Our Owlette Program is the foundation of Origami Owl®, and we’re so proud to share the success of our young Owlettes!

This month’s Owlette Spotlight on Success is on Senior Team Leader Annette and Owlette Kayla Edgar from Canada who held a launch Jewellery Bar® instead of a birthday party for Kayla’s 11th birthday.

Our Owlette Program teaches young girls and boys, youth ages 11-17, entrepreneurial and life skills. Being an Owlette builds confidence and gets them out of their comfort zone, while setting goals and getting recognized for their efforts. Our Owlettes are making a difference in the lives of others and their own.

Here’s this incredible Owlette team’s story.

O2 Journey

Annette began her O2 journey in February 2017. Kayla was an Owlette-in-training for eight months before she turned 11 in November 2017.

“I first fell in love with Origami Owl at a vendor event,” recalls Annette. “My Mentor kept donating to our local community. She uses our mission to be a Force For Good® as a platform for her business. Every time I saw her, she would share a little bit more about the company.”

Even though she loved the jewellery and our mission to be a Force For Good, the Owlette Program and potential for Kayla is what got Annette hooked.

“I asked my husband to buy me my Starter Kit for my birthday and told him it would only be an online business,” shares Annette. “He laughs at me now as we pack my van full to head out for a Jewellery Bar or vendor event!”

Annette and Kayla enjoyed doing Jewellery Bars so much, they decided to host a Jewellery Bar launch party for Kayla’s 11th birthday instead of a birthday party.

Launch Jewellery Bar

“Kayla asked her close family, friends and their moms to buy jewellery for themselves instead of birthday presents so Kayla could launch her O2 business,” shares Annette. “Kayla made birthday Jewellery Bar invitations and hand-delivered them. We encouraged her friends to come so Kayla could get comfortable speaking in front of other people.”

Instead of goodie bags, Kayla used some of her free product from her Hostess Jewellery Rewards to purchase Dangles from the Sale category to give each of her friends. She also shared information about the Hostess Rewards Program and had one of her friends say “yes” to hosting a Jewellery Bar.

“Kayla was responsible for the Jewellery Bar invitations, calling people to see if they were coming, setting up the display, sorting and packing all the orders once they arrived and delivering them,” says Annette. “She also did all of the talking during her launch party – it was a booming success!”

Working the Business Together

Fast forward to today and Kayla has helped with the majority of their Jewellery Bars.

“We take turns presenting,” says Annette. “I’ll take orders and Kayla answers questions and up-sells Customers without them even realizing it. One time, one of our family friends was looking at a Mini Locket and Kayla helped her pick out a Large Locket, so she could have all her granddaughter’s Swarovski® Heart Birthstones and grandson’s Swarovski Round Birthstones in the Locket.”

On top of helping her mom at Jewellery Bars, Kayla also does online fundraisers to give back to her community.

“Kayla just completed an online fundraiser for her 4-H Beef Club,” shares Annette. “We were not quite sure how people were going to respond to a jewellery fundraiser, but Kayla gave order forms and Take Out Menus to all the members of the club and shared our Force For Good Set and link to the online Jewellery Bar. The Force For Good Set was the most popular piece that was ordered! We were shocked at the number of sales! Kayla donated all of her commissions for those orders back to the club.”

Tips for Success

“Our biggest tip for other Owlette Teams is to step out of your comfort zone,” shares Annette. “Ask people if they want free jewellery and share how easy it is to host a Jewellery Bar. Don’t assume people will say ‘no.’”

Annette also encourages other Designers to let their Owlette step forward and take charge while talking to others about the amazing jewellery.

“Kayla and I have a deal that she sets up the display and helps when we’re busy at an event, and if there’s any down time, she’ll check out the other vendors and collect their business cards,” shares Annette. “Networking is key! I receive compliments all the time about how Kayla conducts herself at every event.”

One of Annette and Kayla’s biggest successes so far? Purse Parties!

“Purse Parties are also known as a Jewellery Bar in a bag,” shares Annette. “We’ll place complete Locket looks, Earrings, Chains, etc., in a bag with Take Out Menus and order forms. If the Hostess has Facebook, we’ll support the Jewellery Bar by sharing it online using the social assets and verbiage provided to us by Origami Owl. At one business, we had three Jewellery Bars in one year. Each time a new collection came out, a different person would host to benefit from the rewards.”

Get Connected to the Owlette Program

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