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The Fall/Winter 2017 Collection is officially here, which means it’s time to LAUNCH your business with new jewelry and accessories!

So, if you’re ready to re-energize your business and get the excitement going, here are some tips from Origami Owl® Leadership Development Manager Renee Rose!

6 Steps for Fall Success

  1. Fill Up That Calendar! Schedule one, two, three {or more!} NEW Jewelry Bars® + other events to get prepared! Check out these tips on scheduling, and preparing for your Launch Jewelry Bar.
    Bonus tip: You can purchase the complete Fall/Winter Collection if your budget allows, OR choose a few of your favorite pieces now, and Host your own Fall Jewelry Bar this month to earn the other items for FREE with Hostess Rewards!

  2. Think of New Names. Create a new A.L.I.C.E. List and think of NEW people you can invite! Think outside the box and add a few names of people you’ve never shared Origami Owl with in the past. Next, add your VIP Customers and past Hostesses! Always be on the lookout for NEW Customers. (Doctors’ offices, local restaurants, church, nail salon, grocery store, etc.)

  3. Send Those Invites. Once your A.L.I.C.E. List is ready, it’s time to extend the invitation! Put your Fall Launch invitations in the mail right away – here’s one you can download now for U.S. Jewelry Bars or CA Jewellery Bars.

  4. The Fortune is in the Follow Up. After you’ve mailed your invitations, you can also follow up two days later with a Facebook invite. We have shareable social assets you can use to invite someone to Host a Jewelry Bar, invite them to attend your Jewelry Bar or thank them for attending afterward. You can also engage with your VIPs in your Facebook VIP group by asking them which Charms, Plates + Accessories from the new Fall/Winter Collection fit into their Living Locket® story! (Keep reading for NEW Fall/Winter Collection social media assets!)

  5. Connect Before the Event. Two days after you send out your Facebook invites, you can send out a text reminder (for those you have phone numbers for). If there are still a few potential guests you haven’t heard back from, now’s the time to extend a personal one-on-one or over the phone invite. Your guests will appreciate the extra step and genuine invitation from you!

  6. Prep Your New Designers. Finally, be sure all your Personally Sponsored Designers have had a chance to check out the reveal! This may be their first NEW collection with Origami Owl, and the PERFECT way to launch their businesses. Pick up the phone and let them know this is the perfect time for them to create some magic with their Origami Owl business, rock their VIP group, or build their display so they can share and sell the collection. You can even offer to partner with them during this incredible opportunity!

Life is a great balancing act…discover and embrace the magic of who YOU are, and make it happen this Fall and Winter in your Origami Owl business!

Here are NEW Fall/Winter Collection shareable social media assets: