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We’re thrilled to shine the spotlight on New Designers who have kick-started their O2 businesses immediately in their first six months*!

From top in personal sales, top in personal sponsoring and climbing up the Career Plan, these New Designers are working hard and thriving right from the start! Plus, congratulations to the New Designers who joined in February and earned an exclusive Necklace!

*To be considered a New Designer, the Designer must be in their first six months.

So, here whooo’s at the top:

Top in Personal Sales*

Terrica Johnson Executive Designer 8106
Jonathan Sepeda Designer 8077
Nathalie Buchanan Designer 7447
Brenda Glenn Team Leader 7440
Audra Plummer Designer 7346
Connie Marstiller Designer 6136
Stacey Dorner Designer 5836
Chelsea Somero Senior Designer 5667
Hadassah Lafferty Senior Designer 5569
Anna Davalos Executive Team Leader 5357

*Cumulative PV in their first six months as a Designer.

Top in Personal Sponsoring**

# Sponsored Designers
Aida Schwartz Senior Team Leader 5
Tami Nickerson Team Leader 5
Anna Davalos Executive Team Leader 4
Kara Gonder Senior Team Leader 4
Jessica Wisbey Team Leader 4
Cynthia Muniz Senior Team Leader 4
Brenda Glenn Team Leader 3
Angie Davis Team Leader 3
Jill Penney Executive Designer 3

 **Cumulative # of qualified sponsored Designers in their first six months.


Double Promoted to Senior Designer
Melanie Buchanan
Sandra Garza
Terrica Johnson
Kristen Jones & Mackenzye Bailey
Richelle Magtanong
Jill & Madison Penney
Traci & Mattie Warren
Triple Promoted to Team Leader
Crystal Arroues
Shawn Crouse
Angie Davis
Robyn Garris
Brenda Glenn
Christina Ihrig
Kelli & Brynn Kienker
Tami & Perry Bell Nickerson
Jessica Wisbey
Quadruple Promoted to Senior Team Leader
Kara & Edyn Gonder
Cynthia Muniz
Aida Schwartz
Quintuple Promoted to Executive Team Leader
Anna Davalos

 ***Promotions in their first six months as a Designer.

Generated 250+ PV in February

These Designers, who joined in February, generated 250 PV or more last month and have earned an exclusive Inscriptions® Silver Horizontal Bar Necklace that says, “The Best is Yet to Come” in a special font that will ONLY appears on this special piece!

250-499 PV
Amy Gee –  Mentor Hope Erbert
Ana Pena –  Mentor Sara Silva
Angie Vazquez –  Mentor Kristine Stevens
Ann-Marie, Holly & Lorelai Hum –  Mentor Angela Lamboo
Ashton Claywell –  Mentor Annette Johnson
Brooke Dalton –  Mentor Carla New
Carol Hall –  Mentor Joan Milligan
Deborah Ronchi –  Mentor Denise Curran
Holly Cooper –  Mentor Dora Mendez
Janie Garcia –  Mentor Mamie Miller
Jean Koller –  Mentor Jessica Loish
Jennifer Childers –  Mentor Courtney Butler
JoAnna Kizer –  Mentor Lora & Erin Schott
Kira Rice –  Mentor Sharon Troster
Kristin Crump – Mentor Maggie Stephens
Laura Megahan –  Mentor Sydney Collier Jones
Maricely Torres –  Mentor Keyla Torres Mateo
Marryha Foster & Julian Ragsdale –  Mentor Angelia Weinzirl
Martha & Lilah Vitton –  Mentor Tami Butcher
Mary Davidson –  Mentor Donna Gosnell
Nydia Grimaldo –  Mentor Jessica Lopez
Shalena Meade –  Mentor Michael  Archuleta
Shelley Sluder –  Mentor Carol Onkst
Tihesha & Jada Quainoo –  Mentor Kayriann S Molloy
500-749 PV
Cyomara Castilleja – Mentor Mirta Hernandez
Jenny Gibbs –  Mentor Valerie San Nicolas
LaKosha Evans –  Mentor Jamie Hardy
Michael Bastys – Mentor Katie Allen
1,000-1,499 PV
Alexis Ibarra – Mentor Connie Villalobos