executive Team Leader

Jessica Lopez + Arturo Valenzuela Jr., Executive Director

Jessica Fernandez, Executive Team Manager

Mirta Hernandez + Victoria and Vianey Garcia, Director

Kathryn Lucas, Senior Team Leader

Sandra Dreier, Executive Team Leader

Joan Milligan, Executive Team Leader

Michele Kehnert, Team Manager

Katherine + Lupe Butterbaugh, Senior Team Leader

Cailin Bundrick, Executive Team Manager

Angela Owens, Senior Team Leader

Emily + Frank Allison, Executive Director

Paulina + Alexa Alcaraz, Director

Claudia Chavez, Team Manager

Angelica Gomez, Senior Team Leader

Brenda Keller, Team Manager

Eloise Layton, Senior Team Manager

Anabel Vasquez + Brandon Jessie Perez, Executive Team Leader

Karla Carmona, Senior Team Leader

Leiba KeselmanSiev, Senior Team Leader

Mary + Lainey May, Senior Team Leader

Robyn Torres, Field Vice President

Tiffany + Jonathan Gin, Senior Team Manager

Christina + Hunter Scott, Senior Team Manager

Mary Grant, Senior Team Manager

Kate McKenzie, Director

Liz Thayer, Senior Team Leader

Elaine Sveet, Executive Team Leader

Earned a Trip for 1

Lacey Adelmann, Director

Amanda Kerney, Senior Team Leader

Wendelyn Ronald, Senior Team Manager

Laura Scheele, Senior Team Manager

Consuelo Villalobos, Senior Team Manager

Denise Curran, Senior Team Manager

Melissa Maher, Director

Simcha Bloomfield, Executive Team Leader

Maggie Stephens, Senior Director

Melissa + Phoebe Davis, Director

Dana, David + Shea Curtin, Director

Jessica Diaz, Senior Team Leader

Lori Sargent, Senior Team Leader

Nancy Pye, Executive Team Leader

Amber Butts, Executive Team Manager

Hope Erbert, Senior Team Leader

Kelsey Wilkerson, Executive Team Leader

Becky Hollis, Executive Team Leader

Maggie Cacchione, Senior Team Leader

Carolina McGrath, Executive Team Leader

Ludwika Piña, Senior Team Leader

Sandy Gast + Kimberly Parker, Senior Team Manager

Crystal + Tyler Stary, Executive Team Leader

Kati Smith, Senior Team Manager

Shyan Lasater-Bailey, Senior Team Manager

Lucille Kosmatka, Senior Team Leader

Lisa Parla, Senior Team Leader

A’Dailya Bontemps, Team Leader

Erin Fortney, Executive Team Leader

Get more information on the 2018 Destination Disney Incentive Trip here.

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