Thank you to our OWL-mazing Field Advisory Board Members who went above and beyond to support our Designers for the past year.

Thank you to our 2018-2019 Field Advisory Board Members:

Tami Butcher
Robyn Torres
Maggie Stephens
Jessica Lopez
Nova Goforth

New Field Advisory Board

As we shared earlier this year, our 2019-2020 Field Advisory Board Members are based on Parliament qualifications from July 2018 – June 2019.

Members will include: 1 Field Vice President, 2 Directors, 1 Team Manager, 2019 Diamond Designer of the Year, 3 Members at Large

Criteria: Highest achieved Parliament Points (except Members at Large). Members will serve two-year terms with a maximum of two consecutive terms. Members can hold any recognition level within the category of titles to qualify.

Congratulations and welcome to our new Field Advisory Board members:

Karen Alaniz:              Diamond Designer of the Year
Kristine Stevens:         Executive Field Vice President
Kate McKenzie:           Senior Director
Aimee Johnson:           Senior Director
Melissa Taylor:             Senior Director – Member at Large
Paulina Alcaraz:           Director – Member at Large

2019-2020 Advisory Board


Field Vice President+: Kristine Stevens

Director+: Aimee Johnson + Kate McKenzie

Team Manager+: Breanna Johnson

Diamond Designer of the Year: Karen Alaniz

Members at Large: Monika Mavec, Melissa Taylor + Paulina Alcaraz