The Origami Owl® Owlette Program, for youth 11-17, not only teaches young girls and boys important life skills while earning money, it also helps them meet new friends and spend quality time with their parent or other adult.

If you’re part of an Owlette team and haven’t yet joined our O2 Owlettes Facebook group, what are you waiting for! Our Owlette Facebook group gives our Owlettes the chance to regularly interact with each other, receive personal messages from Origami Owl Co-Founder Bella Weems-Lambert, and get tips and training to grow their Origami Owl businesses!

November Owlette Spotlight on Success

Our Owlette teams are always taking initiative in their O2 businesses while making memories and growing even closer as a team. And, this month, we’re highlighting two Owlette teams who reached their short-term and long-term goals and rocked their businesses in November!

Owlette Sister Team Earned a Trip for 2 on the 2018 Owlchiever Trip in November!

Owlette Hana Lee, 14, and her sister, Kali Crawford, Executive Team Leader, set a goal at the beginning of this year to earn a trip for two on the 2018 Owlchiever Trip to the Riviera Maya. The last two years they earned a trip for one, so Kali went by herself. With the long-term goal of having Hana join Kali on the Owlchiever Trip, they set two goals for themselves: 1. Promote up to Senior Team Leader. 2. Promote up to Executive Team Leader. Hana and Kali met both goals halfway through the year in June, and continued their journey to reach their long-term goal by earning a trip for two in November.

“Last year when we earned the trip, I told Hana it was only for one person. With no hesitation at all, she told me, ‘You should go. You’ve never been on a cruise and I have.’ I couldn’t believe that a teenager could be so selfless.”

Even though Hana and Kali are 10 years apart and didn’t live together most of their childhood, they are now incredibly close after Origami Owl brought them together. The two spend their weekends together at events and Jewelry Bars®, and they go to The O2 Experience annual convention together every year. They truly believe the time they’ve spent together as business partners has brought them closer together and can’t wait to spend a weekend together in the Riviera Maya with their O2 family!

“Hana became much more involved in our O2 business this year. We learned last year that when she does our Facebook Lives and helps Customers, we get more sales. She helped at almost every event we had and started talking to people on her own when I wasn’t around.”

In November, Hana brought in over $1,100 in sales all by herself by talking to people at her church. She even planned her own Jewelry Bar.

“Hana has stepped outside her comfort zone and opened our business up to a whole new Customer base.”

Steps They Took to Reach Their Goals

One of things we started is our Ambassador of the Month program in our VIP group. Every month, a different VIP Customer chooses a charity of their choice they would like to support. We put together a look that represents their charity, and they wear it for the whole month. The VIP Customer collects orders (like a Take Out Menu {TOM} party) to support their charity. Then we donated 25% of the sales to their cause at the end of the month. This brought us TOM parties and Customers we wouldn’t have had otherwise. Plus, we have been able to donate over $1,200 this year to causes important to our Customers.”

Owlette Father-Daughter Team Earned Charm of the Month Club Every Month Since its Inception and Earned Dreambuilder in November!

Owlette Elizabeth Hendrickson, 12-and-a-half, and her dad, Albert Hendrickson, Designer, had an OWL-mazing November! Here’s how this father-daughter Owlette team earned Dreambuilder in November.

In November, Elizabeth worked a 10-day county fair with her mom, Tina, Team Manager, and her sister, Megan, where she met many new Customers and even made a few new ones. She helped her Customers create their stories through Living Lockets® and had one Customer who loved the idea of telling stories with jewelry so much that she bought two sets one day, had her son come back another day to pick up a Chain, and has since contacted Elizabeth for one more Locket that she wants to give as a gift. She’s even interested in hosting a Jewelry Bar® in January! Working the 10-day fair brought in over $1,600 in sales for their team and a few potential Owlettes who are interested in joining.

Being a Force For Good®

When Elizabeth wasn’t helping Customers at her table during the fair, she was helping other vendors set up their tables and uncover their goods, and she even helped with sales when they were busy.

“Elizabeth is a pro at sharing (Origami Owl Co-Founder) Bella’s story and the business opportunity to everyone she meets. I am so proud of her,” said Tina. “She has worked this business since she was 8 years old and has grown her business skills and as a person!”