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Congratulations, Parliament Earners + 2019 Location Revealed

They grew their teams, mentored their leaders and worked hard all year long to earn the highest recognition of all in Origami Owl® – Parliament.

Their moment to shine bright like diamond came at The O2 Experience convention as our Top 10 Diamond Parliament Point earners were called to the stage to find out how their business growth stacked up across the company.

One by one, our Diamond Parliament Point earners crossed the stage, some with their Owlettes by their sides. The room was filled with Designers dressed in 50s and 60s retro dresses, their dates in fedoras, and rolled up sleeves to celebrate the night’s theme, “Fly Me to the Moon.”

Standing on stage, the countdown began with the Top Parliament Point Earners from third place down to first.

“In third place with 133 Parliament Points…Mirta Hernandez, and Victoria & Vianey Garcia!”

Then, “in second place with 141 Points…Breanna Johnson!”

Finally, in first place…

Whooo is Our Diamond Designer of the Year?

Congratulations to our Diamond Designer of the Year…Jessica Lopez and her Owlette Arturo Valenzuela Jr. with 148 Parliament Points!

Jessica earned a trip to Kauai, Hawaii and was the TOP Diamond Parliament Point Earner. She also received the keys to a custom, aqua O2 Jeep as her top prize!

She cried and hugged her son, Arturo Jr., as confetti popped and flew. Dabbing her eyes, she clutched a large bouquet of lilies, her keys and a crystal Diamond Parliament trophy as she and Arturo Jr. walked to the Jeep.

Together, Bella and Jessica draped themselves over the Jeep to get the iconic photo, reminiscent of Bella’s photo from when she received the Jeep she worked so hard to earn.

Congratulations to Our Diamond Parliament Earners

Congratulations to these 10 leaders who achieved Diamond Parliament and will be jet-setting to Kauai, Hawaii September 16-22, 2018, and staying at the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa! Here are more details on the 2018 Parliament Trip.

Congratulations to our Top 10 Diamond Parliament members who achieved Diamond Parliament (in alphabetical order):

Karen Alaniz

Tami, Tatum & Brooks Butcher

Courtney Butler

Carina & Ella Goens

Mirta Hernandez, Victoria & Vianey Garcia

Aimee Johnson

Breanna Johnson

Jessica Lopez & Arturo Valenzuela Jr

Orfa Rodriguez-Blanco & Keyla Elena Blanco

Robyn Torres

2019 Parliament Trip Location Revealed + Reminder: Qualifications + Details

Now, how about the exciting news for 2019? We revealed the next location for our Diamond Parliament earners and it is….ITALY!

Get ready to say “ciao, Bella” and enjoy a tour of Italy if you’re one of the Top 10 Diamond Parliament Point Earners!

Our Top 10 Diamond Parliament Point Earners and a guest of their choice will see world-acclaimed destinations on a weeklong tour through Italy, and enjoy the vacation of a lifetime to places like Rome for sight-seeing, outdoor cafes, shopping and more. This trip is slated for September of 2019, so circle it on your calendar! More details to come.

Watch this video for a peek at what our Top 10 Diamond Parliament Earners can expect:

And, for those who earn 80 Points or more and are not Diamond Parliament, you’ll also earn a trip for one to a U.S. location that’s sure to be filled with fun in the sun. Stay tuned for more details coming soon!


Just as a reminder, here are the qualifications to earn a spot on the Parliament trip, which we shared earlier this month. Read the qualifications here.