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Origami Owl® is all about connecting YOU with community and providing you with the training and news you need to have a successful Origami Owl business. We know that many of these connections are made via social media, therefore we have created Facebook groups to support you in your growing business.

Each group was designed with a specific goal and for a specific audience (which you will see listed below) The groups are closely monitored and designed to be a safe, positive space to connect and ask questions. They’re not intended for selling of any product related or non-related to Origami Owl. ISO (in search of posts) are also not allowed.  Please keep in mind these groups are not intended to replace connecting with Designer Care when you need customer assistance—questions about shipping, specific order details, etc. are best handled with our OWL-mazing Designer Care team members.

And, even though you may be familiar with some of our Facebook Groups, we hear it all the time: Which Origami Owl Facebook Group is right for me?

Here’s a quick rundown of all our key Facebook Groups and details to help you decide (Note: You will be required to provide your Designer ID for entrance into these closed Facebook Groups):

  • O2 Designers: News from the Nest (ALL DESIGNERS) Looking for the latest news and information straight from the Nest? We encourage EVERY Origami Owl Designer to join this group. This group is intended to provide you with quick updates, news and even training all from The Nest! Join here.
  • New All Designer Facebook Training Group “Social Selling and Facebook Jewelry Bars” (ALL DESIGNERS) This group will focus on social selling and Facebook Jewelry Bars® using the Book, Sell, Share, Expand (BSSE) strategy. Each day will focus on a different element of BSSE (Monday=Book, Tuesday=Sell, Wednesday=Share, Thursday=Expand). Join the group now.
  • Ready Set Soar (intended for New Designers and their Mentors) In this monthly group, you will receive daily recognition, business tips and valuable information along with weekly LIVE trainings to support you as you launch your new O2 business during your Ready Set Soar earning period! We encourage active participation, and this is a great space to ask those New Designer questions!!!  Join the latest group > **This group changes monthly. Please be sure to refer to your current month Flight Plan for the current month link to join.
  • Take Off to Leadership (intended for Designers wanting to grow to Leadership or beyond and their Mentor) This group is designed to help future Team Leaders level up and gain the tools they need to get a pay raise by taking their first promotion into a leadership role this month. There will be weekly posts with recognition, tracker accountability, tips & training and we encourage active engagement and participation. Join the group> **This group changes monthly. Please be sure to refer to your current month Flight Plan for the current month link to join.
  • Leadership Community (Designers titled Team Leaders and Above) Origami Owl Leaders have a great virtual community to share ideas, brainstorm together and even recognize their fellow leaders and above in their accomplishments. We encourage leaders to actively participate and engage in sharing your great ideas and tips! Have a great idea or tip? this is a great space to go LIVE or post!! Join the group here.
  • O2 Directors. VPs. Parliament (Designers titled Director and Above and current Parliament earners) Only for leaders who have achieved our top titles of Director, Vice President or Parliament. Join the group here.
  • O2 en Español (Hispanic Community) We’ve created this space for our Spanish-speaking Designers from USA and Puerto Rico.  This page is a place for our Designers to share ideas, support each other and obtain information to grow your businesses in the Hispanic market. Join the group here.
  • O2 Canada Designers (Canadian Designers) The O2 Canada Facebook Page is a virtual meeting space for all Canadian Designers to share, engage and learn about all things specific to supporting our Designers in Canada who are focused on growing their businesses. Join the group here.
  • O2 Owlettes (Intended for Owlette teams) This group is a great resource for all Designers, with a specific focus on Owlettes. This page will allow our Owlettes to interact with each other, get business updates, experience recognition, and receive personal messages from Bella. As new business owners, Owlettes can get tips here from other Owlette teams so they can start (and stay!) strong. Join the group here.