When 14-year-old Bella Weems approached her mom, Chrissy, wanting a Jeep when she turned 16, her mom encouraged her to start and business and earn it.

Our Owlette Program is founded on this principle, and this month’s Owlette Spotlight on Success features some of our OWLmazing Owlettes who attended the L.E.A.D. Hoot Camp at the 2018 L.E.A.D. O2 Empowerment Summit.

Meet: January’s Owlette Spotlight on Success

Owlette Jaden Saysanam, 13, and his mom, Krista Saysanam, Senior Director, have been working their O2 business together since Jaden was eight-years-old. Jaden would help his mom put labels on Take Out Menus and with packing and unpacking for Jewelry Bars® and events. He officially became an Owlette/Prince Charming last year on his 12th birthday!

“My favorite part about Hoot Camp was being recognized on stage at the Masquerade Party and during general session. It was fun sharing about the Owlette Program and our Force For Good® project with the Designers in the audience. Not a lot of kids my age get to do things like this and be recognized on stage for it. That’s what makes it fun and cool. I learned how to be more confident when speaking in front of people and how to properly present my business and what to say to Customers. I also learned how to make fleece tie blankets. I am proud to be an Owlette/Prince Charming because I see what my mom does and I want to support her. I enjoy spending time with my mom.”

Owlette William DeCoursey, 15, and his mom, Carmen DeCoursey, Executive Team Leader, have been working their O2 business together since 2015.

“I had a great time at L.E.A.D. Hoot Camp! One of my favorite things was being a part of our Force For Good project and making blankets for the kids at the shelter. I loved getting one-on-one time with Bella and Yvette, and Yvette helped me with my opening speech about my business and how to tell my story. We worked on communication and public speaking, and I got to go on stage, along with my fellow Owlettes, and talk more about our Force For Good project! I’m excited about the new Owlette 2.0 Program, and I’m definitely excited about the Destination Disney Trip and the Owlette Disney Tracker!”

Owlette Keyla Blanco, 15, and her mom, Orfa Rodriguez-Blanco, Executive Team Manager, have been working their O2 business together for two years and four months.

“My favorite part was making blankets for the kids at the shelter.  It was a good feeling knowing that we were being a Force For Good and providing a blanket for a child in need. I loved spending time with Bella and Dallin, too.  I made new friends, and I’m looking forward to seeing them at Convention. L.E.A.D. Hoot Camp was incredible.”

Owlette Kaylah Kauffmann, 15, and her mom, Krysti Kauffmann, Team Leader, have been working their O2 business together for almost three years. {Their OWLiversary is February 23!}

“L.E.A.D. Hoot Camp was an amazing experience! It was awesome talking with Bella and Yvette; I learned so much! I learned how to improve my public speaking skills and how to look confident. It was also a lot of fun making blankets for kids in shelters. My favorite part was going up on stage and speaking to everyone using my new public speaking skills and telling them all about the L.E.A.D. Hoot Camp experience. I also really enjoyed when Bella and Dallin got us ice cream. Being with them, in a social setting, gave us time to really get to know them and become closer as a group. Additionally, being around people who are successful makes me want to be just as, or even more, successful.”

L.E.A.D. Hoot Camp

The Owlettes who attended L.E.A.D. Hoot Camp participated in filming a video that will be created for Owlettes. They also made fleece tie blankets for children at the Children’s Shelter of San Antonio, Texas. Our OWLmazing Designers donated the fleece for the blankets! Origami Owl also donated Lockets for the children and extra fleece and supplies so the children would be able to make their very own blankets and have an activity to do while at the shelter.

The Owlettes also put together an incredible presentation about their Force For Good® activity to help build awareness for the Children’s Shelter. Each Owlette presented on stage with Bella and Yvette Dickson about their Force For Good activity. They practiced and even got individual one-on-coaching on their public speaking skills beforehand.

Last, but certainly not least, the Owlettes also enjoyed more training, lots of sharing and ice cream with Bella and her husband Dallin.

The following Owlettes attended L.E.A.D. Hoot Camp:

Abby Head

Ania Manzilla

Bianca Gomez

Evelyn Atkinson

Jaden Saysanam

Jaymee Gomez

Kaylah Kauffmann

Keyla Blanco

Lindsey Mester

Mark Lowe

Micah Boyatt

William DeCoursey

About the Owlette Program

The Owlette Program, for youth 11-17, teaches young girls and boys entrepreneurial and life skills, and helps them spend quality time with their parent or other adult.

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