Special code for Designers to share-forward April 1 – 30, 2020 only

We recognize that this is a difficult moment in time for many families and individuals facing furloughs, joblessness and reduction in their contracted positions.

Origami Owl® is here to bless others’ lives by telling stories through our meaningful, customizable jewelry. We are also here to bless others’ lives by empowering them with the chance to create income through a meaningful business and be part of something bigger. Our community is unlike any other and we want to uplift each other in our times of need.

This month only, we want to help you pay it forward to someone in need by giving you an exclusive, 40-percent-off code for someone who wants to start their Origami Owl business in April and save on our $99 USD | $129 CAD Essentials Kit or $199 USD | $259 CAD Signature Kit.

Once the potential New Designer selects their kit and adds the special, 40-percent-off code in the “I Have a Promo Code” section, these kits will be just $59.40 USD | $77.40 CAD and $119.40 USD | $155.40 CAD respectively at checkout, and your new potential Designer will have the tools they need to get started and share meaningful jewelry and earn needed income.

Here’s how you can find your code to pay it forward to someone:

  1. Log in to your Back Office.
  2. Go to Edit Account > Promo Codes starting today, April 1 at 1 p.m. CT.
  3. Copy and share the code with one person.

This is a unique code that is tied to you and can only be redeemed once, so share carefully. Be sure to encourage the potential Designer to start their enrollment process from your online shop’s Join page and copy and paste the code exactly.

We’re here to help and we want to make sure we’re sensitive to others’ needs right now.

Here’s an example of how you could share this with someone via personal text message or email:

Hi there, <Name>,

You’ve been on my heart lately and I know that finances are tight. I’m here for you if you ever need to talk and I would love to support you. I know this is a hard time and I want to be sensitive about sharing this with you. Absolutely no pressure, but I have a special discount code for this month only if you need a meaningful business or community to help support you through this time. I’m happy to share how my Origami Owl business has helped me and what I’ve done to earn extra income if you want those details. If not, please know I’m here for you and I’m thinking of you.


You can also take a moment to share your personal experience of how your Origami Owl commissions are helping you during this uncertain time, if you feel comfortable. Also feel free to share our Director Cailin Bundrick’s story, which we just added in the “Videos” section of the My O2 Connection app. You can share it via text or email and say, “this story captures so much about what it’s like to be an Origami Owl Designer and how it can help. Watch Cailin’s story – I know so many people can relate to it.”

Please note, this special promo code is not meant to be shared on a public or personal Facebook page as a post. This is about personal connection and sharing it directly with someone who needs it. Your code is available for redemption only until April 30, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. CT.

Here are FAQs on this Pay It Forward promo code.

We’ve added one, directional social media asset to your My O2 Connection app that is intended for you to share with your team or another Designer that simply has the above steps captured on it.

Be sure to also take a moment and to offer a Sip, Sparkle, Share Stories ‘N Spread Kindness virtual event to support fundraising efforts for a specific cause or someone in need. This is a great way to use Origami Owl as a vehicle for giving! Here’s how you can do one.