Our Owlette Program is the foundation of Origami Owl®. Our Owlette Program teaches young girls and boys, youth ages 11-17, entrepreneurial and life skills. Being an Owlette builds confidence and gets them out of their comfort zone, while setting goals and getting recognized for their efforts. Our Owlettes are making a difference in the lives of others and their own.

This month’s Owlette + BRO spotlight on success is on our extraordinary Owlettes and BROs in November!

These Owlettes and BROs promoted up to Team Manager or above in November and we couldn’t be prouder of their achievements!

Here are the Extraordinary Owlettes + BROs in November:

Trevor Christ – promoted to Team Manager!

Taryn Penny – promoted to Team Manager!

Jada Cantu – double-promoted to Senior Team Manager!

Atziry Payan – promoted to Senior Team Manager!

Kamryn Scheele – promoted to Director!

Jaiden Bloomfield – promoted to Director!

Phoebe Davis – promoted to Senior Director!

Camille Scribner – promoted to Senior Director!

Isabella Weihbrecht – promoted to Executive Director!

Jaiden New – double-promoted to Field Vice President!

Jaxon Danner – promoted to Field Vice President!

Tatum + Brooks Butcher – promoted to Executive Field Vice President!

Sydney + Tanner Stevens – double-promoted to Executive Field Vice President!

Owlette + BRO Council Submission Deadline is December 20

Don’t forget to submit your interest to be on the Owlette + BRO Council! If you’re an Owlette or a BRO who’s interested in making an impact in the Owlette Program, don’t forget to submit your interest by December 20! Get more details here.

Get Connected to the Owlette Program

If you’re part of an Owlette team and haven’t yet joined our O2 Owlettes Facebook group, what are you waiting for? Our Owlette Facebook group gives our Owlettes the chance to regularly interact with each other, receive personal messages from Origami Owl Co-Founder Bella Weems-Lambert, and get tips and training to grow their Origami Owl businesses!

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