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March was one EPIC month of new beginnings and goals—you CRUSHED it!

And then you kept that momentum going into April!

Not only did we have two Designers double promote to Senior Field Vice President and one Designer promote to Field Vice President, we also had two Designers promote to Executive Director, three Designers achieve Senior Director and four Designers earn Director!

These nine Designers are moving on up with no signs of slowing down!

Congratulations to our NEW! Executive Directors!


Jessica Lopez + Arturo Valenzuela Jr. – Started her O2 journey in February 2013 – {Promoted two months in a row!}

Tips for Success
  1. “Set team goals from the beginning of the month and rally the troops! Emit confidence and the vision for your team. Send out positive vibes! I knew that if I wanted to promote, then my team also needed to have their fair share of promotions, too.”
  2. “Communication is important and leading by example is critical. I always tell my team, ‘Team work makes the dream work!’ They know I cannot do it alone. I always remind my team, ‘Consistency is key and hard work pays off!’”
  3. “Use team incentives. When the month started, I announced a team raffle. I briefly shared the qualifications for earning tickets. Then as we approached the team volume baseline, I reiterated in detail what the ticket qualification would consist of. I was able to gauge in the weeks prior if we were on target for our goal – and we were. That’s where I gained the confidence that we were going to make it happen, and how I decided what gifts I was going to raffle. I used a good portion of my Advancement Bonus to buy the gifts. Once we were close to starting to raffle items, I started to do sneak peek of items that I would later reveal at the time of the raffle. It was very exciting!”
  4. “Thank your team for their hard work. At this point, my team is extremely large, so it’s important to me to recognize those who have made major contributions to the team success. I will be hosting a top leaders exclusive dinner for my frontline leaders and other top achievers!”


Rochelle Young – Started her O2 journey in 2011

O2 Journey

“‘Origami Owl, what is it?’ Those are the words I spoke when I was invited to join by my Mentor, Field Vice President Kristine Stevens, in September 2011. Over the next month, I contemplated joining because I really wasn’t sure what I was joining, and I didn’t have any real experience in the direct sales industry. In October 2011, I signed my contract. I did my first event and received my kit in November 2011.”


“My goals were very simple. I wanted to help my husband pay the bills and have a little extra money for myself. I set my first real business goal in December 2011. That goal was to build a team of 50 by the end of 2012. I was encouraged to think bigger and set goals that I may not have thought would be possible; so, I did! I want to encourage every single Designer to do the same!”

Tips for Success
  1. “Set big goals and create a vision board. Anything you work hard for, you can make happen. Dreams are real!”
  2. Follow up. This is the key to success in our industry. Follow up with your Customers and provide exceptional customer service. You’ll learn about your Customers and build relationships which will enable you to share your business and build her team.
  3. Be honest. Lead with integrity. Love what you do.
Earning Executive Director

“Team Whootie Ninjas has been working on Executive Director for some time. As a team, we earned this promotion. It took us all working together to reach this goal!”

 Advancement Bonus Plans

“I am very grateful for all I have learned during my journey and am especially grateful to the hardworking leaders on my frontline. I loved on them and shared a portion of my bonus with them; the rest is going to the vacation fund. I wouldn’t be where I am without my team!”


Congratulations to our NEW! Senior Directors!


Ashlie Fiallos – Started her O2 journey in March 2012

Reaching Senior Director

Ashlie wants to thank her team for helping her reach her goal of Senior Director.

“My team made a goal and they amazed me! They not only met the goal, they exceeded it!”

Tips for Success
  1. “Work with your team. Helping them helps you meet your goals. Give them the ability to go for their goals and dream big!”
  2. “Work with your roll-ups. Don’t forget once they promote that they will count as a leader on your first line. Many of them are eager and excited; they just haven’t had the support. Show them how exciting it is to grow in the Career Plan.
  3. “Know what your ‘Why’ is. Your ‘why’ is always an important part of growing. Whether you want to pay for baseball, dance lessons or college, relating that to your goals is an amazing way to work your business. My ‘why’ is my boys.”
Advancement Bonus Plans

Ashlie plans on using her Advancement Bonus for water park passes this summer for her and her kids.


Karen Alaniz – Started her O2 journey in February 2013

Reaching Senior Director

Karen’s team had some pretty incredible promotions in March, so they went into April on fire!

“On April 1, my leaders and I reviewed our goals together, so each of them could reach the promotions they were going for, or to maintain their Paid-as titles. I had an incredible mentoring call with my Mentor and put my own goals into words, ‘I WILL promote in April to Senior Director!’”

After an exciting March, one of the things that was important to Karen and her team was making sure as many people on their team could also experience the excitement for themselves.

“We had four separate challenges with graphics on our team pages. ‘Beat your March PV’ was great to watch. The most excitement was a Team Volume graphic. The entire team posted each PV submission they entered in their system with nearly 500 posts with team-wide cheering, giveaways and goals marked off; it was amazing! We shared our goals with family, friends and even our VIPs.”

Tips for Success

Focus on sponsoring as a team. “March and April were fun, high PV months, but we celebrated sponsoring consistently and have goal-setting conversations about growth that include the importance of in-home Jewelry Bars® as a MUST to expand. It’s been eye-opening for many Designers to look at their growing business and see the income that has resulted from sponsoring again! It’s a great feeling to watch a team you love blossom right in front of your eyes.”

Advancement Bonus Plans

“The Advancement Bonus was like the cherry on top of a stellar month! My youngest daughter (and former Owlette!) graduates college this month, so I want to do something special for her. After that, I’ll possibly make a few extra stops at Starbucks, too.”


Monika Mavec – Started her O2 journey in December 2016 {Promoted two months in a row!}

Reaching Senior Director

After an incredible March, Team Believe and Achieve Nest made it a goal to promote to Senior Director in April.

“We continued focusing on emerging leaders and those wanting to move up the Career Plan. Using the rank trackers, the Everybody Matters Rewards + Recognition Program and Book, Sell, Share, Expand resulted in many more promotions in April, along with our entire team promotion.”

In April, Monika’s team did things a little differently and had weekly rallies.

“Every Monday, I went live with a ‘Mark it Monday’ team tracker update and drawing for those already attaining the monthly rewards or achieving Paid-as titles. We found creating excitement at the beginning of the month helped more Designers focus early on their goals. Showing the team just how attainable the Career Plan is, especially Team Leader, and that they have an entire month to achieve it, makes it a more desirable goal.”

Tips for Success

Monika encourages leaders to ask their Designers what motivates them in their business.

  1. Ask them their goals. “What would give them the extra push to get to their goal? Is it more income? Is it earning some swag? Is recognition important to them? Once you determine what drives them, focus on it!”
  2. Empower your leaders. “An important piece to a team is the leadership team within it. Empowering your leaders to lead their teams creates sustainability and allows you to focus on your direct leaders. We strongly believe in keeping our entire team together as a community, but also having a separate place for individual teams to work together and have monthly incentives.”
  3. Be duplicable. “If leaders think they can’t do what you do, then that leader is much less motivated to move ahead. Focus on showing your team and leaders that this business can be run in many different ways. Let them know you’re here to coach, motivate and inspire. Origami Owl has so much valuable training that can be easily viewed on Facebook, in the O2 Training Academy and in the My O2 Connection app.”
  4. Be clear and focused. “Our team culture is always clear and focused. We help each other no matter what team or level we’re on. I know that when someone is in need, the team is there to support, cheer or help. There is nothing more inspiring to me than when I check our team page and see Designers from all levels and teams helping each other!
  5. Utilize the Book, Sell, Share, Expand training. “‘Book, Sell, Share, Expand’ has really made an impact in our team and those who have committed to doing it. We implemented it at the beginning of March and have been growing since. We have a Book, Sell, Share, Expand support event page where we can stay accountable to our trackers and actions all month long. I can’t say it enough, ‘Try it. Commit to it. Do it!’”
  6. Don’t forget to have fun! “Origami Owl is all about happy, sharing the O2 love and rewarding YOU. Always keep that message within your teams and you will have momentum.”
Advancement Bonus Plans

“I plan on visiting my team whom I don’t get to see! Some of my bonus will also go toward our team celebration for promoting and our party at Convention! If there’s any left, I will leave it in the Swag store at Convention.”


Congratulations to our NEW! Directors!


Melissa + Madison + Mackenzie Maher – Started her O2 journey in August 2013

O2 Journey

“I began my O2 journey on August 26, 2013 after being on the waitlist for three months. This was my first experience in direct sales and I can’t imagine loving a company or job more! I really feel like I have found my passion in life. I feel so incredibly blessed to wake up every day to something I love doing.”

Reaching Director

“My team of girlbosses and Owlettes are some of the most passionate individuals I have ever met. They are kind to one another and together, we have created a real family on peace, love and Lockets. When the Career Plan change was announced at the L.E.A.D. O2 Empowerment Summit in January, I set my goal to promote to a Director-led team in 2018! March proved to be a successful month for our team with many promotions. The energy was pumping! I told my team on March 31 to get ready for the push for 25,000 Team Volume, a number we had never reached before! April was filled with high energy and late night live videos as we climbed that mountain. The teamwork that went into making this dream a reality came to fruition on the very last day of April as we promoted to Director!”

Tips for Success

“I firmly believe that if you want something, go for it! Just remember every single person who helped you get there. Earning Director is a tremendous honor for me and I know wholeheartedly that this was a team effort. Peace, love and Lockets is an essential part of my everyday life, and I value my team with my whole heart.”


Mishell Amick + Emily + Grace Brewer – Started her O2 journey in May 2014

Reaching Director

Mishell remembers Chrissy asking all the Designers, during training on the 2018 incentive trip in the Riviera Maya, Mexico, if anyone was planning on promoting with the new, enhanced Career Plan.

“I shot (my hand) up as fast as I could and announced I would be Director by the end of April. It was a surprise to me as much as anyone else because I had placed Director on the back-burner for a while.”

There was a fire ignited within Mishell once the new Career Plan was effective.

“We were so close to making Director in March and missed it by so little. It lit a fire in all of us to earn it for April. Our trackers were all over the place on our team page, office and phones. We made it with three days to spare!”

Tips for Success

“Our foundation for this year truly began in January when I decided to pull up those big girl panties and create consistency within our team. We were just rolling with the punches in 2017, which was not working for any of us. It is true that we follow our leaders. Once I committed, my team followed. I am just so extremely proud of them. Our leaders pulled through in April and will continue to do so for the rest of 2018!”

“The way we made it to be a Director-led team is through consistency, focus and teamwork!”

Advancement Bonus Plans

“That bonus rocks; yet, it did not feel right to keep it for myself. Team Shooting Owlstars made Director happen. Therefore, I decided that the bonus was to go back to them. Every single qualified Designer on our team during April will be receiving happy mail from me because of that bonus! They are most deserving. My husband and I went to dinner the following day we earned Director to celebrate. It was four years in the making!”


Mirta Hernandez + Victoria + Vianey Garcia – Started her O2 journey in October 2014

Reaching Director

“My goal was to promote to Director in March, but that didn’t happen. I didn’t give up and set my goal again for April. I talked to my leaders and potential team leaders. We kept in touch often to see how they were doing. We reached our goal on the very last day!”

Tips for Success

“It’s important to have a goal and a path to reach that goal. It’s also important for your team to understand that they are crucial to the team’s success in every way.”

Advancement Bonus Plans

“We had a celebration/team meeting at a popular pizza place. We had recognitions and door prizes. It was a lot of fun! The rest of the bonus was saved and will hopefully be used for the Destination Disney Incentive Trip!”


Randy Mellon – Started her O2 journey in December 2016

Reaching Director

“March was an incredible month for my team, with so many team members achieving huge milestones, including promoting to an Executive Team Manager-led team. The momentum was off the charts! At the beginning of April, I put it out there to the team to see what they thought of us going for Director. Overwhelmingly, everyone said ‘yes,’ so we went for it! We cheered each other on, and as the month end came closer, the momentum went through the roof. When we hit Director, my team was the first to know. It was pretty emotional. It was exciting that we did it together as a team. I am honored to have such an amazing team of incredible business partners and friends.”

Tips for Success

“Use team incentives. One of the things I did differently with my team in April was that I changed how I did my team incentive. Instead of weekly or a month-end incentive, I posted daily questions, activities and challenges. This kept the team engaged daily. Everyone started tagging their team members and the momentum grew and grew. Ideas and support from one another was abundant and encouraging. With each comment, a ticket was earned to a weekly or monthly drawing, which were done live. One of my wonderful team members created a beautiful OWL chart for me to keep track of the team activity so I was able to reveal every week where we were at with our numbers. On the last few days of the month, I went live on our team page daily, and occasionally even a few times a day.”

Advancement Bonus Plans

“I took my family out for a celebration dinner. I also put some aside for team incentive gifts and bought myself all new display pieces.”