The Origami Owl® Owlette Program, for youth 11-17, not only teaches young girls and boys important life skills while earning money, it also helps them meet new friends and spend quality time with their parent or other adult.

If you’re part of an Owlette team and haven’t yet joined our O2 Owlettes Facebook group, what are you waiting for! Our Owlette Facebook group gives our Owlettes the chance to regularly interact with each other, receive personal messages from Origami Owl Co-Founder Bella Weems-Lambert, and get tips and training to grow their Origami Owl businesses!

Owlette Spotlight on Success

In August, we had several Owlette teams generate 250 PV or more and hit Storybuilder! This is an OWL-mazing achievement!

This month, we’re shining the spotlight on three of those Owlette teams to get their tips for success for other Owlette teams!

Here are their tips for success: 

Fourteen-year-old Owlette Katie Berg and her mom, Rachel Berg, Team Leader, have been working their Origami Owl business together for three years.

“We’ve been Storybuilders since October 2015! We strive to be Storybuilders every month and continue to work our business like we always do! One of our goals is to get back to Paid-As Team Leader. We are extremely close for September and are so proud of our team. In August, we helped with two fundraisers. The first fundraiser was with the August Force For Good® initiative for the Humane Society. We raised $29 and donated 100% of our commissions to my aunt and uncle’s animal shelter. The second fundraiser was for a local fire department, Montana Strong hexagrams. Over 1 million acres have burned this summer in Montana, and one of the fires was very close to us. We got together with other Designers on our team to raise money for the Montana firefighters! As an Owlette team, we raised $198. And, together, with our other Designers on our team, we raised over $2,000!”

When Katie isn’t fundraising, she’s busy advertising her business on social media by posting her “Looks of the Day” on Instagram. She also works alongside her mom at events and Jewelry Bars putting together their lap boards and looks for their table.


Sixteen-year-old Owlette Abbie Ridgway and her mom, Reba Domire, Designer, have been working their Origami Owl business together since June 20, 2017.

“We had just joined Origami Owl and weren’t looking to achieve Storybuilder. We didn’t have any goals set; we’re just excited to be part of the organization!”

Abbie also helped with the fundraiser to raise money for the local fire departments in Montana. She also helps share their business on social media.


Eleven-year-old Owlette Jess Masters and her mom, Mari Masters, Designer, have been working their Origami Owl business together since July 8, 2017. And, less than a mother later, they hit Storybuilder on August 2!

“We hosted a Jewelry Bar and a few vendor events. My mom helped with the social media page, and we got everyone excited and involved. It was a lot of fun! I wanted to become active first, then I kept going to reach Storybuilder. In August, I wanted to continue to do well with my business and remain active, while still having fun. I love being an Owlette! If kids are given the opportunity to try something new, especially Origami Owl, then they totally should!”

We want to wish Jess a very Happy Early Birthday! She turns 12 on Friday, October 13!


We also LOVE when our Owlette teams Host Jewelry Bars®! Here’s how 16-year-old Owlette, Caitlyn Siemsen, and her mom, Tina Siemsen, Team Leader, kicked off the fall season and revealed the Fall/Winter 2017 Collection to their Customers:

“We hosted a very successful Fall Reveal Party in the beginning of August. We had 23 guests in attendance and over $1,000 in sales! The event was a Mystery Hostess Jewelry Bar, and we gave away tons of prizes and served a nice barbeque meal to thank them for their loyalty. In addition to our Fall Reveal Party, we also had two vendor events in August. Now, we’re gearing up for our participation in the Jacksonville Southern Women’s Show in October. We have a few potential Designers we’re reaching out to with information about how to start their own journeys with Origami Owl! Overall, August was a great month for us!”