Whether you were unable to attend The O2 Experience this year, or you want to relive all the heartfelt, special moments, here’s a recap of our Culture Award recipients and graduating Owlettes.

The O2 Experience Special Awards

We looove to recognize our Designers! In addition to a fun night filled with on-stage recognition for our Designers who advanced in rank since our previous Convention, we recognized seven Designers for a few special reasons and our OWL-mazing Owlettes who graduated from the Owlette Program this year!

Let’s give these special award recipients + Owlette graduates a Hoot Hoot!

O2 Culture Award Recipients

Every year, we give YOU the chance to nominate a deserving Designer who should be recognized with an O2 Culture Award for going above and beyond and exemplifying the heart of Origami Owl. We’re thrilled to share the incredible Designers who were recognized at Convention.

Heart of O2 Award: Tina Hendrickson, Senior Team Manager (pictured above)

The Heart of O2 Award is the highest level of Designer recognition and is given by the Founders. The recipient of this award embodies everything O2, from our mission to our Core Values. This Designer is committed to mentoring all Designers (even those who are not part of their team) and makes it a priority to help them achieve success both in their jewelry business, and in their personal lives. This Designer is a role model for all, contributes to causes they are passionate about, and is genuinely selfless.

“She is always a servant leader, thinking of how to inspire, help and support others without asking for anything in return.” – Fellow Designer

Here are our Heart of O2 Winners from previous years:

  • 2017: Holly Corbett, Team Manager
  • 2016: Heather Hall, Field Vice President
  • 2014: Krista Saysanam, Senior Director
  • 2013: Michelle Freatman, Senior Director
  • 2012: Robyn Torres, Field Vice President

There are some people you know who just seem to be able to carry a big load and never complain. Caring for a spouse with a life-changing health issue, managing his lawn and landscaping business full-time, homeschooling her two daughters and managing a successful Origami Owl business all seem like an overwhelming load to carry—but not for Tina.

Despite having a hectic life, friends call Tina a “servant leader” who always thinks of other people’s needs before her own, going out of her way to help others. Last year alone, she organized a school supplies drive, helped gather hand-written Valentine’s Day cards for an 8-year-old boy who was going to miss celebrating the holiday at school because of his open-heart surgery, and collected canned food donations to support her church’s food pantry.

But beyond Tina’s giving nature is a heart that is focused on sharing her knowledge, support and encouragement without asking for anything in return—including with many Designers who are not even on her team.

We’re honored to recognize Tina Hendrickson as this year’s Heart of O2 Award for always going above and beyond to love and encourage others.

Love, Inspire, Motivate Award: Erin Keene, Executive Team Manager

The Love, Inspire, Motivate Award is awarded to a Designer who genuinely loves and inspires all. This Designer positively affects any situation, helps others to realize every situation, and is a Force For Good®. This Designer is both a committed professional Mentor and a compassionate personal coach who has a personal story that inspires others.

“She is always on-the-go doing events and Jewelry Bars®, but no matter how busy she is, she will make the time for whoever needs her.” – Team Member

Just a few short weeks after one of our Designers lost her husband, she met Erin. And once Erin found out about this Designer’s heartbreaking situation, she went to work to ease the burden of meals at LEAD. She cheered her on and stuck by her side at O2’s cruise incentive trip when she wasn’t sure how she could do it without her husband. All along, this Designer thought “how could this woman I just met be so loving and kind?” She quickly realized that Erin is just the real deal.

She’s been called her team members’ “biggest cheerleader,” and that she bleeds O2. She’s described as one of the most “precious friends” by many. She believes in this business and is so proud to be a part of Origami Owl. Though she’s been through hard times, Erin does not let her past dictate her future—she keeps loving and supporting no matter what.

It’s for these reasons that Erin Keene is this year’s Love, Inspire, Motivate recipient.

Force For Good Award: Shelley Mitchell, Team Leader

The Force For Good Award is awarded to a Designer who represents the O2 mission statement in every aspect of his or her life. They use O2 jewelry as an opportunity to positively impact the lives of others and leads and serves their team in every way. Not only have they made significant efforts to be a Force For Good in their community, they also make extraordinary sacrifices for others, and contribute to charitable organizations by volunteering their time, or donating to a cause they are passionate about.

“She inspires me to love more and give more each and every day.” – Fellow Designer

Children undergoing cancer treatments don’t often get to venture outside the four walls of the hospital to have fun—it’s expensive for their families and difficult to coordinate the process to ensure they’re safe.

That’s where Shelley comes in. Every penny of Shelley Mitchell’s Origami Owl commission goes straight to funding activities for pediatric cancer patients and their families in her community. Thanks to her O2 commissions, Shelley has been able to send kids to the circus, hockey games, and other typical fun events. Many times, these children don’t pull through the cancer, but knowing her gift made them smile and have a happy day brings joy to Shelley’s heart.

Just this past year, Shelley brought her personal movement full circle by inviting other Designers to participate in an “O2 Cookie Day,” encouraging Designers across the country to volunteer at their local Ronald McDonald House to bake cookies for the families staying at the homes while their children undergo medical procedures. It was a huge success.

For this reason and so many more, we’re honored to recognize Shelley Mitchell as our Force For Good Award recipient this year.

Force For Good Award: Shea Curtin, Owlette

“I think it’s really rare for a kid this age to be so focused on serving others. She’s always looking for ways to give back and never wants any recognition for it.” – Mom

This year, we’re adding another Force For Good award to recognize an Owlette who has been an exceptional member of her community.

While many tweens are focused on music and friends at age 12, Shea is always looking for ways to give back. And, she never wants recognition for it.

Ever since becoming an Owlette just over a year ago, Shea has been on mission to be a Force For Good in her community. Whether it’s making custom bracelets to encourage the kids whose moms are going through breast cancer treatment or raising money to purchase care bags to uplift kids undergoing medical procedures, Shea is a focused student whose love for giving back touches just about every part of her life.

It’s for these reasons that we recognize Shea Curtin with this additional Force For Good Award.

Most Inspiring Owlette Award: Phoebe Davis

The Most Inspiring Owlette Award is awarded to an Owlette (young girl or boy ages 11-17) who has embraced their role and demonstrated their commitment to learning about O2’s jewelry opportunity. They not only embody the O2 mission and Core Values in every aspect of their life, they also inspire and motivate their peers through positive action.

“She’s transformed from a shy, young lady who struggled with learning disabilities to one who is confident and willing to share and help any Owlette.” – Fellow Designer

If you met this young lady just a year ago, you wouldn’t believe she was the same person. She was painfully shy and truly afraid to speak up or do anything as an Owlette. Giving back through fundraisers brought her out of her shell, but it was when she witnessed her friends struggling with bullying and suicide that she found her own voice. Because she bravely spoke up, she saved the life of a friend.

That was a life-changing moment for Phoebe, who is now a proud Owlette and isn’t afraid to do a Facebook Live training or help other Owlettes. She’s a member of our Owlette Council and has taken a major leap in school, where she’s now seen as a leader and one of the hardest workers out there.

Phoebe inspires Owlettes her own age, but she’s also making an enormous impact on our adult Designers, who have watched her confidence grow tremendously. We are so proud of how she is willing to try new things, improve herself and help others.

It’s for this reason that Phoebe Davis is this year’s Most Inspiring Owlette.

Most Inspiring Owlette Team Award: Carmen + William DeCoursey, Executive Team Leader

The Most Inspiring Owlette Team Award is awarded to an Owlette team who embodies the O2 mission and Core Values and has overcome adversity or challenging circumstances. Not only have their achieved success in their O2 jewelry business, they also serve as a role model for other Owlette teams.

“They are inspiring to me because they never stop, they never quit, and they keep on sharing the O2 love with everyone.” – Fellow Designer

The one word that describes this next pair is “unstoppable.”

Neither rain, nor cold nor extreme sunshine can keep them from their outdoor events—and you’ll likely see them having a fantastic time, too.

When William first started Origami Owl, he did not want to be on camera. Now he’s on Facebook Live stepping out of his comfort zone, finding his voice and gaining so much confidence. Because of his Origami Owl business, William learned the value of saving and has paid for sports equipment and even paid his way to our LEAD event in San Antonio, Texas this past January—how many teenagers do you know that have done that?

William and his mom, Carmen, are active in their local community, consistently helping to raise money for baseball team uniforms, supporting local families on Thanksgiving and supporting the Angel Tree program at Christmas.

Wherever you see these two, you are bound to experience their laughter, energy and enthusiasm, which is completely contagious.

It’s for these reasons and more that we are honored to recognize Carmen and William DeCoursey as this year’s Most Inspiring Owlette Team recipients.

Owlettes Graduate in Special Ceremony

We had eight inspiring Owlettes graduate at this year’s Convention! These Owlettes were recognized during a mini, on-stage graduation ceremony where they proudly walked across the stage wearing their graduation cap, and were handed a certificate and a special Living Locket®, and, of course, given lots of hugs!

Here’s whooo we recognized at the 2018 O2 Experience:

Ally Hasenauer

Gabriela Yoma

Jill Cava

Madison Colbeck

MeKendra Sloan

Reanna Marthaler

Riley Miller

Shelby Autry