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What’s better than a sparkly, new title?

How about being recognized with it!

At our L.E.A.D. Empowerment Summit, we announced exciting new enhancements to our Origami Owl® Career Plan, which took effect in March. We’re SO happy {hoot hoot!} to recognize + congratulate all of our OWL-mazing Designers on their new titles, which we know is just a stepping stone to the next one!

Our new advancements include:

  • 3 Field Vice Presidents
  • 2 Executive Directors
  • 7 Executive Team Managers
  • 31 Senior Team Managers
  • 25 Team Managers
  • 186 Executive Team Leaders
  • 188 Senior Team Leaders
  • 2 Team Leaders
  • 181 Executive Designers
  • 131 Senior Designers

Take a peek at the full list of Designers and their new titles.

Now reaching one of the top recognition titles of our Career Plan, are our three NEW Field Vice Presidents are Kristine and Sydney Stevens, Heather and Gregory Hall, and Tami and Tatum Butcher.

So, while the Career Plan *may not* always be the topic that gets the most attention around here, we decided to ask our leaders what they thought of it and also get their tips for success.

What’s your favorite part of the enhanced Career Plan?

“My favorite part of the enhanced Career Plan is that it allows for smaller baby steps to new Career Titles. Keeping the leader’s eye on advancement to the next level is easier because it’s not as big of a jump in the requirements, especially Team Volume. The enhanced Career Plan is laid out in an easy-to-follow format and helps Designers easily see what is required of them to earn the amount they are looking to make.” – Kristine Stevens, Field Vice President

“We are women, we like to be recognized! The enhanced Career Plan gives us a chance to be recognized more often. I also like the $75 Personal Volume change. It is so easy for me to call a Designer who hasn’t been active for a while and say ‘Hey there, I bet you can sell one Living Locket® this month and get yourself qualified.’ When someone feels it’s as easy as selling one Locket, it gets them motivated. Once they sell that one, you know more sales are coming! Sometimes setting big goals may seem unattainable or out of reach, but with this new plan, we can reach the smaller stepping stone goals quicker and that seems to keep us motivated and encouraged to reach that one big goal we might have!” – Tami Butcher, Field Vice President

“I LOVE that we have added several new levels of achievement to the enhanced Career Plan AND the rank advancement bonuses are such a great way to reward Designers for a job well done! It really shows that the Nest is cheering us on, not only to reach that next level, but to do so consistently. I think the changes to the Career Plan are extremely encouraging to all Designers in the field – from new Designers to senior-level leaders. The recognition and reward for each step up the ladder is a GREAT way to really encourage Designers to keep going and reward their consistent efforts in their business. But, it’s also a huge encouragement for their teams, too, and presents the perfect opportunity to really lift up and encourage other Designers to go for it! So, it not only helps our personal business, but our team performance, as well.” – Heather Hall, Field Vice President

What would you encourage Designers to do if they want to reach the next level of the enhanced Career Plan?

“My tips have always been about consistency and persistency. You simply have to keep moving forward and try to touch your business at least a little each day. I’m not where I’m at because I didn’t ‘work’ my business. You truly control how successful you are with your business. Work it a little, be a little successful. Work it more, be more successful! It won’t just drop in your lap, so get out there and talk to people. I promise…they don’t bite!” – Kristine Stevens, Field Vice President

“Take a look at the income disclosure statement on the right side of the plan. What do you want to have that you didn’t have before in your life? Is it $100 extra to pay for that prom dress for your daughter? Is it $500 to pay off that student loan? Is it $2,000 to pay your mortgage? Take a look, print off the tracker, fill it out, put it on your refrigerator, take a picture of it and post it in the group page. Then start talking to people. Tell them your plan, don’t be afraid at your next Jewelry Bar® to say, ‘I am having this Jewelry Bar because I want to pay off my student loan.’” – Tami Butcher, Field Vice President

“Hustle {LOL}. It’s truly about just being consistent, day in and day out, with your personal business and encouraging your team to do the same. But, not for your benefit, but for their benefit, because we know how this business can truly change the financial landscape of our Designers. Stay the course and surround yourself with positive people. Stay laser-focused on that goal and encourage others around you. Find a soar sister on the journey for a similar career goal and accomplish it together.” – Heather Hall, Field Vice President

How can you utilize the current promotions to encourage action in your team?

“The ‘Watch Me Now’ incentive is perfect to motivate those that maybe have just been thinking about becoming a Team Leader, or maybe they haven’t thought about it at all, but they change their mind when they know you believe in them! Communicate with everyone that has the potential to move up to Team Leader – don’t prejudge – everyone deserves an opportunity to go for it. And, if you are reaching for Team Leader, tell people! Ask them to help you grow your Team by either joining it or referring people to you! People love helping others!” – Kristine Stevens, Field Vice President

“This is such a great time to really take advantage of our Gifting/Mother’s Day collections because it’s one of our best-selling seasons of the year! We have a team incentive going on right now called “Don’t Believe Me Just Watch” that goes hand-in-hand with the ‘Watch Me Now’ promotion. We’re encouraging our Designers to DREAM BIG for that next career advancement from Senior Designer and all the way to the top! We’re embracing those butterflies in the stomach and declaring those big goals for everyone to hear! Seeing women proclaim a goal, even when they are nervous and not sure they can accomplish it on their own, is such a powerful declaration. If they have that passion and the ‘WANT TO,’ we can always provide the ‘HOW TO.’ I know that we will see an insane number of promotions across the entire field in the coming months because of their decisions to just go for it!” – Heather Hall, Field Vice President

2017 Career Plan Resources

Not familiar with the Career Plan? Take some time and study up!

The enhanced Career Plan can be found in your Back Office under Designer Resources> Career Plan + Business Resources > Business Resources > 2017 Updated Career Plan.

Here’s a quick recap + comprehensive training video on all of the changes.

Here are FAQs for more on the enhanced Career Plan.