Your network is one of your most powerful, business expansion tools, but it’s not always easy to reach everyone.

That’s why we added our “Refer-a-Friend” program! Powered by Talkable, a program utilized by big brands such as TOMS, Hello Fresh, and Pura Vida jewelry, this cutting-edge, promotional pop-up will give your best Customers the chance to invite a friend, who has never shopped with Origami Owl before, to check out YOUR website and shop.

And now, the Refer-a-Friend offer is 20% off!

Here’s how it works:

  1. When that new person shops, they’ll receive a discount on their first purchase—this is to encourage them to buy.
  2. And, if that person does complete their order? Your best Customer who referred their friend will get a “thank you” along with a promotional code tied to your website.

These promotional codes can only be used once and are for retail orders only.

This tool will be a key piece to point out to your VIP Customers so they can share your business, get promotional codes to save – and you can expand your network. Plus, it creates yet another incentive for anyone who’s never shopped with you to complete a purchase and connect with you.

Here’s where you can find it on your Personal Web Page (please note, this video was from the launch of the program and the offer is now 20% off; not 10% off.)

We’ve just added a refreshed social media image to your My O2 Connection app! Simply swipe down on your mobile app to update it and look in the “Promotions” category to share it with your Customers!

Here are FAQs on the Refer-a-Friend pilot program.