We LOVE rewarding our Young Entrepreneurs for their achievements and this month is especially exciting!

Our November Young Entrepreneur incentive focused on helping new Designers start their Origami Owl businesses in November and generate 100 PV or 250 PV by November 30 for a chance to earn raffle tickets for prizes such as Justice League SWAG, Xbox gift cards, Amazon gift cards and more!

Congratulations to all of our Young Entrepreneur November Incentive earners – we can’t wait for you to enjoy your exciting prizes!

Kami Scheele Disney T-Shirt, Beats Pill, Black Jewelry Roll with retired jewelry
Angelina Navarrette $75 Amazon Gift Card, Harry Potter SWAG Bag
Isabel LaPorte Gold Jewelry Roll with retired jewelry, Harry Potter SWAG Bag, O2 Makeup Bag with O2 Scarf & Goodies, Disney T-Shirt
Lily Gast $50 Amazon Gift Card, Flash Bag with Justice League Goodies, $10 Starbucks Gift Card
Caidense Bohl $25 Xbox Gift Card & $10 Amazon Gift Card
Reagan Swinth Black Jewelry Roll with retired jewelry, $25 Amazon Gift Card
Jocelyn Gordon Harry Potter SWAG Bag, O2 Candle with Willing Beauty Lip Oils & Goodies, Vintage O2 Hoodie
Andrea Ordaz Retired O2 Charm Case, O2 Makeup Bag with O2 Scarf & Goodies
Adrianna Prochnow Beats Pill Speaker
Noah Dodd $20 Nintendo Gift Card
Nikole Buike Retired O2 Charm Case, O2 Vintage Hoodie
Edgar Zavala $10 Amazon Gift Card, $10 Starbucks Gift Card
Jaymee Gomez Wonder Woman Bag & Justice League Goodies
Brianna Standen $25 PlayStation Gift Card
Hadley Golden Beats Pill Speaker, Disney T-Shirt
Kayla Edgar Vintage O2 Hoodie
Valerie Jauregui $10 Starbucks Gift Card, Black Jewelry Roll with retired O2 jewelry
Arianna Cruz $15 Visa Gift Card
Kili Warnick O2 Pop Socket, O2 Portable Charger & O2 SWAG, Harry Potter SWAG
Amelia Lowry O2 Makeup Bag with O2 Scarf & Willing Beauty Goodies
Abdaly Sauceda Disney T-Shirt & O2 SWAG
Ethan Pierce $10 Amazon Gift Card, O2 Scarf & Goodies
Sean Pierce O2 Water Bottle, O2 Sunglasses, O2 Stapler & Goodies
Meredith Creyer O2 Water Bottle, TOMS & O2 SWAG
Ana Isabella Leos O2 Makeup Bag with O2 Scarf & Willing Beauty Goodies
Charlie Rinn Harry Potter SWAG Bag
Elizabeth Hendrickson O2 Vintage Hoodie
Alyssa Briggs $10 Amazon Gift Card
Kindel DeVries O2 SWAG & Goodies
Reese Torres $25 Amazon Gift Card
Maddalyn Pena O2 Pop Socket, O2 Portable Charger & O2 SWAG

Young Entrepreneur Spotlight

Angelina Navarette

Age: 12
Joined Origami Owl as an Owlette: July 25, 2020
Owlette partner: Her mom, Maria Navarrette

Angelina’s story of starting her Origami Owl business is similar to Origami Owl Co-Founder Bella Weems-Lambert.

“My mom has been selling Origami Owl Jewelry for a long time and I like to help her,” shares Angelina. “I asked my mom to buy me a laptop and she said that I could sign up with her to earn some money.”

Very quickly, Angelina says she began learning so much to “help prepare me for the future. I want to go to college and be an entrepreneur, so it’s cool that I get to do this.”

In November, she and her mom began focusing on their “passion project” of being a Force For Good by creating an “Adopt a Teacher Event.” They were able to send teachers appreciation gifts through their efforts and it also expanded their network to help them meet new people. They also earned over 2,500 PV and welcomed four new Designers to their team!

Angelina is still working to earn her laptop and says the monthly Young Entrepreneur incentives keep her going.

Kami Scheele

Age: 13
Joined Origami Owl: 2018
Owlette partner: Her mom, Laura

Kami grew up around Origami Owl. Her mom, Laura, started her Origami Owl business when Kami was just 5 years old. So, when she turned 11, Kami was ready to get started as an Owlette as soon as she could.

She loves how being an Owlette has helped her become “more confident, especially when I’m speaking with adults.”

In November, her goal was to earn the O2 Coastal Vacay incentive trip. She and her mom, Laura, set to work focusing on virtual Jewelry Bars, cultivating relationships in their VIP Facebook group and promoting the offers available during the Cyber Week Event at the end of the month.

And….”We hit our November goal!” shares Kami.

The pair generated over 4,000 PV, well above their monthly 1,500 PV goal.

Young Entrepreneurs December Incentive + Details for the Month

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