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We are launching something new and we’re super excited about it!

Can you imagine your life without Origami Owl®? Everyone has a different reason for becoming an Origami Owl Designer – getting Origami Owl jewelry at the best price possible, being part of something bigger, creating extra fun money for vacations or even providing an extra $200 – $400 (or more!) a month for their family.

We all could use a little something extra!

So, is it one day or day one? It’s time to start fresh together!

Beginning September 1, your New Designer will receive a special promo code in their Back Office for 40% Off a Starter Kit. This code will generate after they start their business and they can then share the code with anyone they want so someone else can become a Designer and save.

Details of One Day or Day One: Let’s Start Fresh Together! Promo Code

The goal of this exciting initiative is to help your New Designer establish a community and work together with a friend as they learn and grow.

A few quick things to note:

  • The New Designer will have the remaining time of their enrollment month plus a full month to share the code.
  • The code is unique to the Designer’s account so any New Designer who decides to start their business and use the shared code will be automatically tied to the Designer who shared it with them.
  • This is a single-use code and does not apply to promotional kits or Designers who are re-enrolling. They will be able to redeem the promo code when they go to purchase a Starter Kit.

Be sure to share this with any New Designer in September and beyond who decides to join your team. We’ve added a shareable image to your My O2 Connection app under “O2 Business” that you can share with your New Designer to explain this new promo code, and a new image your Designer can text message to a friend.

September Only – Existing Designers Get to Share, Too

And, for September only, all existing Designers will also receive a special, 40-percent-off code starting Tuesday, September 3 at 1 p.m. CT to share with a potential New Designer! This code will only be available until September 30 at 11:59 p.m. CT to use, so find the right person who also wants to start fresh and share it right away.

Here’s how you can use this special offer to get even closer to joining us on our O2 Adventure 2020: Costa Rica incentive trip!

Here are FAQs on this new promo code.