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In March, we welcomed our VERY first Senior Field Vice President, Tami, Tatum + Brooks Butcher!

Then in April, we had two more Designers double promote and join them at the top – Lisa Spence and Heidi Fleming!

And, if that wasn’t OWL-mazing enough…Robyn Torres promoted up to Field Vice President last month, too!

These ladies and their teams worked extremely hard to reach some of the highest levels in the Career Plan, and we couldn’t be prouder of their incredible achievements! Hoot Hoot!

So, how’d they get to the top?

Here’s how they earned their sparkly, new titles:

Congratulations to our NEW! Senior Field Vice Presidents!

Lisa Spence – Started her O2 journey in December 2011 – {Double promoted!}

O2 Journey

Lisa was one of Origami Owl’s very first Designers and heard about Origami Owl in a Facebook group for direct sales.

“I had never seen a Locket and didn’t know anyone who sold it. I thought, ‘Wow! This looks like a scrapbook to wear around your neck!’ I ‘drank the O2 Kool-Aid’ and joined that day,” says Lisa.

This was the start of Lisa’s journey toward self-discovery.

“O2 was the vehicle I needed to live out my mission. I’ve always been the ‘helper’ type. Now I can help people tell their stories and build their own businesses,” shares Lisa.

The last three years have been the most difficult in Lisa’s life. She wants Designers to know it’s important to keep going and never give up.

“Origami Owl is a business that can be worked your way, in your own time. Just be consistent and touch your business every day,” says Lisa.

Goals + Earning Senior Field Vice President

While Lisa’s ‘why’ has changed quite a bit over the years, her main goal continues to be about her family and helping others.

“I want to help people get to where I am. Whether that’s in business or life in general, I will do what I can to touch as many lives as possible,” shares Lisa.

Lisa’s goal at the beginning of April was to earn Field Vice President.

“My Mentor called me the first day of the month and we started strategizing. Work with your Mentor – they’re there to help!” says Lisa. “My amazing T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Achieves More) Fab Believers worked their hearts out in April to make it happen! They had some big promotions in April, too!”

Soon after she earned Field Vice President, Lisa realized Senior Field Vice President was possible.

“My team did it again. I love my team; they have become my family. Halfway between my birthday and my two-year sobriety date, I found myself at Senior Field Vice President. It doesn’t even seem real!” exclaims Lisa.

Advancement Bonus Plans

“My big plans for my bonus are to go to Jamaica to finally bring my husband and bonus son home with me. We’ve been a long-distance relationship for three years!” says Lisa.


Heidi Fleming – Started her O2 journey in December 2011{Double promoted!} – {Top in Developing Team Leaders in April}

O2 Journey

Heidi started her O2 journey during the pre-launch of Origami Owl in the fall of 2011. She had been in the direct sales industry for about 15 years and had achieved top leadership levels, so she knew the industry’s potential well.

“After seeing the jewelry, hearing Bella’s story, and taking one look at the Career Plan, I knew this could be ‘the one!’ I would say the rest is history, but this adventure is just the beginning. When I achieved the highest rank ‘Executive Director’ in our previous Career Plan, I didn’t even realize how amazing it was. I simply worked hard and helped my entire SuperStars team grow,” says Heidi.

In her first few years as a Designer, Heidi focused on training other Designers around the U.S.

“I’m a numbers person, so I built my team (with the goal to hit) the rank of Executive Director, not realizing I would be the only one to reach that title. When our Career Plan changed, I had to change my focus and get back to the basics and personally sponsor and build my team locally,” says Heidi. “Some personal challenges in my life put a damper on me going for gusto, but after the L.E.A.D. O2 Empowerment Summit and seeing the renewed excitement in the company and my team, I said, ‘Okay. It’s time!’”

So, Heidi decided to put her head down and do what she knows how to do best – work!

“I love sponsoring and seeing the excitement a new Designer has about earning extra money and making a difference for their family and community,” explains Heidi. “Over the holidays, I was doing two to four Jewelry Bars® or events a week. I was planting seeds and making new connections. L.E.A.D. was so invigorating, so I used the momentum to keep going. I knew it would be a slow and steady road.”

Reaching Senior Field Vice President

“When we ended March with 412,000 Team Volume, I knew it was really about sponsoring and building excitement as a team. With the support of my wife from afar, I dug in! I started personally sponsoring in March and working with our new Designers to look at leadership to get them excited about hitting Team Leader,” says Heidi. “Once I let them know we were shooting for the stars, they caught the fire. This built excitement to hit their own goals and help our team hit this historic, double promotion!”

Tips for Success

“Building a team mindset on sponsoring is key! When you continue to personally sponsor and encourage your team to sponsor and utilize the training the company provides, you can sponsor and lead without feeling overwhelmed.”

“We’re so blessed to have Director of Leadership Development Renee Rose, Field Trainer Abby Teet and our entire executive team who does everything in their power to make every Designer successful,” says Heidi. “I am very blessed and overjoyed to see our team ignite. It was so much fun doing Facebook Lives for leaders on many different levels of my team and celebrating all the team promotions we had in April!”

Advancement Bonus Plans

“The Advancement Bonus couldn’t have come at a better time! This past year has been very challenging for my family with my wife being deployed overseas with the Army this entire past year and my oldest daughter, Sam’s, head-on (car) collision, which broke her back,” shares Heidi. “With part of the bonus, we plan on taking an extended family vacation! I also plan to continue to support my church’s missions team to help the less fortunate – locally and abroad. Knowing you have the love and support of your family is key. I am blessed to have my immediate family’s love and support, but I am also super blessed to have such an amazing Origami Owl family!”

Congratulations to our NEW! Field Vice President!


Robyn Torres – Started her O2 journey in January 2012

O2 Journey

Robyn started her O2 journey as a “kitnapper” who just loved the jewelry and planned to get gifts for her family. So, when given the opportunity to join by her sister, she decided the discount would help with her future purchases, so she joined with the exact words, “But, don’t expect much from me. I’m not a salesperson!”

“Little did I know that God had much greater plans. The moment I got my brown Origami Owl box (we didn’t have the beautiful, aqua Starter Kit, yet), I got butterflies and knew this was something special led by God’s purpose,” says Robyn. “I talked to everyone about Origami Owl because I had a passion and love for it. I understood this was more than just jewelry and that Lockets could heal, bring joy, comfort and love to others. I had no idea what it would mean to grow a team. I just knew this was a gift that needed to be shared. From that moment, I began with a prayer that those who joined me on this journey would need this blessing in their lives and would share it with others. God has brought that tenfold. Watching Designers on my team grow into leaders, conquer their goals, grow their confidence and motivate others brings me so much gratitude. Every one of us have grown together to become not only stronger in our business, but better human beings.

Family Matters Most

“I work this business with my children. It gives this journey even more purpose with the ability to mentor our young Owlettes to become entrepreneurs, grow in self-confidence and do good in this world. Through this journey, I have reached goals I never knew possible,” says Robyn. “I’m able to stay home with my children. I’ve earned every incentive trip and am blessed to ride around in an aqua jeep {2017 Diamond Designer of the Year}. But, all of this doesn’t compare to the friendships, growth and love that encompass this journey. It’s been an absolute blessing in my life and I thank God for it every day!”

Reaching Field Vice President

“Field Vice President was something we planned, as a team, at the beginning of April. I knew it would be a feat, but felt it was something we were capable of achieving,” shares Robyn. “The entire team knew our goal. We had incentives and a fun team graph. We encouraged each other to hit personal goals that would lead to our team goal. As the last week of April approached, I didn’t know if we could make it, but every one of my leaders and my Mentor, Senior Field Vice President Tami Butcher, continued to give me faith, believed in us and consistently said to me, ‘We are going to do this, Robyn!’ The last 24 hours, our team brought in over 20,000 Team Volume and we did it! There is nothing more incredible than watching a team work together to achieve a goal like this.”

Tips for Success

Sponsoring is really the key to growing your frontline and your entire team. As a Leader, you must model and train your team to:

  1. Talk about the opportunity with intention to everyone they meet.”
  2. “Start new Designers with a business mindset.g.: Creating office hours, doing their Alice List, planning their Launch party and teaching them ‘Book, Sell, Share, Expand.’”
  3. “Consistently build each Designer and move them to the next level, when they are ready. From Active to Storybuilder to consistent volume to Dreambuilder and leadership, if that is their goal, by believing in them and creating a plan.”
  4. “Recognize and celebrate each other when goals are reached. No matter how small or huge, they are all important and part of team growth!”

“It took me six years to get here, but believing in others, being positive, teaching and modeling consistency, never giving up and always growing and learning personally, and for my business, has been the key. My goal is always focused on helping my teach achieve their goals,” says Robyn. “When that happens, the entire team will see success. This is not a personal promotion; it’s truly a team promotion and took every single person who put in even one order to make it happen!”

Advancement Bonus Plans

“I have been extremely blessed in my life and plan to use this bonus to give back to my team with incentives and Happy Mail. I also plan to bless others who are in need, as well.”