When 14-year-old Bella Weems approached her mom, Chrissy, wanting a Jeep when she turned 16, her mom encouraged her to start a business and earn it.

That is the inspiration behind our Owlette Program. Our Owlette Program teaches young girls and boys, youth ages 11-17, entrepreneurial and life skills. Being an Owlette builds confidence, gets them out of their comfort zone while setting goals and getting recognized for their efforts. Our Owlettes are making a difference in the lives of others and their own. And, this month’s Owlette Spotlight on Success embodies just that.

We’re so excited to introduce the new members of our 2018 Owlette Council!

Meet: February’s Owlette Spotlight on Success

2018 Owlette Council Members

Thank you to all the Owlettes and Alumni who sent in their submissions to participate on the Owlette Council! The team at The Nest looked closely at each submission. There were so many wonderful ones that ultimately, it came down to the submissions that were focused on how they could help enhance the Owlette Program and engage other Owlettes. The Owlette Council is a one-year term, so we highly encourage those who weren’t selected to try again next year!

Congratulations to the following Owlettes who are our new 2018 Owlette Council members!

  1. Evelyn Atkinson
  2. Skylar Boissonnault
  3. Phoebe Davis
  4. Annette Enciso
  5. Kaylah Kauffmann
  6. Marlowe Kemp
  7. Madison Maher
  8. Jaden Saysanam
  9. Mekendra Sloan
  10. Samantha Brantley – Alumni
  11. Megan Hendrickson – Alumni
  12. EJ Sibug – Alumni

The Owlette Council gives Owlettes the opportunity to serve their peers in the Owlette Program and provide youthful perspective which is important to developing a strong program. Owlette Council members represent their fellow Owlettes while making a difference and gaining leadership skills.

We’re so proud of this year’s Council members and know they’re going to make a positive impact on the Owlette Program!

Owlettes Graduating the Owlette Program

The 2018 annual convention – the O2 Experience – is only four months away {it’ll be here before you know it!}, and that means it’s time for our Owlettes to “officially” graduate from the Owlette Program!

If your Owlette is turning 18 any time in 2018, or, you had an Owlette graduate from the program any time in the last five years, but haven’t had the opportunity to make it convention so we could recognize them, please follow these steps so we can make sure to recognize them this year.

We honor each Owlette individually by letting them shine bright as they walk across the big stage to get their certificate. It really is their time to shine for all their accomplishments!

The deadline to submit your Owlette’s information is April 30 at 11:59 p.m. CT.

About the Owlette Program

Our Owlette Program teaches young girls and boys, youth ages 11-17, entrepreneurial and life skills. Our Owlettes grow their self-confidence, make new friends and help others tell their stories through customizable, meaningful jewelry – all while running a business alongside their parent or other adult. We are committed to empowering our youth because we wholeheartedly believe that they are the future!

If you’re part of an Owlette team and haven’t joined our O2 Owlettes Facebook group, yet, what are you waiting for? Our Owlette Facebook group gives our Owlettes the chance to regularly interact with each other, receive personal messages from Origami Owl Co-Founder Bella Weems-Lambert, and get tips and training to grow their Origami Owl businesses!

Have an Owlette success spotlight story you’d like featured in an upcoming Hoot email? Email us at Recognition@OrigamiOwl.com.