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You all said, “Now is the Time November” – and made it happen!

Not only did we have Designers promote to the very top of the Career Plan, but we also had three Designers move up to Executive Director, nine Designers promote to Senior Director and 10 Designers earn Director! This is one of the biggest steps to becoming a top leader and we couldn’t be prouder of their determination and hard work.

These 22 Designers crushed their goals and are moving up the Career Plan – with no signs of slowing down!

Read below about the action steps that made a huge difference in their businesses in November!

Congratulations to our NEW! Executive Directors!

Lisa + Isabella Weihbrecht – Started O2 Journey February 2012 {Isabella became an Owlette May 2017}

“One action that made an impact on our business in November was consistency,” shares Lisa. “We shared action steps, which followed Book, Sell, Share, Expand, with our team each day called the ‘Holiday Hustle,’ which focused on income-producing activities. We shared with our team to schedule 15 minutes per day to work on their Origami Owl business, because we know everyone has a very busy schedule and everyone works their business differently. We truly believe if you schedule a block of time and dedicate that time to your business each and every day, it will make a difference in your business.”


Maggie Stephens – Started O2 Journey September 2012

“As we got about $20,000 away from our $100,000 goal, I began Team Volume drawings for every $1,000 increment,” shares Maggie. “I had collected an assortment of highly-collectible vintage pieces, along with Hostess Exclusives and Happy Mail curated by Chrissy looks that I’d earned and saved to give away for this very occasion. Designers earned entries for the following levels:

  • $75 PV (Active) = 1 entry
  • $100 PV (Charm of the Month) = 2 entries
  • $250 PV (Story Builder) = 3 entries
  • $500 PV (Dream Builder) = 4 entries
  • $1500 PV (Business Builder = 5 entries
  • $2500 PV (Success Builder) = 6 entries

Before each drawing, I’d pull an updated report and load the names into a random name picker tool (there are tons of them online) and then I’d go live, do the drawing in real-time, and then feature the next prize. As we’d get closer to our next drawing, I’d post Team Volume updates throughout the day, so people knew exactly where we stood. The excitement was contagious, and the team truly rallied as a group to pull it off. In fact, they blew me away on the last day of the month by reaching Executive Director with two hours to spare! It just goes to show you what a team can do when they truly come together.”


Karen Alaniz – Started O2 Journey February 2013

“I’m always focused on our team and their goals, so it became apparent really quick in November that we were all going for big things,” shares Karen. “My leadership team all felt we could jump on board to truly create a ‘November to Remember!’ Knowing we are a team that breaks down our goals into bite-size pieces, one thing that works terrific for us are participation graphics. We immediately created graphics for booking goals, Personal Volume goals, sponsoring goals and a leadership board highlighting who would achieve Team Leader and above! This took off and created a ton of momentum! Each leader and I also had a Facebook #TeamChat set up with their leaders to specifically work on their team goals and champion all successes – big or small. The cohesiveness this created made a big impact on our month! Before we knew it, Cyber Monday came and we were right at Executive Director-level – with just a few holes to fill! Our team threw together a few last-minute Jewelry Bars® and events on the last two days of the month and grabbed extra orders. We accomplished the biggest month in team history! It was completely amazing, thrilling and humbling – all at the same time! We’ve joked we should be called, #TeamHustle. Between records broken, promotions and trip-earner frenzy team-wide, Inactive Designers literally started asking what they could do to be part of a history-breaking month. It. Was. Incredible. I’m so proud of our team, my leaders and an extremely supportive upline. The support from O2, and other leaders in the field, was also very special. It’s a great time to be part of the Origami Owl family!”


Congratulations to our NEW! Senior Directors!

Heidi Riffell Scribner + Camille Scribner – Started O2 Journey January 2012

“I think the biggest difference for our personal business in November was really getting consistent in posting within our fan page and VIP group, following up on everything, and planning well in advance how to promote special items,” shares Heidi. “On the team promotions side, recognizing early on who was really working to promote, and consistently checking in on them and encouraging them helped many of our team members reach their goals. Finally, and most importantly, having an enthusiastic team who pushed us and each other to do that ‘one more thing’ made a huge difference. We have such a great group who keeps each other uplifted, informed and motivated.”


Vicki Matzen – Started O2 Journey January 2012

“November was certainly an exciting month,” shares Vicki. “The entire team worked together and “stepped up their game so that we were able to reach our goals. No one thing was the key – just everyone sponsoring, selling, encouraging each other and loving on our Customers!”





Lacey Adelmann – Started O2 Journey October 2013

“Being focused on individual team members’ goals helped our team reach Senior Director in November,” shares Lacey. “As November began, it was not a team goal to reach Senior Director, but as the final week of November came into focus, and so many of the pieces of the puzzle began falling into place as far as Team Volume and Team Leaders needed, I took the possibility to my leaders that we could promote, and our leaders took it back to their teams. The rallying that happened was amazing. The promotions within our team and the personal bests achieved were priceless. By focusing on each Designer’s goals, it allowed our team to advance up the Career Plan, as well.”



Melissa + Phoebe Davis – Started O2 Journey December 2012

“Well, funny enough, it was not my intention to promote last month,” shares Melissa. “We had a goal of 40,000 Team Volume, and then before we knew it, all our leaders were lined up and we just needed the rest of the volume! I am a firm believer in sharing your goals with your team and in having an accountability partner {or two or four!}. Working with other leaders on collaboration, new ideas, training and just all-around cheering each other on is a big thing! For my team, we have been working for a long time on beating goals, boosting our sales, being consistent and touching our businesses daily. I think that consistency is really what got us to where we are today! I tell my team, ‘You gotta PEE!’ Be Present, Be Excited and Be Engaged, every single day.”



Courtney Butler – Started O2 Journey September 2013

“At the time, I was working a full-time warehouse job with mandatory overtime, and O2 became something I looked forward to when I got home after a long day,” shares Courtney. “I started with a launch party shortly after I joined with friends and family, and that one party escalated to more and more. My joy began spreading to others and I began to build a small team. A couple years into the business, I got to the point where I was working so much at both jobs, I was sleeping just two hours a night and living on 5-hour energy shots. In August 2015, I took a giant leap of faith and made O2 my full-time hustle. It’s been a lot of hard work, a lot of consistency and a lot of pushing. There were times I wanted to give up and throw in the towel, but a good friend once said to me, ‘If it was easy, everyone would do it.’ I have big goals and big dreams for a family with my husband. Not living paycheck-to-paycheck has been life-changing for us; I truly believe this is only just the beginning.”

“Our team, Team Diamond, is truly a family. We keep it real and work together. I was hesitant to set the goal of Senior Director for our team at the beginning of the month, but I always tell them to ‘Do it scared,’ and I also believing in walking the walk. I created a board for our leaders (and up and coming leaders) and hung it on my office wall to track their progress. I also printed a team tracker for Senior Director and posted weekly updates (sometimes daily if were close to the next milestone). We also did weekly Personal Volume challenges, where under one post, each Designer would comment when they earned Personal Volume to be entered to win fun swag and prizes. This word comes up a lot, but it’s all about consistency and taking the actions in your own business that you want to see reciprocated in your team. For example, if you want to build a sponsoring culture, you must sponsor, too. I’m out there working with my team, just as there are, to keep my personal business strong; it’s so important for them to see that. It’s also important for everyone on our team to feel welcome and that everybody matters as a person – they’re not just another number on the roster. This truly makes a difference in camaraderie on our team page, as well. This team promotion is the direct result of years of work and not giving up. It’s not something that just magically came together by luck. We rallied and cheered each other on. We celebrated (and we continue to celebrate!). We will continue to work hard and crush our goals, step by step, together. I love you, Team Diamond. We did this!”


Breanna Johnson – Started O2 Journey November 2013

“I really believe that the biggest change that led to our team promoting to Senior Director was working together to achieve this promotion from Day 1,” shares Breanna. “Prior to the start of November, I checked in with all my leaders and several of my frontline teammates to see what they wanted to achieve in November. After that, we decided, as a team, to go for it! On November 1, I posted all the trackers for the Team Volume and leaders needed to promote to Senior Director. We called it a ‘November to Remember,’ and that it was! I have never seen my team come together the way they did; their drive and energy was inspiring, and I am so incredibly proud of each and every one of them for all their hard work. We had the biggest month ever and our volume was incredible. I am so honored to be surrounded by such an amazing team. Love you Team B.elieve R.each E.xceed!”



Kate McKenzie – Started O2 Journey November 2013

“The success we had as a team in November was the result of consistent, focused, strategic work all year long,” shares Kate. “In February, we really took a look at some major changes with how we did things as a team and made a big commitment to grow a sponsoring culture as a team in 2018. With intentional focus on rewarding the behavior I wanted to see in sponsoring across all levels, we were able to see 443 percent growth in 2018 sponsoring compared to 2017. Directly related to that new Designer growth, our Team Volume year-over-year grew as much as 238 percent. And overall, we saw over 850 percent growth in our Paid-As Team Leaders and above. Sponsoring is the lifeblood of your personal business and team growth; and this year, we learned that sharing the O2 love is one of the best, most rewarding aspects of being an Origami Owl Designer.”


Erin Zapata – Started O2 Journey January 2014

“November is always a magical month, but there were two things that made a huge difference in my business,” shares Erin. “The first dealt with my personal business in ensuring I had a full calendar with at least eight online Jewelry Bars® and also highly promoting the Black Friday through Cyber Monday specials. The second was working closely with my team to not only work on our team goal of promoting, but also work with them on their individual goals. Teamwork truly makes the dream work!”




Melissa Taylor – Started O2 Journey April 2014

“It’s no secret that Team Leader is the unicorn of our Career Plan,” shares Melissa. “In November, our team focused on Team Leaders. We had a ‘Turkey Trot’ team Challenge {along with a really fun turkey tracker}. All of the teams worked on filling their turkey feathers until they hit Team Leader.  We generated so much team spirit {it was amazing}, and in the process, we had huge success with all our leaders hitting their titles and lots of leadership promotions including several new Team Leaders! It was incredible for our growth! It was so successful, we’re doing a new variation on this for December.”


Congratulations to our NEW! Directors!

Katie DeVito – Started O2 Journey June 2012 – (Double Promoted!)

“Over the summer, I made a goal to hit Director by November and earn the Punta Cana Incentive Trip,” shares Katie. “In August, I kicked it into overdrive! With the August Design the Life You Love On-the-Go Starter Kit available for just $19 USD, I personally added 18 new Designers. Then, I added five more Designers in September with the $49 USD On-the-Go Starter Kit. I personally held phone calls and did Facebook Live launch parties for my new Designers since they didn’t have the inventory. During the Facebook Live launch parties, I showed their Customers my inventory and shared ways they could help their friend, my new Designer, grow their business. I wanted to focus more on those who wanted to be a leader. Or, if they were already a leader, those who wanted to promote up even further in the Career Plan. A few of my new Designers were interested in becoming leaders right away. Two of my new Designers who joined in September promoted – one to Team Leader and the other to Senior Team Leader. When my new Designers had potential Designers looking to join, or had questions, I had them start a Facebook group chat with the potential Designer and myself so I could help answer any of their questions. This was a great way for my new Designers to learn more about Origami Owl, as well. Origami Owl 2.0 is no joke! I’ve been saying that for awhile now. The Nest has truly been setting us up for success and I have to say, I am even more excited now than when I first joined over six-and-a-half years ago! Set a goal for yourself. Figure out what you need to do to get there and Make. It. Happen!”


Denise Curran – Started O2 Journey February 2013 – (Double Promoted!)

“Our team has been working to create a strong sponsoring culture,” shares Denise. “We started 2018 with one Team Leader. We have been working on developing leaders and building a strong foundation. In May, we promoted up four Team Leaders, and in November, we promoted up three additional Team Leaders. We also have three additional Designers working toward Team Leader promotions in the next few months. Each Monday, we recognize all Mentors who sponsored in the prior week. We have had weeks where there were zero new Designers sponsored, but we had at least one new Designer each week, and a grand total of 15 new Designers in November! My team looks forward to seeing who sponsored the week prior and who has promoted to Senior Designer, Executive Designer or Team Leader since last month. It has been amazing to watch them rally around each other to reach their personal goals. The $49 On-the-Go Starter Kit has been a game changer for our team!”



Rhonda Cain – Started O2 Journey March 2015 {on the day Origami Owl came to Canada!} – (Double Promoted!)

“When I think back on the steps that have taken me to my double promotion in November, I know that a few conscious decisions I made in August most definitely paved the pathway to Director,” shares Rhonda. “It was at that point that I reflected on my business, and on my team, and decided I needed to really promote the importance of sponsoring in order to help my team become leaders themselves. Since the best way of leading is by example, I sponsored like a crazy person in August, while recuperating from a major ankle surgery. I am really thankful for all the time I had for reflection while on bedrest, because without it, I may not be where I am today. In addition to helping my team sponsor, I also began really focusing on follow-up with my Customers. I sent out thank-you emails and cards with Charms in them to any Customer who had ordered, or made contact with me, in the three months prior. The response I got from those follow-ups was astounding; I really created some strong connections with my Customers. In August, I set my sights on becoming an Executive Team Manager-led team by November and laid out the plan that would get us there. My team and I worked together and made November a true month to remember; the energy was contagious on our team page, and we ended up not only meeting, but surpassing our goal! A lesson that I learned in all of this is that when you set your mind to do something, and create a plan to achieve it, nothing is impossible!”



Laura + Kamryn Scheele – Started O2 Journey January 2013 (Kamryn became an Owlette on her birthday – November 16)

“The one thing that made a huge difference for us was Kami having a launch/birthday party,” shares Laura. “It was so fun and a complete success. I love sharing this opportunity with my daughter now that she is finally an official Owlette!”





Erin Keene – Started O2 Journey January 2013

“I believe in practicing Book, Sell, Share, Expand daily for my personal business,” shares Erin. “I also believe creating a sponsoring culture within my team is how we were able to promote to Director in November!”





Holly Corbett – Started O2 Journey September 2013

“The best way to move forward in your personal business is to set your focus on helping others move their businesses forward,” shares Holly. “Listening to other leaders of this amazing company through the podcasts from Convention also helped to refocus my vision. Aligning with other leaders with the same mission as accountability partners was also very helpful – thank you, ladies! Taking advantage of all of the training that we have in the Back Office is crucial. We all have access to so many helpful tools right at our fingertips; it’s just a matter of utilizing them. Leadership calls with Director of Leadership Development Renee Rose and amazing tips from Field Trainer Abby Teet have also helped significantly. Staying connected with my team and helping them by reviewing reports in the Back Office also kept us on track and in tune with milestones that they were close to achieving.  Our team sponsored many new Designers in the month of August, and it was a group mission to help lead them to success. I have some awesome teammates who love this company as much as I do, and I truly feel that when you lead with your heart, everything comes back tenfold!”



Lizbeth Berlanga-Molina – Started O2 Journey November 2013

“The Black Friday week, Cyber Monday and Customer Exclusive offer really helped in meeting our team goals in November,” shares Lizbeth. “Tracking my own individual goals using the Tracker in the Back Office also helped me target on the specific areas I needed to focus on.”





Amber Butts – Started O2 Journey September 2014

“I encouraged my team to hold their own Holiday launch party to kick off November,” shares Amber. “I challenged them to book at least one Jewelry Bar® from their launch party to be held a few days later. Then, at the new Jewelry Bar, book another to be held ASAP. We filled their first few weeks with Jewelry Bars and during each one, encouraged all the guests to join our VIP groups. That way, we had a lot of new ladies to share our Black Friday specials with. We knew that since they loved their new Locket they would want to gift it to all the special ladies on their list this Christmas! We worked so hard as a team! So many of them had their best month to date and far surpassed their personal goals!”



Kati Smith – Started O2 Journey March 2015

“In November, our team committed to rally for the second month in a row toward Director,” shares Kati. “Even though, historically, I know two months back-to-back isn’t ideal, I knew if we could do it, November was our month to become a Director team! I made a plan, and each day, consistently, checked my Back Office and communicated with my frontline leaders. I also started mentoring my soon-to-be next Team Inspire Team Leader! These ladies work so hard. I am beyond blessed to be learning right along with them on our journey together. I pray I can be the Mentor and leader to them that they inspire me to be. I’m so proud of our team!”




Simcha + Jaiden Bloomfield – Started O2 Journey March 2017

“In October, after an amazing push to Executive Team Manager, I honestly didn’t think that Director was a possibility for November,” shares Simcha. “However, my teammates kept the momentum from October right through November and as I saw big plans that each of them had for themselves, I knew it just might be possible. So, I encouraged them to reach their goals and shared a plan with them on how to do so. As they got closer to their goals, promoting to Director became even more possible. After the first two weeks of November, I shared with my team that I was also going to try for Director. At that point, since August, our team had promoted three times. I reminded them that as a team, we had not failed to hit our goals. With fierce determination to keep up the winning streak, even to the very last minutes of November, Team Shalom pushed for it! So many of my team members stayed up with me until midnight and did everything they could to make sure that we once again hit our Team Volume goal. I couldn’t be prouder of my teammates!”