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Over five years ago, Beth Blemaster’s friends were all buying lockets from a young girl at a kiosk in Chandler Fashion Center, a local mall in Chandler, Arizona. This young girl, was Origami Owl® Co-Founder Bella Weems-Lambert.

Where It All Started

“I knew about the jewelry from my friends, so when I went to buy a Living Locket® for myself, the kiosk at the mall was gone,” recalls Beth. “I had asked another one of my friends, Melissa Felder, Senior Director, if she knew where I could get a locket and she told me about the direct selling opportunity with Origami Owl. She and her daughter, Maya, Owlette, had signed up, so I thought it would be fun for my daughter Sierra and me to sign up, too.”

And, in March 2012, that’s exactly what Beth and her daughter, Sierra, an Owlette, did.

Using Social Media for Their Business

Shortly after beginning their O2 journey, Beth began creating YouTube videos to help reach potential Designers and help new Designers set up their O2 businesses for success. Her videos included tips for setting up a Jewelry Bar®, Jewelry Bar packing tips for events, tips for booking more Jewelry Bars, tips for mailing jewelry to Customers, tips for selling, how to build a dynamic team and so many more.

“Beth didn’t set out to be a leader, she just wanted to make a difference,” said Tami Butcher, Field Vice President and friend. “But, along the way, she became one of the greatest leaders Origami Owl has ever seen. It has been a privilege and honor being with her on this journey and her becoming one of my best friends. I am so happy for Beth and THE BEST NEST team.”

The Big Surprise

On the evening of December 1, Origami Owl Co-Founders Chrissy Weems and Tyson Basha, as well as Brand Ambassador Yvette Dickson, drove to Beth’s house to reveal the big surprise. {You can watch Chrissy’s video here.}

“Frankly, I was surprised they didn’t come to my house sooner! We definitely have a group that likes to celebrate,” says Beth. “I was hanging out in my kitchen with my husband, having a glass of wine and some dinner. I didn’t even realize someone was at the door because our doorbell was supposed to ring to our phone when someone’s at the front door, but it’s been offline. We didn’t even know anyone was there. Good thing Yvette called me otherwise they may have been standing there a lot longer. It was such a great surprise, though. Very O2!”

Mother-Daughter Team Comes Full Circle

Beth credits her daughter as the reason for joining Origami Owl those many years ago.

“I’m really excited about the opportunity to earn the Executive Director bonus of $2,500 because I’m planning to put that money toward a trip to Europe with Sierra when she graduates from high school this spring,” says Beth. “She’s the reason we started on this journey, so it seems very fitting.”

Speaking of trips.

Beth has earned a spot on five Origami Owl incentive trips, including every Owlchiever Trip {there’s been four so far!} and the 2017 Parliament Trip to Bora Bora.

Goals for the Future

Beth and Sierra attribute their success to their team and live by Beth’s favorite quote by Zig Ziglar, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”

Last year, as a team, it was their goal to hit Executive Director. They rallied hard to get there and only came up a bit short.

This time around, they didn’t even realize they were in the running to achieve Executive Director until about 4 p.m. or 5 p.m. one evening in November.

“I had been working on just making sure that everyone on my team hit their individual goals,” recalls Beth. “I was just super happy for everyone who was getting close to their goals.”

Then, late one day, they realized they only needed two more Team Leaders on their front line to achieve Executive Director.

“After realizing this, I put a post on our team page and walked away from my computer,” says Beth. “Literally within two or three minutes, my phone started blowing up with my friends on my team, particularly my first line leaders, calling me and asking me what we needed to do.”

With their team on a mission to get two more Team Leaders on their front line, all the stars came into alignment and they reached their goal.

“It was a team effort for sure. I really just want to help as many of my team members reach their own goals,” says Beth. “So, when you focus on helping others reach their goals, your goals get hit almost by default.”