On April 26, Origami Owl® Co-Founder Chrissy Weems announced a special offer in honor of Pay It Forward Day!

Our mission is to be a Force For Good; to love, inspire and motivate people of all ages to reach their dreams and empower them to make a difference in the lives of others.

And, many of you paid it forward to a New Designer by sharing the code PAYITFORWARD. Read all the details on the Pay It Forward offer here.

Below are a couple of incredible Designers who not only Paid It Forward in April, but also helped their New Designers reach Storybuilder by the end of the month – in just four or five days!

Read their stories below.


Carrie Ross

On April 27, Senior Designer Karie Youngeberg paid it forward to Carrie Ross. In just four days, Carrie generated 271 PV – earned Storybuilder!

O2 Journey

Karie started on her O2 journey in February of this year after she was drawn to the mission of being a Force For Good.

“I have always wanted to be part of something bigger – and now I get to be,” shares Karie. “From day one, I decided I wanted my business to revolve around being a Force For Good.”

Little did she know, but one of her Jewelry Bar® Hostesses, Carrie, a sixth grade history teacher, would be drawn to Origami Owl for the same reason.

Together, Carrie and Karie raised $300 at her Jewelry Bar to donate to Youth Challenge. Youth Challenge is an organization that is close to Carrie’s heart. It helps kids with physical disabilities access sports and arts programs.

Carrie’s daughter

“My oldest daughter was born without legs and a right arm,” shares Carrie. “She is an incredible kid who has swam her way to two American records and has represented her country on Team USA twice.”

Senior Designer Karie adds, ”(Carrie’s daughter) is a talented swimmer, born leader and is absolutely amazing to me. After my Jewelry Bar, Carrie quickly became one of my VIPs and biggest supporters.”

The Pay It Forward Offer

After the Pay It Forward special offer was announced, Karie immediately thought of Carrie.

Although she was hesitant at first because she’s a single mother who teaches full time, Carrie decided to accept and view Origami owl as an opportunity to earn money with flexible hours doing something she loved to do.

“My ‘why’ became stronger than my excuses, and I expressed to Karie that I wanted to go on this adventure with her,” says Carrie.

On April 27, Carrie officially started her O2 journey.

Karie Youngeberg

“It means a lot to me that Karie thought of me and wanted me on her team,” says Carrie. “She represents the concept of being a Force For Good. I am sincerely touched by her spirit and generous nature. I am proud to call her my Mentor!”

After Carrie joined, Karie quickly realized she only had four days to help Carrie earn the Designer Exclusive Silver Triangle Bolo Locket Gift Set (100 PV) and the O2 Blue Pouch (250 PV).

“I knew I had to get busy because Carrie was NOT going to miss out on getting these exclusives,” shares Karie.

And, in just four days, Carrie generated 271 PV and earned Storybuilder!

2019 O2 Business Goals + Pay It Forward Ripple Effect

Looking to the future, Karie and Carrie are both optimistic.

“I cannot wait to see where this path takes both of us and our team,” shares Karie. “I honestly feel like this is just the beginning. Origami Owl makes me a better, stronger person every day. I’m so grateful and honored to be part of this company!”

Carrie has started making 2019 goals for herself.

“My current goal is to become a Senior Designer,” shares Carrie. “I would also love to be a Team Leader by the end of the year and generate 1,000 PV. It’s been a long time since I’ve been on vacation, so I’d love to earn an incentive trip, too! I am super excited to be able to attend The O2 Experience this year. The sky is the limit for me!”

In only a few short weeks, not only has Carrie made goals for her O2 business, she also paid it forward to another Designer.

“I paid it forward and offered the opportunity to another single mom,” exclaims Carrie. “My friend, Nicki, has two beautiful girls and works hard every day to provide a great life for them. I am so excited to see where Nicki takes this great opportunity. I look at this opportunity as a gift. I am grateful to Karie and Origami Owl for this chance to be a part of this amazing company.”


On April 26, Executive Designer Desiree Ramirez paid it forward to Sarah Medina. In just five days, Sarah generated 305 PV – earned Storybuilder!

Sarah Medina

The Pay It Forward Offer

When Desiree first heard about the Pay It Forward special offer, she immediately thought of Sarah.

“Sarah had shown interest from the moment I joined and even helped me set up my business Facebook page,” shares Desiree. “Sarah had been waiting until she had extra money to join our team.”

Desiree knew that Sarah would make a great Designer, but Sarah had her own reservations.

“I was hesitant about joining at first, partly because I didn’t have the money and wasn’t really sure if I knew enough people who would purchase from me,” shares Sarah.

But when the Desiree told her about the Pay It Forward offer, “It took me all of two minutes to sign up during my lunch break!” says Sarah. “Her excitement had me so excited that I even created my Facebook business page right away, too!”

Desiree Ramirez

Soon after joining, they both realized they only had a few days to qualify for April incentives.

“I couldn’t believe by the end of Sarah’s first day, she had already generated over 200 PV,” says Desiree. “Then to top it off, she ended the month with over 300 PV. She is definitely a girl boss! I am so proud of Sarah and knew I chose the perfect person to Pay It Forward to.”

In just five days, Sarah generated 305 PV and earned Storybuilder. Now, she wants to continue to learn all about the business.

2019 O2 Business Goals

“My goal for this year is to soak up every bit of knowledge I can to grow my small business,” shares Sarah. “I want to get as many people as possible as excited about the jewelry as I am!”

She adds, “I’m so excited about every little part of this journey, and am beyond grateful to Desiree for thinking of me and bringing me aboard.”