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Lynn and Dale Stover have jet-set to Cabo, enjoyed beach time in the Riviera Maya and cruised the Caribbean over the past six years thanks to the success of their Origami Owl® business.

But, it was the chance to finally move back home to Michigan closer to family that they consider the biggest blessing.

“I remember telling Chrissy at our first event back in 2012 ‘I’m not sure how God’s going to work this out, but I believe God’s going to make it happen,’” recalls Lynn, who was living in Maryland at the time because of their jobs.

Then, her first Origami Owl check arrived, and she realized “Oh my gosh; I think we’re on to something.”

It was less than a year later that their dream was a reality and they were back in Michigan with their families.

“It still makes me cry when I think about it,” shares Lynn, choking up.

Now, six years later, the pair has achieved another huge milestone in their Origami Owl business: Field Vice President.

For Lynn, the day truly surprised her.

On the last day of October, she went to bed as usual so she would be rested for work the next day as a kindergarten teacher. She “put it out there” to her team and knew there was “a chance” of rank advancing if everyone hit the promotions they were aiming for, but she wasn’t focused on achieving a title.

“Seeing people promote who have been stuck for a long time is what inspires me and propels me to keep going,” says Lynn. “This opportunity is life-changing; it was for us and I know it can be for anyone else, too.”

It wasn’t until the next morning as she was driving in to work that Origami Owl Field Vice President and their Mentor Heather Hall reached out and asked, “did you see what happened, girl?”

Not only had her team promoted up, but it had promoted up two levels to one of the company’s highest levels: Field Vice President.

“This title really isn’t about Dale or me,” says Lynn. “We can encourage all day long, but it’s the people putting in the time and effort” that helped us ultimately reach it.

Now their goal is to maintain Field Vice President and continue helping other team members promote to their desired recognition titles.

“I am so grateful the Founders took control of Origami Owl and are making it ‘Origami Owl 2.0,’” shares Lynn. “There are so many programs we didn’t have in the beginning. I will always have a place in my heart and be so grateful for everything they’re doing for us.”

She adds, “We’ll see where we can go from here!”

Lynn and Dales’ Tips for Business Success

1.   Don’t skip a Nest-led leadership meeting or training. I make time in the evening or first thing in the morning to listen or watch all the latest recordings.

2.   Go for it—it’s all about the choices we make in life. We can stay in the rut we’re in or we can reach out and get trained.

3.   Talk to people, talk to people, talk to people!