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The My O2 Connection app features all the marketing images you need to share the latest jewelry and connect your Customers to your Personal Web Page.

Now, you can create shoppable videos!

Introducing the “My Videos” section of the My O2 Connection app.

1.   Simply log in to your My O2 Connection app.

2.   Scroll to the “My Videos” section.

3.   Upload a video from your mobile device or record it in the app!

4.   Save it and add shoppable links, a link to your Facebook or even an email link to your video.

This new feature is perfect if you want to whip up a custom Living Locket® for a Customer, put it together in your Locketbuilder and then copy and paste that Locketbuilder link into your video. Your Customer can view the Locket and then click on your video to immediately shop and add it to their cart!

Watch this video for a quick demo – you can also find it in the “App Training Videos” section of your My O2 Connection app or in your Back Office under Designer Resources > O2 Training Academy > My O2 Connection App.


A few quick notes in case you do not see this new section in your mobile app:

1)   Make sure you’ve swiped down on your mobile app screen to refresh.

2)   Please make sure you have the latest version of the app. You can go to your Google Play or App Store to check the “Updates” section.

3)   The “My Videos” section works with Apple iOS 11 and higher only, and Android’s Android 5 (Lollipop) and higher only. If your device cannot upgrade to those operating systems, this function will not be available on that device.


The My O2 Connection app is your tool for business success! An annual subscription is less than $3 a month – just $25 USD | $33 CAD.

To subscribe, log in to your Back Office “Account” section and hit “subscribe.” You’ll have access to exclusive images, reports, a desktop version with a robust email and contact management system and much more!

Here are other features recently added to the My O2 Connection app:

  • New Business Dashboard added. Check out your latest business stats right in your app while you’re on-the-go, including if you’re “active,” your title, your current PV and a list of your personally sponsored Designers who are also “active” for the month! Details here.
  • “Select All” improvement added to desktop version of the My O2 Connection app. We’ve heard from many of you that when you want to send an email to a group of people, you’d love to be able to “select all” for a folder. We’re happy to share that we’ve updated this function and it is now live to help support you!

Here are FAQs.