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The gifting season is in full swing, so why not give it a holly jolly BOOST with daily offers to help your Customer shop for the ones they love?

Our 12 Days of Gifting promotion kicks off Saturday, December 2 at 9 a.m. CT with a mystery offer that only lasts for just 24 hours! Then, a new deal will appear on Sunday, December 3 at 8:59 a.m. CT—and so it goes all the way until December 13!

What’s the 12 Days of Gifting?

It’s 12 days of daily offers – a new one each day! Plus, we’ll have three, ongoing ones: Free {standard} Shipping on all orders over $100 USD | $130 CAD, Origami Owl-branded holiday gift wrap for 50% off, and a special sweepstakes! All valid jewelry orders placed between December 2-13 will be entered into a giveaway to win a $250 retail shopping spree—and there will be five winners randomly chosen!

How do you LEARN about the daily offer?

1) Origami Owl Designers can join the O2 Designer News from the Nest Facebook Group for the daily announcement.

2) Customers will see the daily offer appear on the home page of or your Personal Web Page at 9 a.m. CT – but we hope you’ll personally share it with them!

How do you SHARE the daily offer?

Easy! Be sure to download your My O2 Connection app to your mobile device (details here) or log in to your Back Office and select Designer Resources > My O2 Connection and then Digital Media > Images.

You’ll find the shareable images under “Promotions.” Remember to hit “copy” to grab the verbiage that’s already created for you and then hit “paste” when the image appears in your Facebook or text message share. Your Personal Web Page link will be included, too!

Watch this tutorial video for more tips on how to use your My O2 Connection app!

What should I do to get ready for the 12 Days of Gifting now?

Go to the O2 Designer News from the Nest Facebook Group and check out the Weekly Challenge from Leadership Development Manager Renee Rose! It will tell you EXACTLY how to maximize your success with this OWL-mazing promotion!

Where do you go if you have a question?

Check out our FAQs here, which will update every day based on the new offer.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year to GIFT and SAVE! Reach out to people who haven’t purchased from you in a while and get connected. You have a unique, meaningful gift that’s unlike anything else out there. Everyone deserves a gift this special!