We love celebrating new family members – and our New Designers are crushing it in their first six months!

Meet one of our newest Designers who just started her business in October and is already off to a flying start.

Meet Samantha Jardine

Samantha Jardine first discovered Origami Owl at a small farmer’s market six years ago. She instantly fell in love with the jewelry and purchased her very first Living Locket.

Fast-forward to just a month ago in November 2020. Samantha now has two young boys and is a stay-at-home mom. While she loves her role as a mom, she knew she wanted to do something for herself.

After hearing about the new Disney and Origami Owl Collection, she knew it was time to make the leap from jewelry fan to Designer.

“Disney runs in my veins; it’s just who I am,” the New York Designer shares. “When I saw the Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Collection, I felt like it was made for me and I had to be part of the company. I wanted to spread a bit of Disney magic to others.”

Less than a month in, Samantha held her first virtual Jewelry Bar® and achieved over $1,000 in sales. She credits the success to sharing her love of the jewelry and getting her online shop’s web address into her friends’ hands.

“The LocketBuilder on the website really helps because people can see it all put together,” she adds.

Her favorite part of her Origami Owl business so far?

“The reactions from the Customers when they get their orders always makes me so happy. I love spreading happiness like that. My friends and family have all fallen in love with Origami Owl, it’s the coolest feeling,” Samantha shares. “And the friendships I’ve formed from this company are super special – from my upline, to new Customers, it’s been really rewarding.”

Though it’s only been a month, Samantha says she’s in it for the long haul because being a part of the company has truly touched her heart.

“I’m so grateful to be an Independent Designer with Origami Owl,” she says. “It’s become a part of who I am, and I’m so excited for my journey here.”

New Designer Results in Their First Six Months with O2

We’re thrilled to shine the spotlight on New Designers who have kick-started their O2 businesses immediately in their first six months*!

From top in personal sales, top in personal sponsoring and climbing up the Career Plan, these New Designers are working hard and thriving right from the start!

*To be considered a New Designer, the Designer must be in their first six months.

So, here whooo’s at the top:

Top 10 in Personal Sales

  1. Erica To & Tiffany To Lee, Designer
  2. Michelle Senton, Team Leader
  3. Kelly Novia-Crowe, Senior Designer
  4. Ariana Montoya, Senior Designer
  5. Rhonda Regan, Designer
  6. Betty Perry, Team Leader
  7. Deserie & Caidense Bohl, Executive Designer
  8. Christina Davidson, Senior Designer
  9. Stephanie Gilderman, Executive Designer
  10. Noelia Rodriguez, Executive Designer

Top 10 in Personal Sponsoring (in ABC order)

  1. Adianys Dennise, Senior Team Leader
  2. Amber Horton, Executive Team Leader
  3. Arely Lugo & Maddalyn Peña, Team Manager
  4. Carolina Jardim, Senior Team Leader
  5. Fabiola Barada, Senior Team Leader
  6. Felicia Hernandez, Executive Team Leader
  7. Inelis Marie Colon Cruz, Senior Designer
  8. Robin Stoy, Senior Team Leader
  9. Sarah Maddox, Senior Team Leader
  10. Selmari Carire, Senior Team Leader


Senior Designer

Alejandra Gonzalez

Alexis Johnson

Alicia Moran

Alyssa Rodriquez

Amanda Dannhardt

Amanda & Ava De La Cruz

Amanda Brilinski

Amber Cano Gonzales

Amy & Caitlin Stout

Amy & Brianna Gillespie

Andrea Da Prato

Andrea Ritchey

Andrea Noelani    DeVincent

Angela Sandoval

Anita Danelian

Annie Lankford

Arelis & Marcos G. Rodriguez

Ariana Montoya

Ashleigh Patterson

Ashley Hale

Aubrey Roeder

Audrey Denise Bauer

Barbara Tena

Barbara  Vorel

Bettyann Vaughan & Taylar Hollifield

Bianca & Addison Gonzalez

Brenda Garza

Brittany  Buell

Brooke Smith

Candice Luis

Carmen Flores

Caroline Powell

Carolyn Shappley

Carrie Fleming

Cassandra Delgado

Cassandra & Merdith Creyer

Cassy Gallegos

Celene Luna

Chasity & Phoebe Brunet

Cherokee Sweet

Christianna Ross

Christina Davidson

Christina Johnson

Christine Schloesser

Claudia & Daniela Garcia

Claudia Martinez

Colleen Culleiton

Corina Frias

Danielle Soine

Dayna Marie Munoz

Debbie Bowman

Deborah Lafayette

Deira Valadez-Soon

Diana & Laurie Nicole Sanchez

Diana Saunders

Diana Woodring

Dyanna Gibson

Eileen Purcell

Emily Strahan

Erika Gurk

Erin Hedenland

Erin Haynes

Esther Galvez

Fanny Rosario

Felecia Love

Gina Stoperski

Gloria Garcia

Gwen Rivet

Havanna Watlington

Heather Ivey

Hector Rodriguez & Migdalia Concepcion

Heidie Lopez

Herlyn Ferrer

Inelis Marie Colon Cruz

Isabel Ramirez-Shrout

Jaime & Iyana Hannans

Jamie Aigler

Janelle Stratton

Jennifer Drennen

Jennifer Jacoby

Jennifer Winters

Joann Pantoja Santiago

Joelle Bell

Josephine Sena

Joyous Noel Soto

Juana Diaz

Karen & Bobbie Dobesh

Karen Ciccotelli

Karen Reilly

Kasie LaBine

Katherine Garcia

Katie Bell

Kelley & Abbigal Sawyer & Declan Woodfin

Kelly McIntosh

Kelly Novia-Crowe

Kelly Majewski

Kelly Borg

Kelly Drouillard

Kerry Cowen

Kimberly Lyerly

Kristi Carlson & Lexis Shepard

Kristin Prickett

Kristina Marquez

Kristy Boyd

LaKieta & Isabelle Moreau

Lara Truskowski

Larissa Recendez

Laura Madrigal

Lauren Treat

Leah King

Leigh-Ann Worrall

Leticia Rivera

Lileana Mireles Rodriguez

Lindsay Wilson

Lindsay Pack

Lindsey Casper

Lisa Burkey Roti

Lisa Snyder

Liz Vandenheuvel

Liza Rodriguez

Loretta Riddle

Malory Lozano

Maria Capola

Maria Guerrero

Marian Campoy

Marie Morales

Marie Mitchell

Marisol Osuna

Marissa Martinez

Mayte Lozano

Megan Loughner

Melanie Alexander

Melinda Cartright

Michele Reis

Michelle Pineda

Michelle Jarrell

Montana Peters

Morgan Richards

Morgan Creel

Nadia Krantz

Nancy Margolese-Smith

Natalie Emanuele

Nicole Bales

Nicole Uhrinyak

Noemi Aguilar

Norma Perez

Olinda Luna

Rachel Morton

Rebekah Ratliff

Renee Lundberg

Richelle Anderson

Rina Bertka

Rosanna Gonzalez

Rosemary Rodriguez

Rosemary Gomez

Ryan Schnider

Sabrina Stewart

Samantha Reed

Sarah Daniels

Sarah Virgen

Semonica Martinez Delgado

Shakira Torres

Shayla Clark

Stacy & Brooke Hood

Stella Patrick

Stephanie Green

Summer Kervin

Susan Wintringham & Ally Miller-Wintringham

Tabitha Shipley

Tamara Jones

Tawnya Glenn

Teresa Wollam

Terri Lynn Chin

Terry Miller

Tiffany Mercer & Hailey Hudgins

Tiffany Schaadt

Tiffany Wilson

Toni DiCataldo

Tori Cowden

Trinity Leslie

Valerie Garza

Vanessa Gonzalez

Venessa Ventura

Veronica Anahi Arias

Victoria & Alyssa Rosas

Victoria & Reyna Ochoa & Hailey Lopez

Victoria Ziegler

Wende Goode

Yessica Prida

Executive Designers

Aime Ramos

Amanda & Trinity Heflin

Amanda Burget

Antonia & Nicimily Cader

Bonnie Morris & Jordan Stitz

Brenda Coleman-Swank

Brianna Standen

Darlene Post

Deserie & Caidense Bohl

Emily Tharp

Jessica Beseth

Joycedein Jones

Judy Bush

Julie Bond

Justine & Madelyn Maloney

Lauren & Aydin Fitch

Maria Vickers

Marlene Arechiga

Mayra Robles

Monica Ruiz

Morganne Ferguson

Natalie Ayala

Noelia Rodriguez

Queena Wilson

Rebecca & Kili Warnick

Rianna Boles

Rose Davis & Dominick Campbell

Sarah Roth

Stefanie Faria & Isabella Martinez

Stephanie Karr

Stephanie Bernal

Stephanie Gilderman

Susan Jaworski

Tammy Higuera

Teofila Cruz

Toni Daugherty & Alissa Buzzo

Victoria Christina Carrion

Viviana Rodriguez

Yvette Sepulveda

Team Leaders

Aleida Garcés

Ana Arzola & Maria Román

Anna Cameron

Ashley Gonzales & Kayden Carranza

Betty Perry

Blanca Castillo

Cindy Carver

Crystal Holthaus

Farrah Cuellar

Jessica Marino

Ketsodalack Alyssa & Kara Joske

Leona Coleman-Deon

Luisana Leos-Hernandez & Ana Isabella Leos

Marla Smith

Marsha Medrano Garza

Maureen Chuck, Justin & Rebecca Frear

Mayra Valdez

Megan Majors

Michelle Senton

Mindy Sargent

Stefanie Lebron

Taylor Hughes

Tiffany Hearn

Vanessa  Velador


Senior Team Leaders

Amanda Levine

Anna Rossi

Carolina Jardim

Consuelo Rodriguez

Danielle Oakman

Dannielle Montez

Debra Wilhelm Riedel

Edith & Crystal Carreras

Erikah Bahret

Fabiola Barada

Imelda, Melody Isell & Miley Isabella Lozano & Estrella Ruby Torres

Janice Luper

Jennifer Hlad

Jessica Treto

Kayla Quintanilla

Liz Thayer

Melody & Fatima Zapata & Evan Castillo

Robin Stoy

Sarah Maddox

Selmari Carire

Shea McClure

Executive Team Leaders

Amber Horton

Angela & Christopher Minutillo

Keelan Predmore

Nathalia  Oliveira da Silva

Vanessa  Gonzalez

Team Manager

Arely Lugo & Maddalyn Peña

***Promotions in their first six months as a Designer.

Generated 250+ PV in November

These Designers, who joined in November, generated 250 PV or more last month and have earned an exclusive Inscriptions® Silver Horizontal Bar Necklace that says, “Believe. Dream. Achieve.” in a special font that ONLY appears on this special piece!

Rebecca Adams

Maria Aguirre

Kisha & Kira Alvarado

Lucinda Anderson

Alannah Anderson

Yolanda Aragon

Jessica Axsom

Virginia Bacigalupi

Rachel Bailey Creech

Diona Barber

Mistie Barela

Casey Beach

Melissa Berger

Rina Bertka

Maria Biasi

Tabitha Birmingham

Rebecca Bond

Laura Bostic

Danielle Both

Tara Boudreaux

Amanda Brilinski

Candace Bustamante

Kelly Cadigan

Anna Cameron

Roxanne Campbell

Lohana Capanema Queiroz

Carla Carlos

Tamara Cartwright Poulits

Sarah & Brooklyn Caudillo

Martha Chavez-Steffani

Debora Chiulli

Jessica Clayton

Sally Coleman

Drena Conn

Sabrina Cramer

Mindy & Arianna Cruz

Jennie Davidson

Lindsey Dennis

Kelly Drouillard

Paula Duley

Cathy Ebenhoeh

Laura Echegaray

Patrisha-Anne Elder

Penny Fleischmann

Sara & Tyler Flynn

Lesly Flynn

Karen Frank

Aileen Fraser

Jessica Frey

Marie Fry

Carol Fry

Annette Fulkerson

Sharon Fulone

Kristi Gallagher

Vianei Garcia

Caitlin Gibson

Valerie Giles & Abby Scruggs

Carrie Godfrey

Andrea Gonsalves

Deila Gonzalez

Rosalinda Gonzalez

Cathy Gonzalez

Lewis Grant

Dawn Gutsch

Amy Hailey Poole

Jessica Hampton

Laura Hannah

Courtney Harding

Rose & Ella Harkins

Kayla Harris

Brenna Hedstrom

Angela Herman

Yvonne Heyrich

Jaime Hobbs

Angela Hopkins

Audra Horton

April Howard

Holly & Lauren Hulsopple

Sandra Hunt

Haley Ianniello

Judith Isler Herrod

Frances Jackson

Amy Jang Basto

Samantha Jardine

Michele Jay

Beky Jerig

Monette Jo

Wendy Jodice

Leigh & Emilee Johnson

Nicole Johnson

Maxine Johnson

Lindsay Johnstone

Denise Jones

Marcia Jones

Caroline Jones

Ashley Kalvels

Jennifer Keith

Janice Knapp

Kara Kozaitis

Stephanie Lachance

Sandra Lake

Wendy Livingston

Angela Lucero

Marcia Luckett

Christina MacDonald

Robin Majewski

Shelley Manning

Sandra Márquez

Elise & Zoey Mazzara

Dawn McDermott

Shauna McIntyre Dockrell

Gloryann Mejias-Sarceno & Gillian Arleth Sarceno

Linda Meneely

Sabrina & Charlie Metsala

Katrina Miller

Karin Moon

Ashlee Morgan

Brittney Mortimer

Rebecca Moruzzi

Tami Ness

Andrea Ocampo

Vanessa & Andrea Ordaz

Jammie Owens

Tatiana Pacheco

Timothy Painter

Sherrilyn Palin-McCready

Jodie Parker

Alicia Parker

Sarah Parkin

Michelle Parr

Abigail Perez

Alana Perez Flores & Samantha Medina

Pam Peterson

Tiara Pitt

Rebecca Platt

Jennifer Polisky

Laura Quio

Mariana Rangel

Roger Richter

Cindy Riley

Amber & Charlie Rinn

Brandy Ritch

Erin Rohlfing

Nicole Sacchetti

Heather Sanchez

Kelly & Jaiden Schaar

Kristen Schobey

Cynthia Schultz

Adriana Silva

Kelsey Sippel

Bonnie Skinner

Amy Spruce

Timothy Stadel

Charlie Sterling

Autumn Surla

Jennifer Tellerday

Claudia Terrazas

Kathryn Thompson

Savannah Trujillo

Lara Truskowski

Angela Ulibarri

Lillie Umberger

Devon Unland

Patricia Valbuena

Adriana Valverde

Thalyta Veiga

Maria Vent

Holli verhovec

Danielle Volk

Lynn Von Ruden

Stacie Voskuil

Hollice Watt-leroy

Diana Webb

Valerie Welker

Owana Wilcox

Genny Wilkerson

Rachelle Williams

Karla Zertuche Adame

Yarenci Zuniga

Anne Zwald