Meet New Executive Team Manager Kat Cornell and Senior Team Manager Jennifer Robins

November was one to remember for new Executive Team Manager Kathy “Kat” Cornell and new Senior Team Manager Jennifer Robins!

These powerhouse Designers may be focusing on two different things, but they’re both ultimately focused on one key driver: helping their team members.

Read their stories below and see how you can apply their strategies to help YOU promote up!

New Executive Team Manager Kathy’s Focus: Consistency

Kathy had no idea she was close to achieving Executive Team Manager at the end of the month.

In fact, she stumbled up on it.

“It wasn’t even on my radar because I was focusing on helping my team and all of our new Designers,” Kathy of Florida admits. “I just happened to be in the Back Office looking at something else and clicked on the Career Plan. I noticed that everything else was in place and we were just waiting on the team volume.”

With plenty of orders still coming in, Kathy knew her promotion was within reach.

“I still haven’t wrapped my head around it – I’ve only been here two years,” she says.

To achieve Executive Team Manager, Kathy credits her consistent, daily action.

Here are the steps that have helped her stay consistent:

  1. Touch Your Business Every Day. “I make sure that I’m touching my business every day, even if it’s something as simple as sending ‘thank you’ cards or happy mail.”
  2. Automate Your Social Media. “I schedule all of my posts so that I don’t fall into the ‘Facebook scrolling rabbit hole.'”
  3. Brainstorm with Others. “I try to stay connected with my team, and we brainstorm new ideas together often.”
  4. Plan and Write It Down. “I  keep a notebook (thank you, Renee Rose!) and write everything planned for the month. I’m a digital girl, but having a paper version as a back up has been a huge help. Plus, who doesn’t love colored erasable markers!”

Kathy plans to achieve Director by May 2021 and says while that is an exciting goal for her, she loves “helping my team and watching THEIR excitement as they grow. They are everything to me. I love to offer help whenever I can, and it just really makes me happy to see them happy.”

New Senior Team Manager Jennifer’s Strategy: Get Team Members “Unstuck”

Jennifer noticed some of her team members felt “stuck.”

Whether it was having a hard time finding new Customers, getting Customers to engage or generating new orders, Jennifer knew she needed to find a game plan to solve the challenge in 2020.

A long-time Designer since 2012, Jennifer says she decided to focus her attention on Facebook and give her team members the tools to post more effectively.

And it’s worked.

She promoted up to Team Manager in September and just achieved Senior Team Manager in November.

“My goal was…to give them a pathway to sales success, with images and a posting strategy they could emulate,” shares Jennifer of Arkansas. “We set up a team-wide Facebook group…nearly 150 people are in the group now with lots of interaction and fellowship.”

Jennifer adds, “several Designers got ‘unstuck’ and are now soaring! Everything fell into place for the promotion (to Senior Team Manager) from there.”

Here’s what helped Jennifer focus and promote up and her tips:

  1. Focus on Follow Up. Follow up with previous Customers through ‘courtesy’ phone calls, one-on-one shopping appointments, mailing out Holiday Lookbooks. Have a pop-up event when it’s possible.”
  2. Get an Accountability Partner for Your Business. “My accountability partner (and O2 bestie) pushes me and encourages me daily. She’s amazing and I wouldn’t have made the personal growth this year without her.”
  3. Encourage Your Team to Invite Others. “It’s important to continue (inviting others) and growing.”

As a Designer now for eight years, Jennifer says her love for the company and her business has only grown. Her goal for 2021 is to enhance her team culture and continue learning from other leaders.

“Origami Owl will change your life if you let it,” she shares. “I’m inspired daily and cherish the friends that I have made that I wouldn’t have without O2.”