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Complete Your Subscription for the My O2 Connection App or O2 Bundle Now

The My O2 Connection app and O2 Bundle subscription options is in your Back Office under Edit My Account > My Subscriptions > Manage Subscriptions as of February 2!

As an existing Designer who joined before February 1, 2018, you will need to subscribe and pay for either the My O2 Connection app OR the app and O2 Bundle together prior to February 28, 2018 to maintain access.

Here’s a quick recap of the cost and features and benefits of both:

My O2 Connection App – $25 USD | $33 CAD for 1 Year


  • State-of-the-art social sharing platform available for mobile and desktop
  • 100s of social media images, videos, PDFs, training podcasts and videos
  • Pre-created content you can copy and paste for each shareable marketing asset
  • Tracking technology to alert you when a potential Customer has viewed what you’ve shared
  • Easy presentation tool for sharing the Origami Owl business or latest jewelry collection
  • Additional business features and enhancements coming soon!

O2 Bundle – $99 USD | $129 CAD for 1 Year


  • Annual subscription to the My O2 Connection app
  • Access to The Perch app, a mobile-friendly version of your Back Office with advanced reporting
  • Enhanced reporting with details of your team’s performance in your Back Office
  • Qualify for quarterly Leads Bonus Pool Program.**

How the Subscriptions Will Work

For Existing Designers

When you log in to your Back Office and go into the Edit My Account > My Subscriptions > Manage My Subscriptions section, you’ll notice two buttons that look like this:

  • Note, if you wish to have the O2 Bundle, you will need to select BOTH boxes. When you choose the O2 Bundle option,  you’ll see the $99 USD | $129 CAD at checkout, capturing the entire bundle, which includes the app.
  • Once you’ve paid, you’re good to go and your access to the app will not be turned off on March 1.

Please note, you will NOT be automatically charged for the My O2 Connection app subscription or if you previously had the $9/month option of the O2 Bundle. You must go into your Back Office and choose your subscription in order to continue service for either. For those who subscribed to the O2 Bundle in 2017, unless you requested a cancellation, your O2 Bundle will renew automatically, but you will receive an email prior to your card being charged.

For New Designers

Designers who join Origami Owl starting February 2 will be given an option during the enrollment process that looks like this:

Please note, if they “opt out” during the time of enrollment, they are declining the free trial period and the My O2 Connection app, and will not have access to the app.

Should they change their mind, they can later go into their Back Office and select Edit My Account > My Subscriptions > Manage Subscriptions to pay for either the My O2 Connection app or the O2 Bundle, which includes access to the app. They will not be able to restore their free trial, however.

When they choose the free trial and the My O2 Connection app option they will have three months FREE with the app and then their card on file will be charged the following month on the 15th for the annual, $25 USD | $33 CAD fee. They will be reminded with an email before their card is charged.

We know the My O2 Connection app is a key tool for your social selling success so be sure to share this important info with your team!

Here are FAQs on both subscriptions.

**Additional qualifications apply. See FAQS for full details.