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We’re five months into the 2019 Punta Cana Incentive Trip earning period and 225 Designers have earned a trip for 1 or trip for 2!

Congratulations to the following Designers who have earned a dream vacation to stay at the NOW Onyx Resort, April 3-7, 2019 in the Dominican Republic. They’re going to “Tropic Like It’s Hot” with their fellow Designers, the Origami Owl® Co-Founders and their guests in the Caribbean.

Here’s whooo’s earned the trip as of November 30, 2018!

Earned the Trip for 2 + $1,000 USD | $1,300 CAD Cash Toward Travel*

Lacey Adelmann, Senior Director

Karen Alaniz, Senior Director

Emily Allison, Executive Director

Mishell Amick, Director

Jennifer Andracchi, Director

Dorothy Autry, Senior Team Leader

Neisa Baker, Executive Team Leader

Ann Barnes, Senior Team Leader

Elizabeth Barrera, Team Manager

Lauren Belko, Executive Team Leader

Stephanie Bendel, Senior Team Manager

Laura Benedict, Senior Team Leader

Lizbeth Berlanga-Molina, Director

Simcha  Bloomfield, Director

Julie Boyatt, Executive Team Leader

Melissa Brown, Senior Team Leader

Cailin Bundrick , Director

Doreen  Burnett, Executive Team Leader

Cristi Burton, Senior Team Manager

Amy Burton, Senior Team Leader

Tami Butcher, Executive Field Vice President

Courtney Butler, Senior Director

Katherine + Lupe Butterbaugh, Executive Team Leader

Amber Butts, Director

Tina Chiu-Votaw, Executive Team Leader

Maureen Cisek , Team Manager

Jilayne Collura-Petruzzi, Executive Team Leader

Holly Corbett, Director

Denise Curran, Director

Dana + David Curtin, Director

Melissa Davis, Senior Director

Sandra de la Garza, Executive Team Manager

Claudia de la Torre, Senior Team Leader

Alicia De Leon, Executive Team Manager

Jecenia Deluna, Executive Team Leader

Stasy Denham, Senior Team Leader

Katie DeVito, Director

Kristen Dillon, Executive Team Leader

Betty DiMarco, Senior Team Leader

Sandra Dreier, Executive Team Leader

Kerri Dyer, Senior Team Leader

Connie Enderle, Senior Team Leader

Jessica Fernandez, Director

Heidi Fleming, Executive Field Vice President

Diana Georgia, Senior Team Leader

Melissa Ghane, Field Vice President

Tiffany + Jonathan Gin, Senior Team Manager

Cheri Gingrich, Executive Team Leader

Rebecca Goble , Senior Team Leader

Nova Goforth, Executive Team Leader

Mary Grant, Senior Team Manager

Christina Greene, Senior Team Leader

Rita Griego, Team Leader

Sarah Griff, Senior Team Leader

Tina Grover, Executive Team Leader

Heather + Gregory Hall, Field Vice President

Karla Hemingway, Senior Team Leader

Sandra Herriage, Director

Maricarmen Hoyo, Executive Team Leader

Rachel Hunt, Director

Heather Hurliman, Senior Team Leader

Misty Jacowishen, Senior Team Leader

Tara Jagger, Director

Breanna Johnson, Senior Director

Aimee Johnson, Senior Director

Amanda Johnson, Executive Team Leader

Jacqueline Jones, Executive Team Leader

Jennifer Jordan, Executive Team Leader

Erin Keene, Director

Michele Kehnert, Team Manager

Brenda Keller  Team Manager

Inell Kirkpatrick, Team Manager

Wendy + Ray Korfel, Director

Cynthia Kruis, Executive Team Leader

Carole LaPorte, Senior Team Leader

Shyan Lasater-Bailey, Senior Team Manager

Julia Lawson, Senior Team Leader

Eloise Layton, Executive Team Manager

Shelley Licknack, Team Manager

Heather + Brianna Locke, Executive Team Leader

Jessica Lopez, Executive Director

Robyn Lozier, Senior Team Manager

Kathryn Lucas, Senior Team Leader

Liz Lundeen, Executive Team Manager

Melanie Luttrell, Senior Designer

Melissa Maher, Director

Victoria Matzen, Senior Director

Monika Mavec, Senior Director

Kate McKenzie, Senior Director

Krysten McNutt, Executive Team Leader

Melissa Medisch, Senior Team Manager

Katelyn Meeks, Executive Team Leader

Randy Mellon, Director

Jessica Merritt, Team Manager

Mamie Miller, Director

Kris Moser, Senior Team Leader

Wendy Nelson, Senior Designer

Carla New, Field Vice President

Janet Olivieri, Senior Team Leader

Trisha Overman, Senior Team Leader

Angela  Owens, Senior Team Leader

Julie Perez-Flores, Senior Team Manager

Linda Peterson, Senior Team Leader

Heidi Pintar, Director

Lauren Puckett, Executive Team Leader

Crystal Radfar, Team Manager

Patty Raley, Senior Team Leader

Clarissa Reyna, Senior Team Leader

Cheryl Reynolds, Senior Team Leader

Christine Rice, Senior Team Leader

Orfa Rodriguez-Blanco, Director

Elise Rolenc, Executive Team Leader

Alba Saenz, Executive Team Leader

Crystal Salinas, Senior Team Leader

Lori Sargent, Executive Team Leader

Krista Saysanam, Senior Director

Laura Scheele, Director

Debra Schiron, Senior Team Leader

Lora Schott, Director

Suzy Schultz, Director

Julissa Schuster, Senior Team Manager

Tania Scifo, Executive Team Leader

Christina Scott, Executive Team Manager

Desiree Selby, Executive Team Leader

Sandi-Rose Smith, Director

Kati Smith, Director

Jessica Steiner, Senior Team Manager

Maggie Stephens, Executive Director

Lynn Stover, Field Vice President

Mary Swain, Senior Team Leader

Melissa Taylor, Senior Director

Carrie Titus, Senior Team Leader

Nicole Tobias, Team Manager

Robyn Torres, Field Vice President

Dana Trask, Executive Team Leader

Sharon Troster, Senior Designer

Connie Unterreiner, Senior Team Leader

Deborah Upton, Executive Team Leader

Terri Vesey, Executive Team Leader

Consuelo Villalobos, Senior Team Manager

Lisa Weihbrecht, Executive Director

Katelyn Weiss, Team Manager

Stephanie White, Team Leader

Linda Wilson, Executive Team Manager

Theresa Woolworth, Director

Lisa Young, Executive Team Leader

Erin Zapata, Senior Director

Jessica Zarate, Executive Team Leader


Earned the Trip for 1 + $500 USD | $600 CAD Cash Toward Travel*

Paulina Alcaraz, Director

Katie Allen, Executive Team Leader

Diane Anderson, Executive Team Manager

Sarah + Larry Angel, Senior Team Leader

Kandice Astamendi, Senior Team Manager

Nicole Bell, Executive Team Leader

Rosemary Bertin, Executive Team Leader

Adrianne Billiter, Designer

Sonia Blodgett, Senior Team Leader

A’Dailya Bontemps, Executive Team Leader

Krystle Burt, Senior Team Manager

Rhonda Cain, Director

Katie Cerney, Senior Team Leader

Pamela Collins, Executive Team Leader

Tara Cooper, Executive Team Leader

Jenny Corbin, Senior Team Leader

Susan Crum, Senior Team Leader

Sandy Daly, Team Manager

Meganne Damon, Executive Team Leader

Nicole Danley, Executive Team Leader

Sandra D’Auria, Team Leader

Diane Elias, Team Leader

Catherine Fortener-Clauss, Executive Team Leader

Erin Fortney, Executive Team Leader

Michelle Freatman, Senior Director

William Garver , Senior Team Leader

Dawn Giesbrecht, Executive Team Leader

Barbara Gomes, Senior Team Manager

Adriana Gomez, Executive Team Leader

Edith Gonzalez , Senior Team Leader

Karen Goodhart, Team Leader

Mary Green, Senior Team Leader

Donelle Haase, Director

Jamie Hallowell, Senior Team Leader

Mirta Hernandez, Director

Heather Hively , Senior Team Leader

Becky Hollis, Executive Team Leader

Madeline Hombert, Director

Lindsay Ireland, Team Leader

Jennifer Johnson, Senior Team Leader

Brooke Kelly, Senior Team Leader

Raquel Kieper, Team Manager

Eileen Kurtz, Team Manager

Vicky Leriche, Executive Team Leader

Jessica Loish, Senior Team Leader

Tina Lunsford, Executive Team Leader

Susan Lynch, Executive Team Leader

Danielle Malone, Senior Team Leader

Michelle Marquez, Executive Team Leader

Beverly Marshall, Senior Team Manager

Carolina McGrath, Executive Team Leader

Jill McNally, Senior Team Leader

Aimee Miller, Senior Team Leader

Lorri Nevil, Executive Team Leader

Christie Nunemaker, Executive Team Leader

June Peach, Team Manager

Sharon Penner, Executive Team Leader

Ludwika Pina, Executive Team Leader

Irma  Prado-Gutierrez, Senior Team Leader

Tracy Pullen, Senior Team Leader

Nancy Pye, Executive Team Leader

Sheri Queen, Executive Team Leader

Ana Ramos, Executive Team Leader

Wendelyn Ronald, Senior Team Manager

Sherry Rosen, Executive Team Leader

Nancy Saile, Executive Team Leader

Jodi Scott, Senior Team Leader

Ria Smith, Senior Team Leader

Kristine Stevens, Executive Field Vice President

Elaine Sveet, Executive Team Leader

Lana Vansovich, Executive Team Leader

Zoe Vincent, Executive Team Leader

Alisha Walker, Senior Team Manager

Kelsey Wilkerson, Team Manager

Brynn Williams , Senior Team Leader

Jennifer Yarznbowicz, Senior Team Leader

Rochelle Young, Field Vice President


You still have until January 31, 2019 to earn your spot on the trip. Use all the resources available to you, keep pushing hard and don’t give up – you’ve got this!

Get all the details on the 2019 Punta Cana Incentive Trip here.

*Exchange rates are subject to change at any time, without notice. Earner’s list is subject to change based on audit of Designer account to verify eligibility of final, calculated Incentive Points.