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Coming February 4

It’s a New Year and a new decade.

Origami Owl® 2020 is all about celebrating what began as one girl’s dream that turned into a movement to be a Force For Good®- and you’re part of it!

With that, we have exciting updates just announced at O2 L.E.A.D. Empowerment Summit.

Watch for sneak peeks tonight, January 27 at 5 p.m. CT from Origami Owl Co-Founders Bella Weems-Lambert and Chrissy Weems!

New Take Out Menu Strategy

How about having a Take Out Menu that lasts all year? That’s right! We’ve updated our Take Out Menu to now capture the pieces you can share every day of the year in 2020! The new Take Out Menu launches on February 4 and it will be your go-to piece to share with others.

Plus, on February 4, we will launch what we’re calling “Spring Exclusives,” jewelry trending for the season that you can purchase February 4 – April 30, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. CT or while supplies last. To support your sharing, we’ve created a new, printed Spring Lookbook. This little booklet opens accordion-style and features all the special, seasonal exclusive pieces for you to share in addition to our foundational items in the Take Out Menu.

You can also expect printed gift guides to support our Mother’s Day and Holiday Collections – we know these are the biggest shopping and gifting seasons of the year!

This is just one way we’re simplifying your business and helping your Customers focus on our key offerings!

Spring Presale Packs Now Available

Ready to get all the key pieces you need for a strong spring selling season? You can now purchase your Spring Presale Packs! Available for Designers only starting January 24 at 5 p.m. CT until February 3, 2020 at 5 p.m. CT, you can decide if you want just the Spring Exclusive jewelry, just the pieces that will last all year, or you can purchase BOTH for a complete package!

Read the complete details here.

Please note, these packs will ship to arrive on, or close to, launch day February 4. The sooner you order, the more likely you are to receive the jewelry on launch day!

You can find the presale in your Back Office under Shop > TOM, Lookbook + Pack Presale.

New Spring Exclusives Reveals + Launch

Speaking of Spring Exclusives, we gave our LEAD attendees a sneak peek (check your My O2 Connection app under “Spring Collection” or “Social Media Images” to view them!).

Mark your calendar and share the news:

Designer-Only Reveal Events

When: Tuesday, January 28 at 5 p.m. CT & Wednesday, January 29 at 5 p.m. CT

Where: O2 Designer News from the Nest Facebook Group We’ll be hosting official reveals for Designers only at 5 p.m. CT on Tuesday, January 28 and Wednesday, January 29 in the O2 Designer News from the Nest Facebook Group. You’ll see what’s coming on February 4 and more details about the new jewelry that’s on the way.

Customer Reveal Event

When: Tuesday, February 4 at 5 p.m. CT

Where: The official Origami Owl Facebook page prior to the launch of the collection – stay tuned February 3 (or sooner!) for the shareable link!

 New Marketing Assets to Share

We’ve added nearly 10 images to the My O2 Connection app! Swipe down and check out the Spring category to view them!

Send a Take Out Menu Directly to Your Customers From Your Back Office Starting February 4

Want an easy way to send your New Customers a 2020 Take Out Menu? Coming February 4, we’re testing this out in our U.S. market and can’t wait to see what you think!

Simply log in to your Back Office and select Shop > Customer Take Out Menu.

  1. Select one (1) 2020 Take Out Menu
  2. Add in your Customer’s information
  3. We will send the Take Out Menu directly to your Customer for you – in a Take Out Menu envelope!


  • Just 2020 Take Out Menu: $2 per send
  • 2020 Take Out Menu + Spring Lookbook: $3 per send

Please note, we can only send one per Customer. It will be the same order processing time and there will not be any tracking.


This new service we’re testing could be HUGE, but remember, the key is following up and letting them know it’s coming their way from you! Reach out to your Customer a few days after you send the Take Out Menu. It should take about the same amount of time to fulfill as a normal order. See if they received it or, ask them to send you a quick text once they have!