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Throw your hair in the air (like you just don’t care!), and add some sparkle and shine with the new Trolls Collection by Origami Owl®!

Available now to Designers and Customers, this collection is filled with Troll-tastic looks and all of the items Trolls adore (think: rainbows, glitter, bright colors and cupcakes!).

Take a peek at the *happy* reveal video to see why this collection is positively Poptimistic!

How to Share the Trolls Collection

poppy-imageNow is the time to schedule your Trolls-themed Jewelry Bars! You can even share the latest movie trailers, music videos and fun “Troll Yourself” links from DreamWorks Animation to spread the word about this special collaboration! Take a look at them in your O2 Designer Facebook Group.

We’ll be sharing more training at the upcoming Soar Saturday event on October 8, so be sure to find an event in your area!

Here are a few marketing materials to help you share this exclusive collection:

Here are social media assets you can share (be sure to use #O2HugTime with your posts!). You can find these and more in your Back Office Marketing Asset Library:

Please note, purchases of each Trolls jewelry item will be limited to 2 per retail order, 5 per wholesale order and 2 per Jewelry Bar order to ensure as many people as possible can enjoy this huggable collection.

A few items in this new collection are experiencing an inbound delay. We will be holding orders that include these items until they arrive and we can fulfill them in their entirety. These orders will likely ship closer to October 6. These items include:

  • Trolls Sparkling Aqua Flower Dangle with Aurora Borealis Swarovski® Crystals
  • Trolls Cupcake Dangle with Swarovski Crystal Sprinkles
  • Trolls Rainbow-est of Rainbows Slider with Swarovski Crystals
  • Trolls Sparkling Aqua Flower Slider with Aurora Borealis Swarovski Crystals

Two of our new items are not yet available, but are coming soon:

  • Pin Set – October 13

Keep an eye on your Back Office for details.

So, don’t be smug, give a hug…and be sure to add a ton of cupcakes and rainbows to make your Living Lockets® Troll-tastic!

Here are FAQs on the collection.