Team Leader is the first level of leadership in Origami Owl®, and we want to help equip our newest Team Leaders with the training they need to lay the foundation for leadership success.

That is why we’re THRILLED to announce that our virtual Team Leader Academy is returning! All newly promoted Team Leaders from October 2020 – March 2021 will be invited to this exclusive, virtual event!

The Team Leader Academy will be happening on Monday, April 19, 2021 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. CT!

During this live, virtual learning event, Team Leaders will learn from The Nest Sales and Training team, plus fellow, top Origami Owl Leaders, how to build a foundation of leadership through:

  • Mentorship
  • Maintenance
  • Growth
  • Duplication
  • And, more!

If you are working to hit Team Leader, don’t worry – you still have time! All new Team Leaders who promote before April 18 will still get an invite to our training on April 19!

If you’re ready to dig deep and pursue a title change with your Origami Owl business, join our O2 Take Off to Leadership Facebook group now.

Once you earn the title of Team Leader, you’ll also enjoy all these OWL-mazing benefits:

  • Earn a Retail Sales Commission of 30-50%
  • Earn an increased Personal Sponsor Bonus of 7%
  • Earn a Mentoring Bonus at Level 1 and 2 of 4%
  • Earn a $50 USD | $65 CAD Cash Advancement Bonus
  • Special Invitation into the O2 Leadership Community Facebook group

These are just some of the ways we reward YOU for building a team!

How to Get to Team Leader

Here’s a quick reminder of the Team Leader qualifications:

  • Personally generate 250 Personal Volume (PV)
  • Have 3 Personally Sponsored Active Designers (with 75 PV or more)
  • As a team, generate 750 Team Volume

We hope to see you at the Team Leader Academy, April 19!