The 2021 O2 Coastal Vacay Origami Owl® incentive trip to Clearwater Beach, Florida was filled with hugs, laughter and unforgettable memories! From ocean views, breathtaking sunsets and sudden downpours, our O2 Coastal Vacay earners enjoyed Florida in all its glory!

Incentive trip earners took full advantage of their 1-Day Walt Disney World Resort Theme Park pass (or alternate excursion choice)! Others decided sunset dinner cruises, wine tasting tours and days relaxing on the beach completed their perfect “vacay!”

But, they did more than just vacation – they made a difference in the community (more on that below!), enjoyed much-deserved recognition and spent time re-connecting (after more than a year apart!) with Origami Owl’s Co-Founders and fellow Origami Owl Designers!

Here’s a peek at some of the highlights from the trip (keep reading for more!):

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Think Goodness Random Acts of Goodness Activity

After the HUGE announcement that Origami Owl is expanding to become a brand collective on October 1, our trip attendees were invited to participate in a Think Goodness Random Acts of Goodness Activity where they went around the community blessing others with random acts of goodness. This experience showed how a little good can go a long way!

Share your Random Acts of Goodness photos on our Think Goodness Facebook and Instagram pages and make sure to tag @think.goodness!

Clearwater Beach 2021 Recognition

We LOVED recognizing so many of our Designers who truly stepped up their efforts for this incentive. Here’s who received special recognition on the trip:

Top 10 Personal Sales
First Name Last Name Achieved Rank PV Points
1 Melissa Flax Maher Director 47146.95
2 Sandi-Rose Smith Director 36431.95
3 Nova Goforth Executive Team Leader 36242.05
4 Kasandra Tucci Executive Team Leader 34353.67
5 Cailin Bundrick Director 32143.66
6 Sandy Daly Team Manager 31896.83
7 Mandy Kuhnhenn Team Leader 28114.22
8 Erin Zapata Senior Director 25808.77
9 Kandice Astamendi Senior Team Manager 25469.55
10 Cynthia Kruis Executive Team Leader 23016.73


Top 10 in Personal Sponsoring
First Name Last Name Achieved Rank Sponsoring Points
1 Hope Erbert Executive Team Manager              63,260
2 Randy Mellon Director              61,508
3 Holly Corbett Director              54,973
4 Aimee Johnson Senior Director              54,692
5 Claudia Chavez Director              54,648
6 Karen Alaniz Executive Director              52,163
7 Melissa Taylor Senior Director              49,748
8 Maria Navarrette Senior Team Manager              49,658
9 Courtney Butler Senior Director              49,327
10 Sandy Daly Team Manager              42,262


Top 3 Overall Points
First Name Last Name Achieved Rank Total Points
1 Randy Mellon Director              79,723
2 Hope Erbert Executive Team Manager              79,482
3 Claudia Chavez Director              76,858


Shell Yeah Award

This special award was given to the Designers who joined Origami Owl (and earned the trip!) during the O2 Coastal Vacay qualification period (August 2020 to March 2021)!

  • Noelia Rodriquez
  • Deserie Bohl
  • Michelle Senton
  • Angela Minutillo
  • Shannon Dodge
  • Stephanie Gilderman
  • Robin Stoy
  • Liz Thayer
  • Mayra Robles
  • Stefanie Lebron
  • Tiffany Hearn (CA)
  • Marla Smith (CA)

Willing Beauty

A big congratulations to our two Willing Beauty earners!

  • Viki Mutarelli
  • Wendy Edwards


Congratulations to everyone who earned the trip! We hope this was a trip of a lifetime!